Boris Johnson convenes new look Cabinet TODAY after brutal reshuffle

Boris Johnson convened the first meeting of his new look Cabinet in Number 10 this morning after a brutal reshuffle which saw Sajid Javid resign and the PM promote a wave of loyalists.  

Mr Johnson sat down with his updated top team from 10am as he set out the vision for his new administration and asked his senior ministers to approve the UK’s new immigration system which will replace EU freedom of movement. 

The meeting in Downing Street came after a day of high drama which left Westminster stunned as Mr Javid’s unexpected exit totally disrupted the PM’s plans for a smooth shake-up. 

Mr Javid chose to walk away from the government rather than accept a demand from Mr Johnson’s top aide Dominic Cummings to sack all of his aides and replace them with advisers chosen by Number 10. 

His departure opened the way for Rishi Sunak, 39, to be promoted to the role of Chancellor having previously served as Mr Javid’s deputy as the Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Mr Javid accused Mr Johnson of setting conditions ‘any self-respecting minister’ would reject – a thinly veiled swipe at his successor.  

The move was seen as a power grab by Mr Cummings with Mr Sunak reportedly immediately under pressure from Number 10 to tear up his predecessor’s tight spending rules and allow Mr Johnson to splash the cash at the next Budget.

But the elevation of Mr Sunak has cast doubt on whether that Budget, currently scheduled for March 11, will go ahead amid speculation it could be delayed. 

Downing Street refused to guarantee the date yesterday with a spokesman saying only that ‘extensive preparations have already been carried out for the Budget and they will continue at pace’.

Meanwhile, accusations of a power grab were likely to grow after it emerged that Downing Street had immediately moved some of its troops into the Treasury last night to help Mr Sunak.  

Boris Johnson, pictured in Downing Street yesterday, conducted a brutal reshuffle of his Cabinet

The shake-up saw Sajid Javid, 우리카지노계열 pictured leaving his London home this morning, quit the government as he refused a demand from Dominic Cummings to sack all of his aides

Mr Cummings appeared to be in good spirits as he was photographed leaving his London home this morning

That comes ahead of the creation of a ‘joint’ economic unit based across Number 10 and 우리카지노계열쿠폰 the Treasury which will make decisions, changing a power dynamic in Whitehall which has existed for decades. 

Numerous other senior 우리계열카지노 figures also left the government yesterday as Mr Johnson wielded the axe. 

Julian Smith was unceremoniously dumped as Northern Ireland secretary just weeks after brokering a deal which restored the power-sharing administration at Stormont.

Andrea Leadsom was sacked as business secretary, Theresa Villiers lost her job as environment secretary and Geoffrey Cox was removed from his post as attorney general.

Esther McVey lost her role as housing minister, and the total number of women attending Cabinet fell from …

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