Celebrate Life And Love With Fine Jewelry

While direct-to-consumer jewelry companies have taken great sales margins away from brick and mortar boutiques, consumers today are longing for the experience with an in-person sales expert. Arguably, the most difficult part about shopping online is finding the style that has sentimental meaning. Given the current social distancing requirements, American families have made cancellations and modifications with respect to planned events including engagements, weddings, and graduations. But celebrations deserve to have jubilation and that is just what families are aiming to do. Americans pride themselves in being resilient and will continue to move forward economically and socially.

This is where the market segmentation gets very interesting. In the past few years, fine jewelry has taken on a new direction. Like fashion apparel, jewelry styles evolve and shift as well. And in order for you to refresh your personal jewelry collection, it might be a good idea to pass on treasured pieces to the next generation. I am a proponent of letting go of the old and refreshing styles to keep up-to-date. The buildup of jewelry excess happens before you know it. Many times consumers wish for a fresh look but are afraid to part with treasured pieces. The beauty of letting go is that it leaves room for new arrivals to fulfill that special jewelry box for when you wish to make a statement.

I recently came across a luxury jewelry brand that has its finger on the pulse for today’s savvy consumers seeking to stay on trend. Gabriel & Co. aims to redefine iconic pieces with a positive touch. The brand has clearly succeeded in developing a modern take on the style of persuasion with its signature Bujukan Collection . For instance, many graduates in 2020 hadn’t been able to celebrate with friends and family the way that they had planned. New arrivals are here for you to show the special graduate in your life how proud you are of their tremendous achievements!

I recently had the privilege to speak with Jack Gabriel Chief Executive Officer and Dominick Gabriel Senior Vice President & CDO (Chief Design Officer) about how they have always invested in building innovative digital and artificial intelligence capabilities, why their fine jewelry is considered by many to be ‘wearable art’ and why their passion is to craft fine jewelry for people to celebrate life and love!

Joseph DeAcetis:Talk to Forbes about what makes Gabriel & Co. unique in today’s jewelry market segmentation?

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: Our passion is to craft fine jewelry for people to celebrate life and love. We think that all people are born with a purpose and have God given talents to make their mark. Ours is to service everyone in cherishing the precious moments and special occasions in life and make them memorable with our jewelry. Over the long history of our family and years of apprenticeship, we acquired the skills and the character that made us what we are today: not just master craftsmen of fine jewelry but true artisans of love.

Joseph DeAcetis: What are some examples of how Gabriel & Co.-developed creative alternatives for consumers wishing to celebrate during these trying times? 

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: Gabriel & Co. never closed their business and neither did their nationwide retailers. Both were open for business even though their retailers stores were closed to the public, they were still able to service their customers. Gabriel’s teams continuously provided support to help their nationwide retail partners reap the rewards of all online transactions using Gabriel’s digital platforms. 

Gabriel & Co. can confidently say their retailers were already using digital and adaptive email marketing tools over the past several years before the pandemic and those that did not quickly adapted – these retailers have been and will continue to be successful. The company received testimonials from many retailers who were thankful that they received help through these challenging times. Engaging with their customers took priority as celebrations were never canceled, retailers were able to connect on a personal level with their customers and fulfill their orders. Many online purchases were gifts for moms on Mother’s Day, anniversary and birthday presents with an added amount of loving sentiments. Also seen was an increase in self-purchasing, as people were sheltering in place, not vacationing or traveling but instead buying items they may not have purchased otherwise.

Joseph DeAcetis: In your words, explain to Forbes viewers how you have curated product offerings to a transitioning marketplace? 

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: Gabriel & Co has always invested in building innovative digital and artificial intelligence driven capabilities, which has become a necessity for everyone in the jewelry industry. They continue to treasure human connections from celebrating with loved ones, to everyday interactions with local communities. Gabriel designs fine jewelry to be worn everyday.

Gabriel’s believes that everyone is unique and special, creating jewelry that speaks to their uniqueness and feels good when it’s worn. Their jewelry collections are prolific and not only cross over many lifestyles but also price points. Consumers on Gabriel & Co.’s website can place a jewelry order online and Gabriel & Co. then handles fulfillment directly to consumers doorstep, and the associated retail partner reaps the profits and gains a client.

Joseph DeAcetis: Why should a couple come to Gabriel & Co to shop for an engagement ring?

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: Their proprietary View-In-Store feature on Gabriel & Co.’s bridal section of the website features hundreds of engagement rings and wedding band styles, and steers bridal consumers to a Gabriel & Co. partner located near them. Customers can book same-day to view their favorite engagement rings online. This functionality is great to directly drive foot traffic and sales but during these past few months, retailers were able to work with their customers to provide private viewings of their Bridal Design Samples and delivered their engagement rings and wedding bands through curb-side pickups or directly to their customers’ homes.

Engagement rings purchases are backed by lifetime warranties which include their Shop Confidently promise. Gabriel & Co. offers to exchange any registered engagement ring within one year of purchase for another of equal or if a higher value engagement ring is selected the consumer pays the difference.

Joseph DeAcetis: How do you showcase your spiritual and positive feeling approach?

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: At Gabriel & Co., we have seen optimism demonstrated by the strength of humanity united to overcome the many challenges of this pandemic. We have adapted to the new normal with a fierce dedication in helping our communities, employees and retail partners. Each one of us has risen to the occasion by being resilient to overcome the challenges we faced together. Our 91>19 bangle bracelet designed and produced to raise funds for Jewelers for Children JFC, is just one successful example. Our charitable partner JFC, supports St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®, the Make-A-Wish® America, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the National CASA Association. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us found comfort in the message of Psalm-91. So we created this powerful bracelet as a sign of faith, strength and positivity.

Knowing that philanthropic annual fundraisers would be severely impacted by the pandemic, we created the one of a one-of-kind unisex silver bangle cuff with donations based on 100% of sales proceeds going to JFC. We are humbled to see our message of faith and strength resonating with so many people – genuine proof that ‘Silver Linings’ resulted from our collective experience. Our goal of reaching $91,000 in donations for Jewelers for Children has been successful and we are almost there. We are still seeing continued support for this cause. We were happy to see that many of our retailers welcomed the opportunity to not only participate but also demonstrate support to their local healthcare heroes.

Driven by our passion to craft fine jewelry and our purpose to give back with love, we are thrilled to launch the Stronger Together campaign on 9/11/20 as a follow-up to our successful 91>19 charity campaign earlier this year. The campaign’s center piece is a stunning silver necklace featuring a pendant of two elegantly never-ending intertwined silver strands that form a circle of life representing the power of humanity working together in unison. This limited-edition necklace will be available both online on our website as well as via our retail partners, with all profits from the sale being donated to our charity partner Jeweler’s For Children. 

Joseph DeAcetis: What is your strategy for developing pieces tailored to each individual with a personal touch? 

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: Gabriel & Co. designs a wide array of fine jewelry from engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands to fashion forward but timeless bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Gabriel & Co. designs artisan quality jewelry reflecting their signature styling – consumers can also customize fine jewelry styles featured on their website or at their retailers stores and can also customize designs for a truly one-of-kind piece.

Joseph DeAcetis: In your words, how does wearing fine jewelry during office hours relate to Dressing for Success?

Jack Gabriel/Dominick Gabriel: Gabriel & Co. is known for fine jewelry that makes the wearer feel great and is very comfortable. Their fine jewelry is considered by many to be ‘wearable art’ that represents the person who is wearing or is gifted for special occasions. Through personalizing a custom look with stackable bracelets and rings; layering necklaces or earrings with hoops and ear cuffs and studs on one ear, the wearer can create a complete unique look.

It’s easy for consumers and their retailers to find that special personalized look by leveraging the website’s virtual reality and artificial intelligence tools, keeping Gabriel & Co. retail partners on the cutting edge and puts them at a competitive advantage.

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