Bride-To-Be Dies During Liposuction Surgery On Arms At Unlicensed Beauty Salon

A woman died after undergoing a liposuction surgery at an unlicensed beauty salon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday.

The woman, identified as 23-year-old Coco Siew Zhi Shing, was planning to get a liposuction surgery on her arms in preparation for her 2021 wedding with her fiancé in South Africa. While browsing the internet, the deceased found the beauty salon and decided to get the procedure done.

On Saturday afternoon, Shing arrived at the clinic along with a friend. She was administered with anesthesia and taken for the surgery. Half an hour later, the woman’s friend noticed that the surgeon was facing some difficulty during the surgery.

She immediately called an ambulance. On the way to the hospital, the medical staff realized that Shing’s heart had stopped and attempted to revive her. However, she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Speaking to World of Buzz, Shing’s brother said he rushed to the hospital after being notified about the incident by her friend. However, she had died by the time he arrived at the hospital. The unidentified brother went on to say that the person in charge of the beauty clinic came to the hospital almost three hours after the woman died and also confessed that they did not have the license to perform any liposuction procedure.

“Under our repeated questioning, the person in charge of the beauty salon revealed that they did not have an aesthetic clinic license. They were only operating under an ordinary beauty salon license and the doctor who performed the surgery on my sister did not have a professional aesthetic medical license,” he told the outlet.

He told China Press that the surgeon hadn’t admitted to her mistake and was yet to apologize.

A police case has been filed and the investigators are waiting for the autopsy results to determine the cause of death.

Malaysian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (MSPRS) issued a warning, asking people to do a background check before deciding to undergo the procedure. 

“They may disguise themselves as ‘medical doctors’ or use fancy medical terms to entice their clients to do the procedures. They often offer a remarkably lower price compared to a licensed medical clinic/hospital. Higher complication rates and even death have been reported in these unlicensed practices. It is crucial to check on the invasiveness, risk involved, premise license, and service provider qualification before undergoing any aesthetic procedure. If in doubt, please contact the relevant authorities for confirmation,” the organization said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, Shing’s friend, Ke Xin, took to Facebook to pay tribute to her.

“We met each other when we were 13 years old in Zun Kong Independent High School. At that time, you were very tall and was always the talk of the whole school no matter where you went. When you decided to get married next year, I was really happy and excited for you. I told myself that this important person in my life is about to embark on a new journey and

Portrayal of War and Women in Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man

George Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man is a drama revolving around the War between the Serbians and the Bulgarians. The story depicts Bluntschili, a mercenary for the Serbians being rescued by Raina the protagonist. Raina belonging to the prominent Petkoff family is also in love with Captain Sergius who is able to secure a massive victory for the Serbians at Silivinitza. The rest of the play takes place in the home of the Petkoff family. Bluntschili returns to the home and returns a coat belonging to Raina’s father. In it was Raina’s portrait and a written inscription: ‘To my Chocolate Cream Soldier’. When Raina’s father demanded the coat, she was able to artfully dodge and remove the inscription.

War is portrayed as a semi-comic antic by Shaw. Both the comic side and the tragic side of war are depicted with an authentic tinge. Raina’s room is invaded by Blutnschili the Serbian mercenary. He is covered with mud and blood and is escaping the Bulgarians. Raina takes pity on him and protects him even though she is a Bulgarian. When the Bulgarian soldiers enter her room she brilliantly hides him behind the curtain. Raina becomes a pacifist.

As a mercenary soldier Bluntschili is portrayed comically. His revolver does not have bullets and like a small school kid he carries chocolates with him. When Raina hands him chocolate to eat, he goes to the extent of emptying the carton by scrubbing it with his hands and finishing up everything. Raina becomes affectionate towards him and labels him as: ‘My Chocolate Cream soldier’. Bluntschili is a child archetype who is least concerned about the seriousness of war. When his life is in danger, he takes protection in Raina’s room. Through Bluntschili we come to understand that war is a tragic comedy, an anathema, a volcano that injures peoples mind and bodies. Bluntschili is least bothered about whose side wins the war. He is not courageous enough to fight back and tries to save his own skin. Through Raina, we come to understand that even in battle enemies can be become friends, a quality that it is basic human instinct to be existentially kind to the other. Raina is prophet of non violence even though her romantic inclinations converge with men being in war and being intrepid, daring and courageous.

Sergius the would-be husband of Raina is characterized as a brave soldier. He by overruling the orders of his superiors makes bold cavalry charge and wins the battle for the Bulgarians at Silivinitza. Sergius is portrayed as a man with war like qualities. Raina and Catherine her mother rejoice at the Bulgarian victory and they feel proud that would be son-in-law and husband is successful at thwarting enemies. The serious aspect of war is given a room for thought through this character.

The two contrasting personality types engaged in war shows ambivalence in Shaw’s depiction. People by their very nature are peaceful and war is satirized as a comic adventure through the character …