Jim Brickman Gives the Gift of a Soothe Christmas

‘Soothe Christmas Vol. 6’ Releases Oct. 16 Ahead of Virtual Holiday Concerts

Acclaimed pianist and songwriter Jim Brickman is well-known for his signature brand of music that calms, uplifts, and inspires. In recent months, the Grammy-nominated musician has offered a lineup of “Soothe” content — from a playlist and podcast to livestreams — that have brought fans together to relax and recharge during these challenging times. On October 16, Brickman introduces Soothe Christmas Vol. 6, an album designed to offer tranquility along with holiday cheer.

With Soothe Christmas Vol. 6, Brickman sets the scene for a relaxing holiday with family and close friends. Offering the perfect soundtrack for a peaceful season, he explores time-honored favorites imbued with his distinctive calm, from “Oh Christmas Tree” and “Mary Did You Know” to “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”

Whether listeners are having a quiet holiday evening in front of the fire, a virtual gathering with friends, or a Christmas dinner with family, Soothe Christmas Vol. 6 sets the scene for a time of warmth and joy. The gentle sway of “Winter Waltz” brings to mind serene traverses through silent snowfall, while “Angels Have We Heard On High” offers a note of joy and optimism during a season of reflection on the months past and the year to come.

In addition to the new record, Brickman will be carrying on his annual tradition of Christmas shows that have delighted the more than 20 million people who have attended his live concerts over the past 25 years. With Jim Brickman’s Comfort & Joy at Home Tour, he will partner with local venues, with a portion of the proceeds supporting that venue. Fans around the country have the opportunity to support their local theaters as they sing, clap, and laugh along with Brickman’s time-honored style of Christmas joy in an interactive concert experience right in their homes.

Tickets for the Comfort & Joy at Home Tour are sold exclusively at https://www.jimbrickman.com/tour/.

11/29 Lincoln, NE 3pm CT Lied Center for the Performing Arts
11/29 Scranton, PA 4pm ET Scranton Cultural Center
11/29 Oklahoma City, OK 3pm CT For the Arts
11/29 Roanoke, VA 7pm ET Blue Ridge PBS
11/29 Omaha, NE 6pm CT For the Arts
11/29 Honolulu, HI 4pm HST KSSK Radio
12/2 Baton Rouge, LA 7pm CT Manship Theatre
12/2 Wausau, WI 7pm CT The Grand Theatre
12/2 Des Moines, IA 7pm CT For the Arts
12/3 Sarasota, FL 7pm ET Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall
12/3 Lubbock, TX 9pm CT Broadway in Lubbock
12/3 Colorado Springs, CO 8pm MT Broadway in Colorado Springs
12/4 Naperville, IL 7pm CT Wentz Concert Hall
12/4 Spokane, WA 7:30pm PT First Interstate Center for the Arts
12/4 Denver, CO 8:30pm For the Arts
12/5 South Bend, IN 4pm ET Broadway in South Bend
12/5 Toledo, OH 4pm ET Broadway in Toledo
12/5 Peoria, IL 3pm ET Broadway in Peoria
12/5 Cleveland, OH 8pm ET Playhouse Square
12/6 Frederick, MD 4pm ET Weinberg Center for the Arts
12/6 Milwaukee,

Factbox: Britain talks of Aussie-style trade deal with EU. But what is it?

SYDNEY (Reuters) – Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Britons on Friday to get ready to leave the European Union’s single market at year-end and embrace what he called an Australian-style trading relationship.

But what is an Australian-style deal?

Australia does not have a free-trade agreement with the 27-nation EU, the world’s biggest common trading area, although its exporters want one.

Johnson’s critics therefore say that an “Australian-style deal” is simply code for no deal at all with Britain’s largest export market.

In the absence of a free trade pact, Australia and the EU fall back on World Trade Organization terms that impose a variety of restrictions. Australian farmers, for example, can export meat to the EU at reduced tariffs with two tranches, one for “high quality” and one for “grain-fed” beef.

The former is a fixed quantity with a 20% tariff and the latter is tariff-free, but it is shared with other countries on a first-come first-served basis.

Underlining the risks of a minimalist, WTO-based approach, Australia’s share of the grain-fed quota is set to be squeezed as the EU has yielded to demands from the United States that U.S. farmers take 35,000 of the 45,000-tonne allotment.

Australia’s trade with the EU is dwarfed by Britain’s: Aussie exports to the bloc totalled just 15 billion euros last year whereas Britain sold goods and services worth 300 billion pounds ($387.12 billion), 43% of all UK exports.

Britain formally left the EU on Jan. 31, but its access to the single market continues until Dec. 31 under a transition period intended to give both sides time to agree a future trading relationship.

Reporting by Brian Kaye and Swati Pandey in Sydney and Philip Blenkinsop in Brussels; Editing by Mark Bendeich and Catherine Evans

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Rihanna Just Launched Her Fenty Beauty Friends + Family Sale

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty brand rarely goes on sale, but that’s changing this weekend with the Fenty Beauty Friends + Family Sale. The deal gets you 25% off sitewide on FentyBeauty.com, making it a great chance to snag Rihanna’s covet-worthy makeup palettes, lip glosses, foundation and bronzers. Right now, use the promo code EXTRA10 for an additional 10% off your purchase.

Fenty Beauty launched in 2017 with a promise of inclusion for all women and all skin tones. Rihanna, who named the company after her legal surname, says she developed the line after having trouble finding makeup that fit her complexion. Fenty Beauty now has products available in more than 50 shades. The company has also diversified their outreach, with products that target men and gender-neutral customers.

The Fenty Friends + Family sale lets you apply the 35% off total savings to already-discounted items, like the popular Match Stix trio, which lets you build you own trio of products for $54 (regularly $75). You get two MATTE Skinsticks to conceal and contour, and one Match Stix SHIMMER Skinstick to highlight. With the F&F discounts all-in, you get all three items for just $35.

We also like the Complexion Essentials trio, which gets you a concealer, powder and makeup setting spray for just $44 after discount (regularly $88). Other online exclusives include Rihanna’s “Stunna Boss” lip color trio, a five-piece “Gentleman’s Fenty Face Set” (now just $70, regularly $132), and a slew of makeup and skincare accessories, from mirrors to brushes to pouches.

Many of these products were used by makeup artists for Rihanna’s recent Savage X Fenty show on Amazon Prime. The superstar singer and mogul teased some of the products from the show on Twitter this week, along with a pic of her layering a bold lip gloss (also available as part of the sale).

The Fenty Beauty Friends + Family sale is on now at FentyBeauty.com and gets you 25% off almost everything on the site, plus an extra 10% off with the promo code EXTRA10 at checkout. Plus, get free shipping on any orders in the U.S.

The combined 35% discount gets you the lowest price we’ve seen on Fenty Beauty products anywhere online, making them even cheaper than on Sephora.com. The Fenty Friends + Family sale ends on Monday, October 19 at 11:59 pm PST. See more on on FentyBeauty.com.

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How Wedding Pros Are Finding Balance During COVID-19

We know what precautions wedding vendors can take at weddings. They can stay outside, maintain their distance from clients and their guests, and keep that mask on tight. But what happens before and after festivities?

Now that weddings are happening, vendors, from caterers to photographers, are coming into contact with more people than the average Joe. They hop from venue to venue with new groups of staff and wedding guests. Their jobs might also require them to travel by airplane, stay in hotels, and cross state lines.  

We asked three wedding pros how they are managing the balance between protecting their health (and the health of those around them) and doing their jobs. We talked quarantines, COVID-19 tests, travel precautions, and more. Their advice may help anyone whose paycheck relies on them being on the go.  

Boosting Immunity 

Helen Aker, a wedding planner and director of the catering team at The Local in Charlottesville, Virginia, says she tries to keep her body in fighting shape to deal with whatever it might encounter. “I do load up on vitamins and coconut water, lots of immunity boosters,” she says. “I drink lots of water throughout the week as well.” 

Andrea Adelstein, CEO of NY LUX Events, who splits her time between Montauk and New York City, says she starts boosting her health the week before a wedding. “I’ve started to drink healthy teas and natural vitamin packed waters,” she says. “During the last days leading up to traveling, I will focus on making sure I get a full night’s rest.” When traveling across the country she ships boxes so she doesn’t have to use strength lugging around bags. She also snacks on nuts and proteins to keep her body strong. 

Smart Travel 

Samantha Clarke, a wedding photographer in Atlanta, has ventured as far away as Toronto and Boston for wedding and engagement sessions. “I use a double mask on planes. One N95 and a cloth one too,” she says. “I carry bottles of hand sanitizer with me always. I also wipe seats and the area on the plane before sitting there.” She also doesn’t eat or drink while on the plane, only at the airport away from other people.

All of the events Aker has done during the pandemic have been within 30 miles of her home and office. Still, she plans her routes so she doesn’t have to stop for a restroom break. “So far I have been able to make it from home base to event venues without needing to break at a rest stop,” she says. If she does have to run errands or make a stop, she looks at the people coming out of buildings. “If the customers leaving are wearing masks, I feel more comfortable venturing in,” she says. “If they’re not wearing masks, I’ll stop at the next place.” 

She also always wears her masks, which she makes herself out of fabric with a pocket to insert a filter. “I purchased high-quality ultrafine particle filters designed

Conductor’s Surprise Toy Train Gift Delights Beverly 3-Year-Old

BEVERLY, MA — Noontime has long been a special time for Tan Tran and his son, Aidan, at the North Beverly commuter station.

That’s the time of day when two trains coming in opposite directions pass each other in a rush to 3-year-old Aidan’s delight. The father and son try to make it to the station to catch the magic moment in the eyes of Aidan each day they can.

“Our interaction was just waving at them,” Tan Tran told Patch. “That was about it. We just wave at the trains and he gets excited. He does a little excitement dance.”

Tran said a couple of weeks ago they noticed the conductor of the train started waving back.

“The conductor stuck out his head one day and said you guys make our day when we come by,” Tran said.

Then on Wednesday it was the commuter rail crew’s turn to make Aidan’s day as they got out of the train at the stop and handed Aidan a toy train set.

“He was shocked,” Tran said. “He really didn’t know how to react. He didn’t realize the gesture. He just took it and he gave them a high five.

“He didn’t fully express his excitement until he got home and brought it in the house. He immediately wanted to play with it.”

Three-year-old Aidan Tran plays with the toy train a commuter rail crew surprised him with this week. (Tan Tran)

Tran said now his son takes the train set everywhere he goes.

“He takes it on his naps,” he said. “When I put him down for his nap, he puts it on the table next to him and says: ‘train nap.'”

Tran posted the interaction on his Instagram page and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Facebook page re-posted the photos.

Tan Tran, Aidan’s father, said his son takes the toy train with him everywhere, including nap time. (Tan Tran)

Tran said he began to receive lots of messages thanking him for posting a feel-good story in a time when much of the news is filled with conflict.

“This is like a positive story,” he said. “With everything going on, it’s tough to find a positive light out there. This gesture reminded me there is kindness out there still. You have to look at everything in a positive way. Everything is so negative these days.

“This is the positivity everyone needed.”

Feel good story of the day from one of our smallest MBTA Commuter Rail fans: “For about a year + Aiden and I have been…
Posted by Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

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July","created":"2020-10-15T16:36:52Z","updated":"2020-10-16T15:22:04Z","shortTitle":"U.S. Coronavirus Cases See Highest One-Day...","summary":"Latest U.S. coronavirus news: Pfizer says …

Helping The Everyday Woman Discover Her Personal Style, Live Her Best Life, And Unlock Her Inner Empress

New York, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 16, 2020 / Fashion has always been a core component of Keiana Armani’s life.

From a young age, she could be found glued to the television whenever a runway program was airing. Drawn to luxury pieces and timeless vintage classics, Keiana quickly developed a keen eye for style. As a child, her love for fashion provided inspiration and entertainment. As an adult, that same passion would prove to be her salvation. The product of a teen mother, Keiana’s upbringing was not without difficulty, raised by her mother and her grandparents, Keiana learned early on that she would need to work hard if she wanted to succeed. At age 15, she got her first job working at Burger King after school. Although the position was neither especially challenging nor lucrative, it taught her a few important lessons, including time-management and the value of hard work. Over the next few years, Keiana continued to work hard, attended college, and began a career working in the behavioral health field. Unfortunately, this position left her drained and uninspired. Battling weight gain and severe depression, Keiana knew she had to make a change if she wanted to provide a better life for herself and her young son. After reading a co-worker’s discarded copy of “Your Best Life Now” by Joel Osteen, Keiana found the motivation to make a radical life change. She began working out regularly and prioritizing her health once more.

Even in her darkest moments, her passion for fashion had never diminished. Armed with renewed confidence, Keiana decided to pursue fashion and within a few months launched her lifestyle and online fashion publication, Indigo Blue Style, and booked a bus ticket to New York Fashion Week. She showed up at the event lacking passes to any of the shows but equipped with determination and curiosity. She blogged her way through the entire week, attended multiple shows, and returned home inspired, with a vision for her own online fashion publication and the impact she could have on other women.

Over the next few years, Keiana dedicated herself to building her brand into the empire it is today. The blog features fashion, wellness, and lifestyle tips for the everyday woman to live her very best life. A student at heart, Keiana has spent hours studying “The Greats” of fashion and design. While many other fashion bloggers simply focus on current trends, Keiana delves into fashion throughout history, researches the trends from each decade, and constantly discovers new vintage gems. This element of her brand sets her apart from the rest and lends a unique flair to each shoot she styles and every look she offers her audience as she time travels through fashion.

While Keiana has been fortunate enough to work with multiple high profile brands and style dozens of editorial shoots, she continuously comes back to her true passion: empowering women.

“As women, we can do anything we put our minds to,” says Keiana. “I love working

Princess Beatrice Breaks Silence on Her Royal Wedding Day in Rare Tweet

Ahead of her three-month wedding anniversary, Princess Beatrice has finally spoken out about one of the biggest days of her life.

The royal daughter of Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew wed her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in a small private ceremony on July 17, two months after the coronavirus pandemic interfered with her previously planned May nuptials. After the low-key event at the Royal Chapel of All Saints, Buckingham Palace confirmed they were married in a public statement.

On Friday, Oct. 16, the newlywed expressed her gratitude to the public in a rare tweet. “Thank you to everyone who has sent in and tweeted their best wishes for our special day in July,” she wrote. “Edo and I are so excited to embark on this new chapter together.”

The 32-year-old also reflected on wearing her grandmother Queen Elizabeth II‘s dress for the special occasion as it is currently on display at Windsor Castle until mid-November.

Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi: Romance Rewind

“It was an honour to wear my grandmother’s beautiful dress on my wedding day,” Beatrice wrote. “I hope many of you are able to visit the exhibition which is still open at Windsor Castle.”

Princess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, WeddingPrincess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Wedding

Princess Beatrice, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, Wedding

Thanks to the gown and tiara, the bride had the sweetest solution to the “something borrowed” wedding tradition.

“Princess Beatrice wore a vintage dress by Norman Hartnell and the Queen Mary diamond fringe tiara, both belonging to Her Majesty The Queen,” the royal family previously confirmed on Twitter. “The tiara was worn by Her Majesty on her wedding day in 1947.” Thanks to a photo of the British monarch in the dress from 1962, fans can see the subtle changes that were made for Beatrice’s nuptials, including the addition of puff sleeves and a new hem.

And now, with the dress, shoes and a replica bouquet on display, fans can get an up-close look at the royal wedding ensemble—if they find themselves in England with a face mask, that is.

Source Article

Opinion/Kerr: Past four years have been a glorious gift for Putin – Opinion – seacoastonline.com

Trust me, by now I’m as tired of writing about elections as you are reading about them. But with little more than two weeks left before we choose our president for the next four years, now’s the time for people to say what they want to say.

And it’s occurred to me the past four years since our last election has just been the gift that keeps on giving for Vladimir Putin.

Chaos, confusion, crisis and incompetence – these were no doubt the ingredients Putin saw when he first laid eyes on Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. But I’m guessing even he couldn’t have foreseen such a payoff when his cronies took an active role in helping to ensure Trump’s election that year.

Now look around – America is literally on fire, we’re shooting each other in the streets, our institutions are being undermined, our election process is being slandered by our own White House and we’re getting battered by the 21st-century equivalent of the plague. I can almost picture Putin reclining in his lair, gleefully rubbing his hands together like a James Bond villain and crowing, “Imagine what that fool could do in another four years?”

Two recent instances really emphasize this point for me. The first occurred last week when more than a dozen men were charged with federal and state crimes related to a plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan and violently overthrow the state government, including attacks on police. They allegedly planned to try Gov. Meg Whitman for treason, and also considered kidnapping the governor of Virginia as well.

These men were reportedly upset about lockdown orders issued in these states to protect residents from the spread of the coronavirus. You’ll recall Trump back in April tweeted “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!” and “LIBERATE VIRGINA!” – exactly one day after issuing guidelines for states to follow to protect residents from the spread of the coronavirus.

Now, if these guys had been associated with antifa groups and targeted Republican governors, you can be sure Trump would be calling for their scalps the way he once demanded the execution of the Central Park Five (who were later found innocent, by the way.) But you won’t hear him go after white nationalists or, frankly, anyone who supports him. And under Trump, these guys are feeling emboldened.

Just this past week, a self-acknowledged white nationalist in Colorado pleaded guilty to planning the bombing of a synagogue there in Pueblo. In August, a dumb teenage Trump supporter from Illinois went to Wisconsin and shot three protesters, killing two. Two years ago, another Trump supporter sent homemade pipe bombs to Barack Obama and other Democrats and Trump critics.

But in the meantime, he attempts to lump in racial justice protesters with “thugs” who destroy property and attack people. He tries to woo suburban women by saying they’re under attack. He doesn’t seem to explain who’s out to destroy them, though.

The second incident was just this past week, when Trump attended a packed rally

ThirdLove Creates TL Effect Program to Support Women Entrepreneurs of Color

After protests broke out in late May in response to the police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Tony McDade, a number of companies felt it was time to lend their voices in support of the Black Lives Matter movement founded in 2014.

But like so many of them, direct-to-consumer brand ThirdLove wrestled with how best to respond.

“Back in June, when everything kind of started to heat up around Black Lives Matter, we were thinking as a company what we could do internally and what could we do externally to support the movement,” said Heidi Zak, co-founder and CEO of the intimates brand. “I thought what was really important was to do something aligned with our brand.”

Zak wanted whatever they chose to do to have a long-lasting impact and be something that the company’s internal team could be directly involved in. “We’re about supporting women literally and figuratively,” she noted.

That process led to the creation of TL Effects, a program that supports female entrepreneurs of color by providing them with a $20,000 grant, dedicated office space at ThirdLove’s headquarters, amplification via the DTC brand’s social platforms, and access to business and financial advice from the company’s founders on subjects such as merchandising and producing content.

This October, ThirdLove announced that Arah Sims, founder and CEO of DTC nail glam brand Kyütee Beauty, was the inaugural recipient of the program, chosen from a pool of 650 applicants.

Arah Sims is the first recipient of ThirdLove’s program TL Effects, which provides supports to women entrepreneurs of color.

“To be totally frank, when we started the application process, I would have been happy to [have received] 100 applications,” Zak said.

Sims will be the first of many such recipients, as the company plans to select a founder per quarter to support, she said.

“For people who are saying there aren’t women of color to invest in, this proves something different,” Zak said of the number of women who showed interest.

As for the process itself, to rustle up applicants ThirdLove reached out to universities, startup incubators, partners, publications, chat groups and mentorship programs. A team of 18 judges then narrowed the field to 20 applicants.

The three judges included Zak, senior social manager Courtney Lake and vp of strategy and operations Veronique Powell, who each each selected their top three candidates, from whom Sims was ultimately chosen. “We were all aligned that Arah was the one,” Zak said.

Sims was chosen because she already had a full website up and running, was a solo founder who created a brand and product by herself, was someone who could really benefit from mentorship, and possessed a dynamic and passionate personality, Zak explained.

“I got really excited about the opportunity to be mentored by a female founder who’s walked the path,” Sims said of the program. “Times are changing. A lot of people and companies are coming out of the woodwork to say they want to help.”

Sims is already discussing with

“Butterbean” and his racing family motor toward a Langley Late Model title

Brenden “Butterbean” Queen’s quest to join the list of Langley Speedway Late Model champions has been a little different than others of late.

Since embarking on it at age 16, six years ago, Queen has often been underfinanced compared to some. Nevertheless, there has been the sense on pit road that the talented and confident Queen would someday contend for a title, and that has attracted believers.

His dad Mike Queen, a former Late Model driver, has, of course, been the biggest. Crew chief Phil Warren, the winningest driver in Langley Late Model history with seven titles, joined the team several years ago.

Andre Greer, a rare Black car owner at the track, supplied the car Queen drove to his first Langley Late Model win a year ago and owns the team backup car. Mack McKee increased his contribution this season, providing the Ford that Queen has motored to victory in the prestigious Hampton Heat 200 and to the top of the Langley Late Model points standings.

Barring extreme misfortune in either of the two 50-lappers on Saturday, Queen, 22, who leads six-time champion Danny Edwards by 14 points atop the standings, will add his name to the list of Langley Late Model champions. Excuse him if his Victory Lane speech is a little long with all of the people he’ll be thanking.

“We’re all like a family,” he said of his race team sponsored by McKee’s Old Skool Video and Brinn Trim. “It’s not a matter of who gets credit.

“We’ve all gotten here together and now, look at us, we’ve got a shot at the title. It’s been very important to have people around me who wanted to see me succeed at something I love.”

That love was nurtured at tracks like Langley and erstwhile Southampton Motor Speedway, where his dad, Mike Queen, drove Late Models, mostly in the middle of the pack, as Queen played with Matchboxcars on the dirt in the pits. By early elementary school, Queen was able to badger his dad into getting him a go-kart and the family’s race interests have centered around him increasingly since.

“My mom and dad have sacrificed a lot so I could basically go racing full-time,” Queen said. “I think my dad’s enjoying watching me do it, so it’s been a pretty fun journey.

“Racing is all I’ve dreamed about and breathed about.”

Although the team has never been high-dollar, Mike Queen taught his son to appreciate what he had because some others had less. McKee helped increase Queen’s resources upon seeing him race in the first of his five full seasons in Late Model.

“He didn’t even know me, but he saw me racing (at Langley) online, contacted me and started helping out (financially),” Queen said. “It’s grown from there and we’ve become like family.”

Greer came aboard last year on the advice of a friend, eager to earn a Late Model win as owner and confident perennial top-five driver Queen could get it. Queen’s