The North American Collegiate League Ties Partnership with Three Commas Clothing

EL PASO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / 21 October 2020 / Over the last decade, esports has exploded into a billion-dollar industry, capturing millions of players worldwide. Aside from nurturing its standing as a leading non-profit esports organization, the North American Collegiate League(NACL) furthers its authority by partnering with Mark Cuban’s Three Commas Clothing. The two parties have recently signed a major merchandise deal that aims to capture everyone in the esports industry.

The exclusive NACL Collegiate Collection was the product of the eventful collaboration between industry leaders. The collection currently carries five available items featuring limited edition jerseys and hoodies. The product line touts some of the most iconic collegiate teams such as Arkansas State, ICEBRKRSCLAN and NACL. The current production marks the first of many as the partnership targets to launch new products each month.

The North American Collegiate League hosts and streams video game tournaments and league play for collegiate esports competitors. In turn, the platform gives away scholarship prizes to worthy and competitive individuals. NACL is founded by David Chen, who is a former Deloitte Partner, current partner at Mediabudnace and GTIF Capital, and investor in esports. He believes it is a platform for establishing a community of like-minded and strong-willed individuals. The organization plays various video games such as Fortnite, Dota 2, Fifa 21, Madden NFL 21, and many others.

The North American Collegiate League encourages a healthy dedication to esports to everyone. The content shared on the platform is suitable for anyone who comes across it. The founder ensures that anyone is not discriminated against and left behind to urge them to know more about esports. “This serves the purpose of fostering a communal relationship between established players, those who are looking to enter the scene, and even those who do not entirely know what the esports industry has to offer them,” said David Chen.

Despite its popularity, there is still a gap between traditional sports fans and esports enthusiasts. NACL addresses this by positioning esports as a welcoming platform. Just as much as traditional sports heavily involve camaraderie and sportsmanship, the same is true for esports. It is also an industry built on the players’ respect for each other and the electronic sports they are passionate about.

The North American Collegiate League is streaming under TV rights in seven countries across Asia. This includes China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Macau, Japan, and South Korea. Asia has one of the most significant communities of esport enthusiasts and players. In the region alone, esports has generated millions of dollars of investment for the industry. NACL is looking toward advancing to other countries in Asia and the rest of the world.

Most recently, The North American Collegiate League hosted their very first live event at ISM Raceway during NASCAR’s 2020 championship weekend. It was a milestone event for NACL, where NASCAR drivers and students came together to compete in a NASCAR Heat 4 tournament. The event was truly monumental, showing audiences how people from different industries can

Who were Cienfuegos’ allies and accessories in American government?

Mexico’s former defense minister, Salvador Cienfuegos, was arrested on Thursday in Los Angeles and will arrive soon in New York to face conspiracy, organized crime and money laundering charges at the same courthouse which has already convicted Joaquin (El Chapo) Guzman and where former Mexican police chief Genaro Garcia Luna also stands trial.

The symbolism is powerful. The DEA, the U.S. Department of Justice and the American judiciary apparently have embarked on a fearless crusade against the most vicious international drug traffickers and their powerful accomplices in the Mexican government. “It made me very proud to be an American,” announced Judge Brian Cogan after the conviction of Guzman to life in prison.

But the real story is much more complex, and reflects much more murkily on the U.S. government. Both Garcia Luna and Cienfuegos worked closely with American law enforcement agencies while Washington coddled the Mexican presidents under which they served: Felipe Calderon (2006-2012) and Enrique Pena Nieto (2012-2018). If these top Mexican officials are as corrupt as they appear to be, then their U.S. counterparts should also be investigated for complicity with their crimes.

Cienfuegos supposedly has been under investigation for over a decade, but in June 2017, the five-star general held a high profile meeting with then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo and then-White House Chief of Staff John Kelly in which they even supervised together the destruction of a poppy field. In 2018, Cienfuegos received the prestigious William J. Perry Award for Excellence in Security and Defense Education from the United States Department of Defense.

During the Obama administration, Washington worked closely with Garcia Luna on numerous missions, including the scandalous Operation Fast and Furious, which between 2009 and 2011 involved the illegal purchase and exportation to Mexico of almost 2,000 firearms worth $1.5 million. The former FBI chief in Mexico City during the Calderon administration, Raul Roldan, was until recently a member of the board of Garcia Luna’s private security company, GLAC Consulting.

In 2008, Obama and Calderon signed the Merida Initiative, establishing close collaboration between the two governments. The initiative “open(ed) a chapter of historic cooperation and acknowledge(ed) the shared responsibilities of the United States and Mexico to counter drug-fueled violence threatening citizens on both sides of the border,” according to official documents. It provided a framework for intensive information sharing and for billions of dollars of funding for the purchase of military equipment and supposedly “strengthening public institutions” south of the border.

Both the Trump and Obama administrations have promoted vast arms sales to the Mexican government: More than $3 billion have been appropriated by Congress under the Merida Initiative, still in effect today, and legal U.S. firearm and ammunition exports to Mexico today roughly total about $40 million a year, according to U.S. Census Bureau trade records. Although there have been critiques of the Mexican government´s human rights record, not once has either U.S. administration suggested suspending arms sales due to corruption in Mexican law enforcement.

The United States government has also turned

Addison Rae on American Eagle Jeans, Social Media & Her Style Icons

After TikTok sensation Addison Rae became the new social media It Girl a few months back, it didn’t take long for American Eagle to claim her as both brand superfan and spokesperson. Rae was regularly spotted in AE’s widely-beloved jeans and basics, and with the brand expanding to offer more sizes and styles than ever before, it made sense for this rising star and denim powerhouse to pair up.

Of course, Rae’s style has changed quite a bit since her first post on TikTok, where she’s now amazed 65.5 million followers and another 29.9 million on Instagram. For the most part, she sticks with simple cropped tanks, leggings, bike shorts and hoodies—but make no mistake, our girl knows how to amp it up when necessary. She served Old Hollywood glamor meets New Hollywood flair at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards, and as of late she’s been spotted serving tons of street style looks alongside her BFF of the moment, Kourtney Kardashian.

If you think Rae plans on slowing down, think again. Unlike most of the things we became obsessed with during quarantine and then (quickly) forgot about, Rae is ensuring she’s here to stay. She’s planning ahead, launching her very own makeup brand, working with brands like AE and of course, making content on social media. No matter how much she’s got on her plate, the social media star always has time to film a TikTok or two.

Below, we picked Addison Rae’s brain and got the low-down on all things TikTok, her personal style, her can’t-live-without wardrobe essentials and even her style icons—who, by the way, you’d probably never expect. Read on and get the scoop straight from Rae herself.

Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale.

How has your life changed since you amassed such a large following on TikTok? What has been the biggest obstacle? The most exciting part?

“I’ve been presented with so many amazing opportunities over the last year. I sometimes still can’t believe that this is my life! Living my life in the public eye comes with its challenges, but I’m learning every day how to navigate it all.”


How has being in the public eye influenced and/or changed your personal style? 

“I don’t think it’s really changed my personal style. I think being in the public eye has meant I’m sent a lot of great things that go in my closet, so maybe I have more clothes today than I did before. But I don’t think it’s changed my style in any way—I’m still very much influenced by who influenced me before I was on TikTok.”


Who would you cite as your top style icons?

“I have so many fashion and style icons. I love Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams’ red

Housing Market Potential Remains at 13-Year High Point, According to First American Potential Home Sales Model

—In the game of housing musical chairs, it’s clear the housing market needs more chairs, says Chief Economist Mark Fleming—

First American Financial Corporation (NYSE: FAF), a leading global provider of title insurance, settlement services and risk solutions for real estate transactions, today released First American’s proprietary Potential Home Sales Model for the month of September 2020.

September 2020 Potential Home Sales

  • Potential existing-home sales increased to a 6.09 million seasonally adjusted annualized rate (SAAR), a 1.5 percent month-over-month increase.

  • This represents a 74.6 percent increase from the market potential low point reached in February 1993.

  • The market potential for existing-home sales increased 11.8 percent compared with a year ago, a gain of nearly 641,367 (SAAR) sales.

  • Currently, potential existing-home sales is 704,586 million (SAAR), or 10.4 percent below the pre-recession peak of market potential, which occurred in April 2006.

Market Performance Gap

  • The market for existing-home sales underperformed its potential by 2.5 percent or an estimated 151,322 (SAAR) sales.

  • The market performance gap decreased by an estimated 123,475 (SAAR) sales between August 2020 and September 2020.

Chief Economist Analysis: Housing Market Potential Stays Strong Amid Pandemic

“The housing market’s impressive ‘V-shaped’ recovery has thus far shown significant resilience to the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Mark Fleming, chief economist at First American. “Demographically driven millennial demand has continued unabated, low rates have fueled house-buying power, and historically low inventory has increased competition, leading to rising prices.

“Weekly mortgage applications started the first quarter of the year approximately 10 percent above year-ago levels. After reaching a pandemic-induced low point in April, mortgage applications began to accelerate and, starting in late May, have surpassed their levels from one year ago for 21 straight weeks,” said Fleming. “In September, housing market potential continued to impress, even outpacing last month’s record. Housing market potential increased to its highest level in over 13 years, largely driven by strong house price appreciation in September.”

Housing Musical Chairs Boosts Market Potential

“In today’s housing market, fast rising demand against the limited supply of homes for sale has resulted in faster house price appreciation. There were 1.49 million homes for sale at the end of August, down 18.6 percent annually to a 3-month supply. Homes that do come to market are often met with multiple bids, further escalating prices, but are still selling quickly,” said Fleming. “The rapid escalation of house prices has a mixed impact on home buyers, fueling strong equity gains for existing homeowners, but dampening affordability for potential first-time homebuyers.

“Homeowners in areas where house prices are rising feel wealthier. American homeowners today have near-record levels of equity, and as their equity grows, they are more likely to consider using that equity to purchase a larger or more attractive home – the wealth effect of rising equity,” said Fleming. “In August’s existing-home sales report, the increase in home sales was strongest at the upper end of the market, as sales of homes priced at more than $1 million rose 44

Kiddy Planet Revolutionizes The North American Market With Cute Bento Lunchboxes & Accessories.

Perfect bento lunchboxes & accessories for busy parents dealing with fussy eaters.

A mother and daughter team are on a mission to help parents struggling with picky eaters to end the mealtime battles for good.

Kiddy Planet is a Canadian company that helps parents making mealtime fun. The start-up offers bento lunchboxes, stainless steel water bottles, sandwich cutters & food picks.

In 2019, Youssy decided to create her company after multiple years working in the industry. The need for such practical products was obvious, Youssy responded back to the market by launching different products to make parents’ lives easier.

“As a mother of a 3 years old daughter, I am always keen to use my creativity to design the cutest and practical products while maintaining the affordability of our articles,” said Youssy, founder of the start-up.

Many American and Canadian parents have put their confidence in Kiddy Planet’s products. Even more, the company is seeing a growing demand from other parts of the world also. Plans are already on the works to make Kiddy planet’s catalogue available in Europe in the near future.

Youssy said “We have signed some strategic partnerships with leaders in the industry which will be announced in November 2020.” She added: “Our product development team is constantly working on adding very useful and innovative products to our catalogue.”

You can check their website for more information:

About Kiddy Planet:

Kiddy planet is a children products company founded in Canada by a mommy. The initial idea was to bring fun, practical & cute products for her little one.

As the passion for quality and uniqueness kept on growing, Kiddy planet evolved into a company offering several products such as carefully designed lunchboxes, stainless steel water bottles and amazing food accessories.

At Kiddy Planet, we believe that safety, durability, customer satisfaction & affordability are the most important.


Media Contact
Company Name: Kiddyplanet
Contact Person: Youssy
Email: Send Email
Phone: 6476061254
Country: Canada

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Chinese Food, American Style

It is often a standing joke that what Americans consider to be Chinese food is totally of our own making, and cooks and diners in China would find them completely foreign (like chop suey–what on earth is that?). But somewhere along the line, Chinese food was adapted from our Asian immigrants, Americanized and became wildly popular, not only as a take-out but served buffet-style and sit-down as well. Many dishes are accompanied by plain white, brown or fried rice. Let’s review our most popular:

Dim Sum: bite-sized dumplings stuffed with veggies or meat,essentially a Cantonese preparation not always offered at many restaurants; can be also presented as small sampling dishes, depending on the menu and the cook’s whim;

Hot and Sour Soup: a delightfully “sour” soup with a spicy broth, it contains red peppers or white pepper and vinegar; another favorite soup is a light broth with won ton (meat-filled dumplings);

Quick Noodles: a staple in every Chinese home and found on most Chinese restaurant menus, it comes in several versions, often called lo mein and may be plain or have veggies;

Szechwan Chilli Chicken: a fiery Sichuan delight loaded with pungent spices like ginger, green and red chillies and brown pepper; be careful if you are not a fan of hot chilli peppers;

Spring Rolls: frequently a lighter version of traditional egg rolls, which are shredded meat and veggies encased in a papery thin dough, rolled and deep fried; a favorite to be sure;

Egg Foo Young: an egg pancake with veggies, often too bland for Chinese foodies, served with a brown sauce;

Shitake Fried Rice with water Chestnuts: mushrooms and water chestnuts are used frequently in Chinese cooking, and this is just another version of traditional fried rice; some things never go out of style;

Moo Shu: stir-fried veggies and meat, chicken, shrimp or tofu, rolled up in thin pancakes spread with plum sauce (this author’s favorite dish);

Kung Pao Chicken: savory pieces of chicken cooked in a wok with veggies and flavored with peanuts and spices; from the time of the Qing Dynasty (circa 1876);

General Tso Chicken: deep-fried chicken dish in a tangy sauce, an all-time favorite; it may have been named in honor of a Qing dynasty military leader, but it’s really anyone’s guess;

Orange Chicken: another popular deep-fried chicken dish, coated with an orange sauce after cooking (not for a low-fat diet, to be sure);

Peking Duck: don’t expect this specialty to be readily available at many Chinese restaurants, Peking duck harkens back to the Imperial Era (221 B.C.) and characterized by its thin, crisp skin; often must be ordered ahead of time but fit for an emperor;

Like many other cuisines, Chinese cooking uses sauces and seasonings native to their regions, which might include:

soy sauce

oyster sauce

sesame oil

rice vinegar

rice wine

soybean paste

star anise

five spice powder

chili sauce (or paste)

chili powder

sichuan peppercorns

black bean sauce

Many of these are available in the Asian …

American Beauty Semiotic Analysis

American Beauty, through its use of symbols and the title of the film itself makes us examine the characters and their philosophies (American dream, their concepts of success, beauty, etc.) both as they are and as they are perceived. No one in the movie is actually as they seem. In the end the creepiest (Ricky) is the nicest, the successful wife is an unstable wreck, and the American beauty is rather plain.

The red rose pedals, which appear several times throughout American Beauty are a symbol for love, sensuality, and vitality. However it is important to note that throughout most of the movie the red roses are implicitly an illusion. The red roses in the context of an illusion come to stand for a sugar coated reality.

By sugar coating I mean that which covers up the natural stimulation (taste, sight, touch) by “sweetening” it. In all but one of the scenes, the red peddles are around Angela covering her naked body in a way which makes what ever lays beneath, that much more enticing, through the use of sensual reds and the sexiness of mystery. Not to mention extreme spectacles which often accompany Lester’s dream scenes.

However in the scene where Lester finally gets what he has been wishing for Angela has no red peddles around her. Unlike her breasts in the first scene which were covered up with vibrant pedals, this scene exposes her body for what it is, we like Lester start to feel like Angela may not have been all she was cracked up to be. It is not that Angela isn’t beautiful, it is that no one could live up to the god like expectations that Lester’s wild fantasies created.

After Lester finds out that Angela is a virgin and not at all what he thought she was he goes out to the kitchen and picks up a picture of his family. As Lester looks at a photo of his family saying “man oh man…” a bucay of red roses(exact to those shown earlier) are shown for about 5 seconds. These roses unlike all shown previously are real, not a dream. Also unlike the roses shown earlier they are associated with his family and not Angela. In this context the roses do not represent sugar coating but real love, sensuality, and vitality. Seconds latter we see a puddle of red blood. Shortly after we experience, by video montage which is Lester’s life flashing before his eyes, the love, sensuality, and vitality which the picture represented.

The theme of things not being what they seem is not isolated to Lester’s view of Angela. Several times throughout the movie Carolyn says You have to project success at all times to eventually become successful. Lester also comments to Ricky’s Dad that his marriage”…is just for show”.

Many of the characters seem to obsess over how people perceive them but show little care for the reality of things. Ricky’s Dad who hates homosexuality, and lets it be known several …

Native American Jewelry: Authentic or Fake?

Different people like different types of jewelry: some are fans of traditional pieces, some like antique metal with modern design and some like Native American jewelry more than anything else. If you fall into the latter category or simply enjoy unique jewelry, you should buy native American jewelry.

The purchase may seem easy, like placing an order followed by the normal process of payment. But there is a catch. Do you want to buy something of low quality, while paying the same price of an authentic piece? Certainly not. Therefore, it is better to arm yourself with adequate knowledge regarding Native American jewelry, so that you won't be conned by the fake pieces.

How would you differentiate the authentic pieces from the fake ones? Your knowledge about the authentic jewelry will help you out. Here are some points you should consider before you buy Native American jewelry.

Value: Artistic, Historical and Monetary

The Spanish introduced silversmithing to the Native Americans. Since then, the Tribes and Pueblos started developing their unique style of jewelry that has been carried forward through generations.

The authentic artists of Native American jewelry design unique pieces with their innovations, patience and hand tools. Sand casting is a special method, through which the silversmith carves a mold to form the silver, and the mold gets destroyed by the melted silver. If you look at this type carefully, you will understand the level of patience the artist needed to design this jewelry.

Apart from this, there is the setting of stones. The size of the stone, the fine cut of it and, above all, the setting make it different from fake ones. Note that no adhesive is used to set the stone in an authentic piece. Rather, it is wedged into the inlay patterns with sand or similar materials.

Due to this immense skill set and patience, the artists put a worthy price on their jewelry. Often, the price may seem a little high, but if the sellers negotiate with you and you get to buy Native American jewelry at a much lower price, don't question its authenticity.

Federal Law

Federal law sets some protections for consumers to help them buy authentic jewelry. According to the Indian Arts and Crafts Act, the label "Native American" or "Indian" can be used only on authentic products. Be sure of duplicity if the tag says anything else.

Signs and Symbols

Apart from the labeling and value, there are some signs and symbols that help in understanding the authenticity of the product. A hallmark sign, signature of the artist and sometimes the date of manufacture is stamped or carved in the jewelry. This indicates the authenticity of the jewelry.

The material of the jewelry is also a factor in deciding its authenticity. Sterling silver is typically used as the material of Native American jewelry. The best way to differentiate sterling silver jewelry from a silver-plated piece is to examine it with a magnet. The silver-plated one will likely contain nickel, so it …

American Made Clothing – Why Buy Locally?

American made clothing purchases will be one of the ways you can help to keep people in the US employed. With the state of the economy today, this is essential. Many people are losing their jobs as retailers cut back. Many companies have found they can make a bigger profit by importing inferior products and this is not the conducive to good business practices. The economy needs the boost it can be provided by the purchase of products that are made in our country. The jobs of the American people will be made more secure if the products and the clothing we wear are American products and american made clothing.

The Reasoning behind Buying American Products

It is really quite simple. American made products are the key to ensuring that businesses can survive, people will have jobs and the economy will prosper. Everything in the news lately is the number of jobs being lost. This company is downsizing and laying people off and this company shut their doors altogether. By supporting the country that you live in you will be ensuring the future of your children and their children. With the world's outlook on the almighty dollar today it is no wonder the economy if failing. Everything is about making as much money as possible in the cheapest way available.

American made clothing is no exception. There are many companies that have clothing with a 'made in America' label. However, the clothing may not have been made in the US at all. It may have been made elsewhere and had the embellishments added here. This is why you must do a little investigating to find out if American made products are totally made in America. Companies must take the responsibility in the products they sell and ensure the quality and workmanship. But how many do you think do this?

There are many people who are refusing to buy products made in other countries because they feel that American made clothing is the answer. They are of the belief that American should take care of their own economy before worrying about the rest of the world. If we want to restore America to the greatness it once knew, this may be the way to do so. The US used to be ranked quite high in the export business but today it seems import has taken its place. American made products are actually becoming quite rare.

There are some people who have taken a stand on providing products that are made in the country in which they live. With a focus on using all natural products today, American made clothing is one of the ways they can make a difference in the use of natural resources. Man-made resources are dwindling and the environment is suffering so companies have been formed to use natural resources in the making of products. Instead of using materials imported from other countries, these companies are focusing on using America's natural resources.

Finding a cooperative is one way …

Latin American Wedding Traditions

Every culture has its own wedding traditions and the Latin American marriage ceremony is no different. There are countless unique Latin American wedding traditions that are still followed to this day and are part of what makes the day special for every Latina bride.


In Latin American tradition, the night before the wedding, a procession takes place from the groom's house to the bride's family home. Hand lanterns are carried and the groom's family take a gift-filled chest as a present for the bride's parents.


As in many other cultures, the Latin bride and groom are forbidden to see each other before the wedding ceremony. The bride's father's responsibility is to keep the bride hidden away and then to give her away as part of the wedding service. It is the groom's job to escort his mother down the aisle.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

As in many other cultures, Latin American wedding traditions dictate that there should be a flower girl and a ring bearer and that they should wear clothes that are copies of the bride and groom's outfits.


13 gold coins representing Jesus and the apostles form an important part of the ceremony. They are presented by the groom to show that he can provide for his wife and are blessed by the presiding priest to be given to the bride as part of the service.

Bridal Dress

Every Latina bride knows how important her wedding dress is. In traditional Latin American weddings, she a mantilla veil and orange blossoms in her bouquet and hair are wore to symbolize happiness and fulfillment. Although Latin wedding dresses are now often white, traditionally the bridal dress color was black to show devotion for her husband until death.


Traditionally, both the bride and groom wear rings following their engagement on their right hands. After the ceremony, they swap the rings to their left hand.

Binding Together

In Latin American tradition, the lasso cord is used to bind the couple together during the ceremony. This is either a rosary or white rope tied around the couple's' shoulders symbolizing their union.


As in many cultures, giving guests wedding favors is an important part of the ceremony. Capias, or small gifts, are given to guests during the receiving line and took the form of ribbons with the names of the bride and groom and the date of the marriage on them.

The White Bell

During some Latin American weddings, there is a white bell hung outside the church filled with rice and flour to symbolize prosperity. As the couple enters the church, the bell is broken by the mother to wish the couple luck.


In traditional Latin American culture, it is the godparents (or sponsors) who bear the cost of the wedding and also play a big part in the ceremony. It was their responsibility to carry in the arras (gold coins) and the lasso cord into the ceremony.

First Dance

After the ceremony, the bride and …