8 Beauty Products Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury Can’t Live Without

As a world-renowned professional makeup artist and the founder of her own powerhouse cosmetics brand, Charlotte Tilbury basically lives and breathes beauty. And the nature of her career — coupled with her pure and unapologetic love for products — means the British makeup mogul is constantly testing the latest and greatest in beauty, including launches she’s working on for her own line.

“I’m definitely a maximalist, darling!” Tilbury tells Allure. “Ever since I first discovered the power of makeup, I have been obsessed with magic makeup and supercharged skin care. Even my ‘handbag essentials’ often fill my entire handbag.”

Curious to know the exact products the beauty entrepreneur uses on a regular basis, we asked her to spill her top eight favorites — and to our delight, she kindly delivered. We were happy to learn that she loves skin-care devices just as much as we do, along with luxurious body oils and fancy hair treatments.

Find out which products Tilbury considers her staples — the ones that are always in her makeup bag or on her bathroom counter — ahead.

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Mini Facial Toning Device

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“My Magic Cream Light leaves my skin dewy, plump, and glowing. To help with fine lines, I love using it with the NuFace Mini microcurrent device two to three times a week. Georgia Louise’s GLOLite LED Mask makes my face and neck look more youthful — I’m obsessed.”

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Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Mascara on white background

Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara

“Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Mascara is my new magic wand for fuller-looking lashes. I use the flat side of the wand to coat, then twist it and use the bristle side in a zig-zag motion for a lifted effect.”

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“Kora Organics Noni Glow Body Oil smells delicious, is super-hydrating, and gives my body an allover glow.”

Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque on a white background

Gold Lust Transformative Masque

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Cool Girl Barely There Hair Texture Mist

“My hair is very delicate. It’s thick, but the strands are individually fine. I use lots of moisturizing products, like Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Masque, to keep it silky soft. The WetBrush Pro Flex Dry doesn’t cause breakage or damage. It’s the ultimate hair tool. I love Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl texturizing mist for instant volume.”

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An Artist Is Someone Who Appreciates Beauty

When most people think of artists, they usually forget the part about the artist being a surveyor of beauty. This is because most people do not realize that there is actually a sort of process when it comes to making art so much so that lots of individuals cannot fathom why true artists take their time when creating brilliant works.

Truth be told, the reason as to why artists take their time when creating their works is because they will first have to look for something beautiful which will inspire them. This is because an artist is someone who appreciates beauty and captures the said beauty in a portrait, a song, a novel, and any other forms of artistic medium available to man. Rather than those commercial artists who simply paint a picture because they are paid to do so, a true artist will only work if he or she is inspired. The true artist shall not compromise his or her work because of earth temptations and as such they run the risk of being ridiculed in exchange for their happiness. History has however shown that the true artist who correctly appreciates beauty is one whose works will end up being celebrated. If and when you are a true artist, always remember never to compromise your views on the world and what it is truly like.

How does a true artist spot beauty? The only possible way to go about doing this is to actually look at the world. This means that the true artist is someone who loves to walk around and look at new things. On that same note, it is also possible for an artist to look at old things if and when those items catch his eye. Whatever it may be, the point here is that the artist does take a bit of time out to survey the world and find something beautiful which would inspire him. At times it even happens that the object that inspires the artist is not a thing but rather a person. Clearly the role of the artist as someone who appreciates beauty is a tricky one.

At the end of the day, it must be said that each artist has his own views of what is beautiful and what is not. The true artist is someone who appreciates beauty. Similarly, he is someone who doesn’t pretend that something is beautiful even when he is bribed to do so.

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