Winter fashions for 2018. What’s hot in the cold?

It is coming to that time of year when thoughts turn away from the warmth of the Summer and the flip flops and Ray bans need to go back in the cupboard for another year. You’ve managed to pull off a great summer look but what is the latest buzz about for the Winter months Hopefully it will be something colourful and as stylish as the men who get to wear the all year-round chic of some Farah Shirts like the ones available at ejmenswear so, let’s chuck another log on the fire and whack up the thermostat and see what it is we should be wearing.

Well it seems that the new trends for the coming winter season are based around the animal prints. Things appear to have gone Zebra print design, it is as if Bet Lynch never left or her style has gone so far out its decided to comeback in again. Now before you start to panic there has not been some massive cull out on the Serengeti plains the emphasis here is design pattern not actually the real skin on the anima; We’ll leave that kind of thing to that Monster Ga Ga to wear as some kind of protest against something, but you should start to see these out in the shops now.

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Did we say Bet Lynch earlier? Well that was quite apropos because the world is going a bit eighties again. The ruffled sleeve and shoulder pads have returned and if you’re that Rita Ora then you’ve decided that yours’s are going to be into the stratosphere like some kind of Lady Ming the Merciless with extra glitter. That’s party wear though, for the rest of us mortals then it’s a safe bet that the continuing trend of black and grey will still be there but there is something of revolution happening as the use of a pastels, especially cornflower blue is striding its way like a colossus across the winter months. Combine this colour with a nice trouser suit and red leather knee high boots and you have got the genesis of a rebel right there.

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The other big, big colour for this season is the mighty brown but not just any old brown. You need to get your Mum or Grans’ old photo album out so you can pick a few styles because the nineteen seventies are back and the colour is dark chocolate brown. So, you’ve got a few pointers, best of luck out there ladies.…