Why Choosing the Right Pair of Dance Shoes Matter

There are many variances to the art form of dance. Enthusiasts can choose from traditional to competitive, theater to modern dance styles. Just as there are many disciplines of dance to choose from, the choice for proper footwear also varies with the performance style.

What are Dance Shoes? 

Dance shoes are used by students and professionals. The shoe design suits the dance performance style. Since dance requires different types of legwork and movement and performances are done in different types of venues, the footwear has to fit the activity.

Different Types of Dance Shoes 

A pair of ballet or pointe shoes is made from flexible materials. They are designed to allow the wearer to point and flex the foot as required. Jazz shoes are also known as split-sole footwear. A pair is usually worn by students and professionals for jazz and other contemporary or modern dance styles, such as acrobatic dance and hip-hop. Since these particular dance forms require a lot of movement, they have rubber soles are for flexibility and traction. They usually come in a variety of styles, from lace-ups to slip-on options.

There are shoes that are designed for Latin American and ballroom dance forms. There are specialized shoes for men and women for these dance styles. Ballroom dancing shoes often have heels and are made from suede and fabric. The footwear design allows the performer to do complex maneuvers and to shift weight as required.

Why Use a Pair of Dance Shoes?

Professional dancers know the importance of using the appropriate footwear for dancing. Like any regular footwear, some dance shoes come in a variety of colors and designs. But unlike regular footwear, they are designed to help the dancer perform and move safely. These shoes are designed for optimal traction to avoid any slips or accidents during a performance. The materials are also lightweight and breathable. The contours of the shoe are also designed to fit comfortably.

Luckily, choosing the right dance footwear is now easier. A physical shoe store or an online site such as Burju Shoes often have an extensive lineup of designs and colors to choose from. For dance students and performers, these stores make it easier to choose and purchase a pair or two.

How Do You Choose a Pair?

There are several things to consider when choosing the right pair of dance shoes. The dance style determines the type of shoes and design requirement. The form and fit are also important. The pair should feel like a second skin when performing on the dance floor. The footwear should not be too tight or too loose. There are more footwear options for those who are into modern and contemporary dance. Materials also vary from suede, leather, to breathable microfiber.

Whether you are a student of dance or a professional performer, wearing the proper footwear is essential in the process. Choosing the right type of dance footwear enhances performance. It also prevents dance-related injuries and provides comfort and balance while dancing.…