Ladd Drummond’s Biggest Fear Was Put to Rest After Receiving an Unusual Christmas Gift

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond spoke about some of the Christmas gifts she has given over the years. One gift the Food Network cook gave helped put Ladd Drummond’s biggest fear to rest.

Ree Drummond would rather give gifts than receive them

Stephen Colbert and The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty ImagesStephen Colbert and The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images
Stephen Colbert and The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

In the holiday issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine, Drummond says she used to love receiving gifts when she was a child. She would make a big commotion and dance around her house to show how much she liked her gift. Now, it means more to her to give gifts than to receive them.

“Giving gifts is my favorite thing to do, now more than ever,” wrote Drummond. “When it comes time to figure out what to give Ladd and the kids for Christmas, I don’t start by looking, I start by thinking. I imagine their daily lives and what makes them tick, and the ideas I come up with border on wacky.”

Ladd’s biggest fear was put to rest with this gift

Ladd Drummond |  Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman MagazineLadd Drummond |  Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine
Ladd Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images for The Pioneer Woman Magazine

Drummond says her husband’s biggest fear is running out of Carmex lip balm. He wouldn’t know what to do if the product was ever discontinued. After she heard Ladd express his concern, she decided to do something about it.

“One year, I gave Ladd 200 individual tins of Carmex lip balm,” wrote Drummond. “He uses Carmex daily and had remarked months earlier that his biggest fear was that Carmex would be discontinued or a zombie apocalypse would come, and he wouldn’t be able to find any. I can’t begin to describe the smile on his face when he opened that Carmex package I’d wrapped. It was pure gold to him.”

Ree Drummond likes to give thoughtful gifts

Another time, Ree gifted her family personalized phone chargers. She says she wanted to help remedy the issue they have with constantly losing chargers. She reasoned putting their names on the chargers would help everyone avoid mix-ups.

“Last year, I ordered each member of our family personalized phone chargers—and by personalized, I mean large plastic 3D-printed names were permanently bonded to the cables,” wrote Ree. “My theory was that this would solve the never-ending challenge of phone chargers disappearing, but a year later all the personalized chargers have also disappeared. I guess phone chargers are the new missing socks from the dryer.”

Ree Drummond joked her gifts aren’t always about the recipient

The Pioneer Woman star admits she doesn’t always have her family in mind when she purchases a gift. For example, she once purchased puppies and a smart TV for the family. The gifts were more for her than for them.

“There were the gifts I gave that were a little self-serving,” wrote Ree. “I once gave “my family” (air quotes) two basset hound puppies. That smart TV in our living room? I got that for “my family” as

Bake Boss Jandakot couple celebrate with WA’s biggest wedding cake

TWO professional cake makers have gone all out for their own nuptials and created what may be WA’s biggest ever wedding cake.

Bake Boss Jandakot’s Joe and Casey Locke wowed family and friends at the reception with an over-the-top skyscraper of a wedding cake when they married last month.

The happy couple are known for their over-the-top, outrageous and creative designs, although what they served up for their wedding has taken the cake.

Towering at 2.2m tall – or 3.1m if you include the table it sat upon – and with a diameter of 1.5m, the cake was comprised of 13 tiers.

The (metaphorical) icing on the cake came in the form of two actual fish tanks, filled with Siamese fighting fish, which accounted for two of the 13 tiers.

Joe and Casey Locke's wedding cake.
Camera IconJoe and Casey Locke’s wedding cake. Credit: All About Image Photography

The duo said they embraced the challenge of creating their own wedding cake and started designing it towards the tail-end of last year, ignoring advice they often offer to their customers.

“We tell people ‘you’re stupid if you make your own wedding cake’; we still stand by that,” Mr Locke said.

“We had time, we’ve got the space, but even this wasn’t enough space; we had to put it through the wall sideways to get it through the door.”

The fish tanks were added as an unusual twist to make their cake stand out even further, although Mr Locke admitted they ultimately proved were the toughest obstacle.

“The top one worked, but the bottom one kept failing and leaking. They were the things that almost broke us,” he said.

The 2.2m tall wedding cake required a ladder to construct.
Camera IconThe 2.2m tall wedding cake required a ladder to construct. Credit: Supplied

To further complicate matters, the pair went through two batches of fish after the first lot died at the pet store, and the second met their demise at the paws of their pet cat.

When it came to constructing the mega-cake for the big day, Mr Locke said they were fortunate their wedding venue was available the day before.

“It took us just under four hours to set up, and we had four men with drills, glue guns, ladders and an electrician,” he said.

“We set it up in lot of parts to make it easy, it was planned perfectly, but it still took us four hours.”

With the wedding cake out of the way, the couple can now return attention to their regular, larger-than-life sweet projects — which can incorporate motors, lights, pumps and even airbags and speakers.

Couples whose nuptials were put on hold by COVID-19 are turning to a fresh trend in the bridal industry: micro weddings.

Couples whose nuptials were put on hold by COVID-19 are turning to a fresh trend in the bridal industry: micro weddings.

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You’ve Got 24 Hours To Save 25% On Some Of Britain’s Biggest Beauty Brands

The world of skincare and beauty is, well, just that — a whole wide world of brands, products, ingredients, and rituals that span countries and continents. While here at Refinery29 our beauty gurus have their manicured fingers firmly on the pulse of the latest trends and cult obsessions, there’s always something new to learn from our friends overseas. So with tomorrow marking the start of the R29 UK team’s first-ever flash beauty deal event, we’re taking this opportunity to learn about (and, of course, bag) some of the most-loved beauty buys from across the pond.

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10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: Toyota RAV4 Takes Top Spot From Tesla Model S | News

Side view of a gray 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime
<meta itemprop=”width” content=”1170″>
<meta itemprop=”height” content=”1170″>
2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime photo by Kelsey Mays

Toyota’s RAV4 compact SUV is one of the most popular nameplates in the U.S. and outsold every other vehicle Toyota offered by a comfortable margin in 2019. It’s no surprise that a redesign for the 2019 model year, and the addition of hybrid and plug-in hybrid variants means it’s remained popular through 2020 — so it’s even less surprising that our story on everything you need to know for the latest model years takes our prize as the past week’s most popular news article.

Related: 10 Biggest News Stories of the Week: 2021 Hyundai Santa Fe Can’t Socket to Volkswagen ID.4 EV

Whichever variant you’re shopping for, we got you covered. Keen on the good old fashioned gas version? reviewer Jennifer Geiger drove it and had overall lukewarm things to say: “While not slow, it lacks the hybrid’s zippiness. The eight-speed automatic shifts smoothly, but timing is off and often awkward.” As alluded to, she’s considerably more positive about the RAV4 Hybrid, saying it “has earned itself a spot for those with the budget to accommodate it.” And if you’re pondering picking up a RAV4 Prime, our Kelsey Mays summarized the experience in saying it “combines impressive efficiency with the sort of acceleration the nameplate hasn’t seen since the third-generation RAV4 V-6, though it’s a bit rough around the edges beyond that.”

Interested to learn more about each version? Follow the No. 1 link below for all the details.

The RAV4’s popularity was enough to keep Elon Musk’s latest act of teen boy humor from the top, as the Tesla head announced a reduced price for the Model S of just $69,420. I’d say this is nice, but the correct response is to roll one’s eyes and move on. 

At No. 3, a lot of you are apparently very concerned about what happens when your key fob breaks or needs to be replaced; lucky for you, then, that we have a brief explainer on what to do and where to go. 

Rounding out the top five are our report on the new Ford Mustang Mach 1, which looks set to occupy the Shelby GT350’s slot in the Mustang lineup, and our assessment of the 2021 Lexus IS 350, refocused for a narrower performance sedan market.

From there, it’s GM recalls, Nissan Altima buying advice, an Acura MDX preview, the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade review and our Car Seat Check of the redesigned 2021 Genesis G80. 

Interested in catching up on all the car news that counts? Then keep scrolling and click through. Here are the top 10 news stories readers couldn’t get enough of in the past week:

1. 2021 Toyota RAV4: Everything You Need to Know

2. Tesla Model S Starting Price Drops to $69,420 … Oh, Come On, Elon

3. How to Replace a Key Fob

4. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 Pulls 53 G’s … From Muscle-Car Lovers’ Bank Accounts

China eyes world’s biggest shopping spree amid pandemic


Just as new data highlighted China’s solid economic recovery from COVID-19 and injected fresh confidence in consumers and businesses, Chinese online shopping platforms are rushing to prepare for what could be the world’s biggest shopping spree this year, setting up the stage for the world still under a dark cloud from the pandemic to witness yet another miracle of the Chinese economy from the deadly virus.

Three weeks before the start of the annual Singles Day shopping festival, major e-commerce platforms are already boasting a record number of promotions and participants, and foreign and domestic vendors are scrambling to fill up shelves to cash in the biggest chance to make up for losses this year. Consumers are adding everything from new iPhones to laundry detergent to their virtual shopping carts in anticipation for generous offers.

With such a busy scene and widespread fanfare, analysts expect this year’s Singles’ Day sales to surpass last year’s $61 billion, which would further propel the world’s second-largest economy to achieve solid recovery in the last quarter of the year, even as other major economies are expected to see severe contractions.

Photo taken on Aug. 5, 2020 shows automated robots sorting goods at an intelligent warehouse of a logistics industry park in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province. The intelligent warehouse featuring robots, automation and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled technologies has been put into service this summer. (Photo by Liang Xiaopeng/Xinhua)

Preparing for a ‘miracle’

At a high profile event in Shanghai, Alibaba, which first turned the day of celebrating “single blessedness” into a massive online shopping event, announced that 800 million consumers and five million vendors would participate in what it described as the world’s biggest consumer season this year. 

To maximize this year’s outcome, Alibaba will launch sales activities as early as November 1 before the main event on November 11, with discounts on 14 million products as well as millions of tourism and entertainment packages. Presales will start on Wednesday, the e-commerce giant said.

Rival e-commerce company also announced that it would launch three main events starting Wednesday, with a 50 percent discount on as many as 200 million products and 300 million new items. The platform said that 900 million shoppers and 500,000 products from 100 countries and regions will take part, where discounts totaling 10 million yuan could be offered., the main home appliances platform which kicked off its Singles’ Day sales as early as September 28, also said it would offer discounts totaling 10 million yuan, including 100 million items with deep discounts. 

“This [Singles’ Day event] couldn’t come at a better time. The confidence is fully back and even higher than before,” Alexander Dony, president of German home alliances giant BSH China, told the Global Times on the sidelines of Alibaba’s event in Shanghai on Tuesday, noting that Chinese consumers have shown great resilience.

Fresh economic data released on Monday showed that the Chinese economy, which grew 4.9 percent in the third quarter, remains on

Neha Kakkar-Rohanpreet Singh’s Wedding News Confirmed: Aditya Narayan Says Biggest Names From The Music Industry Are Attending

Singer Aditya Narayan, who’s also a dear friend of Neha Kakkar, confirmed the news of the latter’s wedding with Rohanpreet Singh. In his latest interview with Times of India, the popular playback singer mentioned that Neha and Rohanpreet are getting married in Delhi, and almost everyone from the entire music industry is expected to be there. Also Read – Udit Narayan Speaks on Son Aditya Narayan Marrying Shweta Agarwal: I Was a Little Surprised With The News

Just a day ago, a wedding invite featuring Neha and Rohanpreet’s name went viral on the internet and October 26 was mentioned as the date of reception on it. It is possible that the reception is taking place in Punjab while the wedding is happening in Delhi as revealed by Aditya. The singer added that he has suffered a shoulder injury and that’s the reason he won’t be able to attend the wedding, however, he said that he is very thrilled to see two of his friends choosing to stay together for life. Also Read – Neha Kakkar Looks Like a Dream in Her Gorgeous Red Suit as She Shares New Glimpse from Nehu Da Vyah

“I would have loved to attend it, but the wedding is happening in Delhi. I have a bad shoulder injury and I am not sure if I can make it. But almost everyone from the music reality show, including Vishal sir (Dadlani) and Himesh Reshammiya, are going to attend the wedding,” said Aditya. Also Read – Neha Kakkar’s Wedding Invite Goes Viral, Singer to Get Married to Rohanpreet Singh in Punjab

It is known widely among Neha’s fans that Rohanpreet had participated in the reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa as a child contestant back in the year 2008. Aditya, who hosted the show back then, remembers Rohanpreet as the young singer. He said, “Neha is a dear friend and I am happy for her. I have known Rohan since he was the second runner-up of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs way back in 2008 that I hosted. I am thrilled that two of my good friends are getting married.”

A few days back, when the rumours regarding Neha’s marriage with Rohanpreet emerged online, many people thought of it as a promotional gimmick for their upcoming music video titled Nehu Da Vyah. However, with the wedding invite going viral and now Aditya also confirming the news, seems like the speculations are in fact real and Neha has definitely got good news for her millions of fans.

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$(".cmntbox").toggle(); }); });

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Clemson University gets biggest gift in school history for College of Business naming

Clemson University’s College of Business has a new name after the school received its largest donation in school history – $60 million – on Friday.

a train is parked on the side of a road: The new College of Business buildings at Clemson University Monday, August 24, 2020.

© Ken Ruinard / staff
The new College of Business buildings at Clemson University Monday, August 24, 2020.

The donors, Billy and Ann Powers of Florence, are giving the university the largest gift in school history, according to university spokesperson Joe Galbraith.

“This is truly history in the making,” President Jim Clements said Friday. The gift will support the College of Business, whose new building opened this fall semester. 

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The academic college is now named the “Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business.” The college is the first to be named after someone, according to Galbraith. 

A few facts about the Powers College of Business:

  • A combined 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled in the Powers College of Business.
  • The two-tower college complex, located in the center of the University campus, covers 176,000 square feet and has 303 classrooms.
  • The towers are five stories, each.
  • One tower will be named for Chandler Burns, the Powers’ grandson, a Clemson graduate who died in 2015.
  • An outdoor staircase between the towers is modeled on the Spanish Steps in Rome.

Billy Powers attended the university in the 1950s but did not graduate. The Florence native founded Powers Construction in 1965 and from there, ventured into a variety of other businesses, according to information on the University website.

The Powers have been decades-long supporters of the university, Clements said. 

“I have been lucky to be a part of the Clemson family since I enrolled in 1953,” Billy Powers said in a recorded video about the gift. 

Naming opportunities require at least 25% of a facility’s construction costs, according to Clemson Forever. The College of Business, which opened this fall, cost $87.5 million to build, according to the university. 

The Board of Trustees unanimously approved the gift and naming on Friday morning. 

“It’s a tough time in higher education, we’re incurring lots of expenses related to COVID,” Clements said. “It’s a challenging time and this gift definitely comes at this time related to this institution.”

Former governor Nikki Haley and current Gov. Henry McMaster offered their thanks in a televised recording. 

“We have the unique opportunity to be part of something truly historic,” Board Chairman Smythe McKissick said in his opening remarks. 

a traffic light sitting on the side of a building: A lone car passes by the College of Business at 7 a.m. near Sikes Hall before the first day of fall classes at Clemson University in Clemson Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

© Ken Ruinard / staff
A lone car passes by the College of Business at 7 a.m. near Sikes Hall before the first day of fall classes at Clemson University in Clemson Wednesday, August 19, 2020.

McKissick said today’s gift is similar in dedication to that of Thomas and Anna Green Clemson’s gift over 130 years ago, the bequest that founded the university. 

Billy Powers said he was raised to be a quiet servant leader, but wanted to share the gift publicly to pay tribute to his grandson, Chandler Powers,

New Vineyard Vines Store Coming To UWS’ Biggest Shopping Center

UPPER WEST SIDE, NY — A new Vineyard Vines store is coming to the Upper West Side.

The upcoming opening was announced Wednesday by the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. The clothing retailer will open at The Shops At Columbus Circle, “hopefully by the end of the month,” according to the local business organization.

The website ILoveTheUpperWestSide first reported the new retail opening.

The Shops At Columbus Circle is located at 10 Columbus Circle and reopened with several new safety measures during the second week of September. The shopping center is the biggest on the Upper West Side, and you can check out the full list of stores on its website.

The announcement of the new Vineyard Vines at the shopping center came the same day that the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) reopened the Turnstyle Underground Market beneath 8th Avenue, between West 57th and 58th Streets.

However, the positive business-related news within the Columbus Circle area, isn’t without the negative.

As first reported by, Related Companies, the landlord of the Shops At Columbus Circle, recently sued six of its store tenants for not paying rent since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Suits were filed against Hugo Boss, The Running Specialty Group, Cole Haan, Michael Kors, Tumi Stores, and Fairway LLC, which owns Solstice Sunglasses.

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