Boohoo introduces you to your new style gurus, the Hembrow Sisters

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If you don’t happen to be a millionaire with a personal style consultant, you have to take your fashion cues from the friends whose taste you trust, people you admire and the places you shop. The problem is, you rarely see all three align, meaning you usually end up having to take a leap of faith when you’re updating your look.

But thanks to Boohoo’s latest collaboration with the Hembrow sisters, you get the best of all three worlds starting this month.

That’s right: Boohoo — the global online fashion store trusted by millions of the best-dressed people on the planet, including your most stylish friends — is going in for a second partnership with one of the hottest names in fashion and social media. Or in this case, four of the hottest names: Tammy, Emilee, Starlette and Amy Hembrow, sometimes referred to as the “Kardashians of Australia.” With a social media empire of 13 million followers, much-admired good taste and widely recognized instincts for style, the Hembrows are also celebrated for promoting an inclusive take on fashion. They stand against body shaming and declare that everyone has a right to look good, no matter what body they were born with.

“Boohoo has always celebrated women of all shapes and sizes, and embraces making them feel both confident and stylish,” the sisters said in a press release. “This is something we absolutely stand by; we are all sisters and have so much in common, but our bodies are unique and beautiful in their own way.”

Launching October 14 and featuring 58 gorgeous items from $5 to $60, the new capsule line, Boohoo’s second with the Hembrows, has something for everyone. In fact, that was the point — the sizes range from UK sizes 6 to 18 (US extra small to large). Leisurewear that wouldn’t be out of place either at the gym or at the office? Got it. The kind of minidresses that never seem to go out of style? Of course! Fitted-silhouette jumpsuits, chunky gold necklaces and fun sneakers? Yes, yes and yes. And if you happen to be in, or going to, a part of the world that will be experiencing summer soon — or if you just feel like turning a fall or winter week into a summer-themed staycation — you’ve got your choice of cooler-than-cool sunglasses, mix-and-matchable swimwear and more fashion-forward fun.

There’s also plenty of tie-dyes, checks and marble prints across a distinctive palette of neutrals, pinks and blues, a particular Hembrow favorite: “Pastels, in particular lilac along with tie-dye — it is sticking around,” they said.

Boohoo was founded in 2006 in Manchester, England. It’s a fashion e-commerce brand that embraces inclusion, body positivity and style without

China’s turbo-charged online fashion takes on Zara and H&M

By Sonya Dowsett and Sophie Yu

MADRID/BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Shein may be the biggest shopping site you’ve never heard of.

The fast-fashion player is encroaching on the territory of more established rivals like Zara and H&M. It has become the largest, purely online, fashion company in the world measured by sales of self-branded products, according to Euromonitor.

Nanjing-based Shein, founded in 2008, is aiming squarely at the “Gen Z” social-media generation, using influencers on Instagram and TikTok, and discount codes, to attract younger shoppers in an increasingly crowded fashion market.

It offers low-cost styles, uploading hundreds of new designs to its app every week. The price for a dress is around half that of Zara, according to a recent Societe Generale price survey.

“You can save money, which is important when buying clothes as the fashions change so quickly,” said Rebeca Rondon, a 23-year-old student in Valencia, Spain, whose Instagram page compares dozens of styles from Shein and Zara head-to-head.

The COVID-19 pandemic has boosted online sales at retailers, giving online-only players like Shein, Britain’s Asos <ASOS.L> and Germany’s Zalando <ZALG.DE> an edge over Inditex-owned Zara <ITX.MC> and H&M <HMb.ST> which have big city-centre stores.

In September, the Shein app saw 10.3 million downloads globally from across the App Store and Google Play, Sensor Tower data shows. In comparison, H&M’s mobile app hit about 2.5 million, and Zara saw 2 million. 

To date, Shein has reached 229.4 million downloads, versus H&M’s 123.5 million and Zara’s 90.6 million, the data shows.

In the week of Sep. 27-Oct. 3, Shein was the most downloaded shopping app globally on iPhones, according to analytics platform App Annie. It ranked in the top 10 in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Britain and Saudi Arabia.

Privately-owned Shein, which also sells on Amazon, does not publicly disclose sales or other financial figures. The company did not respond to emails or phone calls.

It has backing from investors including IDG Capital and Sequoia Capital China, according to PitchBook capital market data. The funds did not respond to interview requests.

Inditex and H&M declined to comment for this story.


Although Shein is gaining more followers, it has limited visibility compared with the likes of Zara and H&M. It has no domestic presence in China, where online shoppers go to Alibaba’s Taobao and to Pinduoduo for clothes at bargain prices.

Meanwhile, some consumers say the quality of items can be variable and delivery times erratic.

Unlike Zara and H&M, which have detailed background on the sourcing of their clothing and the working conditions of employees on their websites and annual reports, Shein gives no details about the manufacture of its products.

Inditex revolutionised the fashion industry in the 1990s by responding quickly to trends and speeding designs to stores using factories close to its headquarters in Spain.

Shein also works with hundreds of factories in close proximity to its Nanjing HQ, according to a China-based industry source with knowledge of the company’s business practices.


Adyen’s 2020 Retail Report Reveals American’s Shopping Habits and Post-Pandemic Outlook

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Adyen, the global payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, today announced U.S.-specific findings from its 2020 Global Retail Consumer Survey which explored how consumers’ perspectives and spending habits shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic and what their outlook will be post-pandemic. The study revealed that even during a time when America’s unemployment rates are at their highest, two things matter more than price for many consumers: brand loyalty and experience.

New 2019 logo Adyen

“The businesses that have risen to the top and will make it through the other side during these challenging times all have something in common — they are trailblazers in enabling technology that gives consumers the convenience and access that social distance orders took from them. Based on our survey, there’s no going back now — more than four out of ten of consumers say that the convenience of the shopping experience is more important to them than the price of items,” said Roelant Prins, Chief Commercial Officer at Adyen. “Additionally, nearly half of Americans surveyed said they will shop to support brands they want to see survive.”

Loyalty is paramount: strong relationships and brand equity are crucial
The study revealed that the majority of Americans remained loyal to their local shops and restaurants and will continue to do so. During difficult times, the normality of a familiar face and your favorite cup of coffee is a comfort.

  • 69% said they intend to continue shopping with/supporting retailers that they relied on during the pandemic
  • 63% said they expect to shop more with retailers located nearby because they want them to stay open
  • 51% said they intent to go out of their way to shop with responsible businesses that demonstrated a social conscience/engaged with charitable initiatives during the pandemic
  • 47% said they expect to shop with important heritage or traditional brands that they want to see survive

Adyen’s platform saw a ~60% increase in online retail volume compared to the beginning of the year and the survey data also reflects that technology played a key role in keeping consumer spending afloat.

  • 57% said retailers used technology well to make their products available during the pandemic
  • 58% said restaurants, cafes, etc. used technology well to make their services available during the pandemic

Life After COVID-19
When Americans think about shopping after the coronavirus pandemic, the survey revealed that 58% are excited to shop in store for pleasure again but the convenience offered by digital experiences will stick, especially among the digital natives.

  • 41% said they are going to shop online more than they did before the pandemic, with Millennials leading the charge (58%) followed by Gen X (37%) and Boomers (30%)
  • 28% said they are going to use subscription services for products (e.g., food, beauty, etc) to reduce the amount of times they need to shop. This was higher among men (33%) than women (25%), and Millennials have shown they are much more interested in subscription services (54%)

Tesla Model S goes through second price cut, starting at $69,420

Tesla’s Model S just had another price cut. 


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The electric car company is listing its Model S sedan for $69,420, according to Tesla’s website. On Tuesday, the Long Range Plus version of the model also experienced a $3,000 cut with a starting price of $71,990. 

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, announced the latest price cut on Wednesday on Twitter. 

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Looking to buy a new iPhone 12?: Here are 6 questions to ask before you pre-order one

What’s new on Zoom: A paid ticketing tool called OnZoom

The price reduction comes after Lucid Motors announced Wednesday the starting price of $69,900 for their electric Lucid Air model. 

Among other Tesla price cuts this year, the electric vehicle company also cut the Model X pricing by $5,000 in May, and its North American Model 3 pricing by $2,000 at the same time. In July, it cut the price of its Model Y by $3,000.

Tesla’s overall deliveries hit a quarterly record in Q3 2020, at 139,300, marking a 40% increase from Q3 2019, according to The Motley Fool.

This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Tesla Model S goes through second price cut, starting at $69,420

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Buy Shopify Stock Because Online Shopping Isn’t Going Anywhere

InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips

Looking for a stock that is benefitting from the novel coronavirus pandemic, but is also positioned for sustained growth after? Look no further than Canadian e-commerce superstar Shopify (NYSE:SHOP). After an impressive 2019, Shopify stock has been absolutely on fire in 2020. With small retailers scrambling to shift to online, SHOP has gained 167% so far in 2020. And that growth isn’t likely to end any time soon. 

Image of a shopping cart toy on a wooden desk carrying a mobile phone that features the Shopify (SHOP) logo on it

Source: justplay1412 /

Shopify stock would have been a prime candidate for my feature “The 7 Best Growth Stocks to Buy for Less Than $1,000” if it had been published in September. However, despite dropping as low as $870 at the height of the September tech stock selloff, SHOP stock’s recovery has been swift. It quickly outgrew the less than $1,000 cutoff.  

Pandemic Pushed Small Business Online, Shoppers Might Not Switch Back

In April, Harvard Business Review published “A Way Forward For Small Business.” In it, the case is made for small business building an online presence not just for the pandemic, but moving forward as well.

The first thing to consider is that people are building new habits right now. There are millions of isolated households whose normal routines have been upended, and just like them you have to experiment if you want to remain a part of their lives. Some restaurants are offering takeout comfort food, even if they usually just serve in their dining rooms. Retailers are emphasizing online experiences … Some of their new habits will persist after the pandemic, which means it is particularly important for you to figure out how to continue to offer services that deliver value during the crisis … Some of them may have decided that they like ordering online.

Barbara Kahn, a professor of marketing at the Wharton School, was interviewed by the Washington Post as part of a feature about small businesses rushing to get online and stay competitive during the pandemic. Professor Kahn pointed out the importance of shopping local, especially for younger generations:

We see Gen Z and the young people put their money where their mouth is. Now people think of the entire transaction of what they’re paying for. That there’s value in sustainable transactions, in supporting the local community, that’s over and above the value of the goods.

How are these two concepts related? Shopify has figured it out.

Shopify Helps Businesses Get Online and Retain Their Uniqueness

Small retailers have the option of selling online as a third party vendor through one of the big e-commerce chains. However, doing so means they are competing directly against other vendors selling the same or similar products — and often against the e-commerce company itself. They also lose that unique, local identity that many shoppers value.

With Shopify, small businesses and retailers get many of the benefits they would by joining a huge e-commerce site. This includes a professional website with a shopping cart, the ability

LVMH Says Rihanna’s Fenty Clothing Line Is a ‘Work in Progress’

PARIS — Like her other beauty ventures, Rihanna’s new skin-care line is off to a flying start. But her fashion venture with LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, launched with great fanfare last year, is still a “work-in-progress,” the luxury conglomerate admitted on Thursday.

Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive officer of LVMH, has long professed his admiration for the singer, noting that her Fenty Beauty color cosmetics racked up sales north of $100 million within weeks of their launch via a partnership between Rihanna and LVMH-controlled Kendo.

He has been noticeably silent on the Fenty clothing line, leading to speculation that the direct-to-consumer collection is underperforming. The label recently recruited Bastien Renard, who worked for 19 years at Nike in Europe and in the U.S., as managing director.

Speaking to analysts after LVMH published third-quarter sales, chief financial officer Jean-Jacques Guiony said Rihanna’s luxury maison was still finding its footing.

“On Fenty fashion, we are obviously still in a launching phase and we have to figure out exactly what is the right offer. It’s not something that is easy. We were starting entirely from scratch,” he said.

“Obviously, we have the great help from Rihanna on this, but I would say it’s still a work in progress when it comes to really defining what the offer will be. We have successes, we have things that have worked less well, so we have to sort in between the two and really decide what should be the core strengths of the offer in the years to come,” he added.

Sources suggested Renard, a dynamic and agile executive adroit at all things digital and cutting-edge, could tweak the positioning of the brand, celebrated with pop-up events in such marquee stores as Bergdorf Goodman and Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty holds the titles of founder, chief executive officer and artistic director of Fenty.

Her fashions, sold principally online at via see-now-buy-now drops, have skewed more to the dressy and designer end of the spectrum. The latest fashion volley is focused on denim, including oversize jackets and shirts, plus waist-cinched dresses.

WWD broke the news in January 2019 that Rihanna would enter the fashion arena with her own brand following a stint as Puma’s creative director.

Announced officially in May last year, the Fenty house is “centered on Rihanna, developed by her and takes shape with her vision in terms of rtw, shoes and accessories, including commerciality and communication of the brand,” LVMH and the music superstar said at the time.

It marked the first time LVMH — whose forte is modernizing legacy brands such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and Bulgari — has launched a fashion brand from scratch since it set up a couture house for Christian Lacroix in 1987.

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2026 Women’s Final Four and 2023 Golf Championship Comes to Arizona

Arizona, in the spring, really is something else. March through the end of May, everyone can expect weather in the ’80s and ’90s with a breeze and a smile. The NCAA has taken notice, and it was announced on Wednesday that the Valley of the Sun would host the 2026 Women’s Final Four and the 2023 Men’s and Women’s Golf Championship.

The Valley’s bid to host the Women’s Final four was a collaborative effort by the City of Phoenix, Visit Phoenix, the Phoenix Suns, and Mercury and Talking Stick Resort Arena joining the Phoenix Local Organization Committee. The games are slated for April 3-5, 2026.

“This is a landmark day for ASU,” said ASU Vice President for University Athletics and PLOC co-chair Ray Anderson to “We will apply our trademark innovation to provide an unforgettable experience for the NCAA, student-athletes, alumni, media, and fans. We thank the NCAA for entrusting the Valley with this iconic championship.”

While Sun Devil fans wait to watch the Final Four compete, they can go out to Scottsdale’s Grayhawk Golf Club and watch the 2023 National Championship. The course is also hosting the 2021 and 2022 Men’s and Women’s Golf Championships. The 2021 contest will be the first since the Women’s championship that ASU hosted in 1992 and will be the first championship in the southwest since the 2012 Men’s tournament.

There are also some regional tournaments to be excited about as well! The 2025 Women’s golf regionals, the 2026 Men’s Golf Regional, and the 2026 Division I Women’s Gymnastics Regionals all were announced to take place around the Valley.

Arizona knows a thing or two about hosting sporting events. Since the Super Bowl in 2008, the Phoenix Metropolitan Area has hosted another Super Bowl, a Pro-Bowl, an MLB all-star game, An NBA All-Star Game, the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, the World Baseball Classic semi rounds, the Copa Amãrica Centenario, and the Men’s Final Four. Phoenix also happens to have the Fiesta Bowl, Cheez-It Bowl, Waste Management Open, and just this little thing called Spring Training every year too. In the time between now and the Women’s Final Four, the state will host their fourth Super Bowl in 2023, the World Baseball Classic Semifinals at a to be determined date, and the Men’s Final Four in 2024. 

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Tesla Model S Plaid remains a mystery even after orders open, now rear-facing seats unclear

Tesla Model S Plaid, the new higher-end version of the flagship electric sedan, remains a mystery despite now being available for orders, and a recent comment by CEO Elon Musk has led to uncertainty about the third-row seat.

At Battery Day last month, Tesla officially launched the Model S Plaid, the new top performance version of the Model S.

Tesla started taking orders for the vehicle, but there are still many questions reaming about the vehicle, which was also delayed with the launch.

Originally, Musk said that the Model S Plaid would debut in summer 2020, but the automaker pushed the vehicle to late 2021.

Furthermore, it unveiled a prototype of the Model S Plaid on the racetrack at Laguna Seca, but the vehicle shown in Tesla’s configurator when choosing the Plaid doesn’t feature the same body:

Also, when originally announcing the Model S Plaid last year, Musk said that Tesla planned to bring back the rear-facing seats with the vehicle.

The CEO said that Tesla has a new design for the rear-facing seats that will be able to accommodate adult passengers — unlike the original rear-facing seats in the 2012-2014 Model S, which could only seat children.

This option doesn’t appear when ordering a Model S Plaid, and now, when asked about it, Musk was less clear than he was last year:

Here are the only specs and features that Tesla has so far confirmed about the Model S Plaid:

  • Quickest 0-60 mph and quarter-mile acceleration of any production car ever
  • Acceleration from 0-60 mph: <2.0s
  • Quarter mile: <9.0s
  • 1,100+ horsepower
  • Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive

Tesla is currently taking orders for the new version of the Model S for $140,000.

Electrek’s Take

I think there’s a lot more to be unveiled about the new Model S Plaid.

Tesla said that the new version is going to be based on its latest battery cell and structural battery pack.

This new chassis design is going to enable a whole new interior and exterior design in my opinion.

It’s likely going to offer more interior space — hence why they could offer big rear-facing seats.

I think the prototype right now is only for the tri-motor powertrain, and the production vehicle is going to be vastly different.

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Jewelry Ad Featuring Interfaith Couple Sparks Outrage in India

An Indian jewelry brand withdrew an advertisement featuring an interfaith couple after Hindu nationalists accused the company of “love jihad,” a pejorative used to describe marriage between Muslim men and Hindu women in India.

The forty-three second ad, released last week, featured a pregnant woman in a sari, making her way through a luminous home to a garden prepared for her baby shower. The advertisement, since removed from Facebook and YouTube, was described by the jeweler, Tanishq, as a “beautiful confluence of two different religions, traditions and cultures,” reported the BBC. It was meant to promote a new jewelry collection called “Ekatvam,” a Sanskrit word that translates as “oneness.”

“Beautiful things happen when people come together,” reads a description on the company’s website, including the slogan: “The beauty of oneness. One as humanity. One as a nation.”

But on social media, the ad quickly created fault lines, and #BoycottTanishq soon topped Twitter trends. “Why are you showing a Hindu ‘daughter-in-law’ to a Muslim family and glorifying it,” Khemchand Sharma, a member of the country’s governing Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, asked on Twitter. Mr. Sharma accused the company of love jihad, and of favoring one faith over another. “Why don’t you show a Muslim daughter-in-law in your ads with a Hindu family?”

Love jihad” is a term coined by right-wing Hindu nationalists who have accused India’s Muslim minority of persuading Hindu women into marriage to convert them to Islam. The term was previously used by Yogi Adityanath, also a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who was later reprimanded for hate speech.

Shashi Tharoor, one of the country’s most influential opposition politicians, pushed back against the ad’s critics. “If Hindu-Muslim ‘ekatvam’ irks them so much, why don’t they boycott the longest surviving symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity in the world — India?” Mr. Tharoor wrote on Twitter.

Others said it was “foolish” of the company to “bow down” to online trolls, and described the removal of the ad as a “very sad state of affairs.” Chetan Bhagat, an Indian author, tweeted for Tanishq to “Keep the ad. Stay Strong. Stay Indian.”

In a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday, the company said that the ad was meant to “celebrate the coming together of people from different walks of life,” and that the severe reactions to it were “contrary to its very objective.” The ad was removed to protect the “well being of our employees, partners and store staff,” according to the company’s statement.

Interfaith relationships are very rare in India, and when they do exist, they create additional social pressures, said Amit Thorat, an assistant professor at the Center for the Study of Regional Development at Jawaharlal Nehru University. A survey that Mr. Thorat helped conduct found that only 5 percent of marriages in India are intercaste. A 2016 survey found that a majority of people opposed marriages across both caste and religion.

“Society is not ready, the social protection which is required

Free fight: Lomachenko, Lopez to give boxing fans a gift

Vasiliy LomachenkoVasiliy Lomachenko

Vasiliy Lomachenko celebrates defending his WBA/WBO lightweight titles on April 12, 2019 after knocking out Anthony Crolla, in Los Angeles. Lomachenko fights Teofimo Lopez on Saturday in Las Vegas, and boxing fans it for free. Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — In ordinary times, Vasiliy Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez would be the fight of the fall, a lightweight title match about as compelling as it gets in the boxing world these days.

And in ordinary times people would have to cough up hundreds of dollars to sit at ringside or $74.99 to watch Saturday night’s fight on pay-per-view.

“It would probably be a big pay-per-view with 20,000 in the stands,” promoter Bob Arum said. “But the coronavirus has upset a lot of business and people are dying. We’ve got to be thankful for what we have.”

Boxing fans should be thankful, too. They’re getting a quality fight – and they’re getting it for free.

Instead of a big crowd, the only fans at the MGM Grand conference center will be a few hundred sponsors and first responders with special invites. And, instead of pay-per-view, the fight will be televised live on ESPN, guaranteeing a larger audience than a pay-per-view even if the money isn’t nearly the same.

“It could be the biggest possible audience for a boxing match that I can remember,” Arum said.

Those tuning in should be in for a treat in a fight with three different 135-pound titles at stake. Lomachenko is widely regarded as one of the top pound-for-pound fighters in the sport, while Lopez is an undefeated power puncher eager to make himself a household name.

There’s also some tension between the two fighters that goes back to a confrontation Lopez’s father had with Lomachenko in a hotel lobby two years ago when both were on the same card in New York. It was then that Lopez vowed to chase down a fight with Lomachenko, the masterful Ukrainian who won two Olympic gold medals.

“I don’t think about it being personal, I don’t have a problem with his family and this boy,’’ Lomachenko said. ”But we can check what’s better to prove things, in the ring or outside the ring.”

Both fighters will make less money than they might have made in pre-virus times to top a fight card that will fill ESPN’s Saturday night schedule. Both are risking future riches, too, in a fight that will show just how far the Brooklyn-born Lopez has come since losing in the 2016 Olympics while representing Honduras.

Lopez is 15-0 as a pro with 12 knockouts but is taking a big step up in class against Lomachenko, whose technical skills are widely praised around boxing.

“This is the part where I’m leading the new generation,” the 23-year-old Lopez said. “Winning this is a stamp and a mark to put on for the new era. Get your popcorn ready and just enjoy the show.”

While Lopez is relatively inexperienced as a pro he holds a portion of the