How to Do Your Holiday Shopping on a Budget

Don’t let holiday costs ruin your holiday spirit.

The holiday season can always leave your budget feeling uncomfortably tight. This year, the season feels even more foreboding than normal thanks to COVID-19. But that doesn’t change the fact that gifts still need buying. Here are a few smart shopping tips you can leverage to get everything on your list without taking on holiday debt.

Starting early gives you more time to shop around for the items on your list. You can compare prices at multiple stores to see which offers the best value. You might even catch some sales — deals that could vanish into thin air as we approach the traditional holiday shopping season.

Also, sometimes, in-demand items sell out as it gets close to the holidays. Starting early gives you better odds of actually finding what you need. If you wait until the holidays are almost upon you, it might be tougher to find everything on your list. And the few stores that still have what you want? Well, they may charge extra — just because they can.

2. Take advantage of sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are usually the first holiday sales to come to most people’s minds. But they’re not the only big holiday sales. Stores can run sales at any time between now and the gift-giving holidays. You just have to watch for them.

Keep an eye out for ads about upcoming sales. Also, consider subscribing to your favorite stores’ email newsletters. These can help you stay in the loop about current and upcoming promotions. As a bonus, the store may slip a few extra coupons your way.

3. Use coupons

Store newsletters are one place to find coupons, but you can also find them by doing a quick internet search. To save time when shopping online, consider a browser plug-in that automatically tests out all coupon codes for a given site. That way you don’t have to try them all manually.

4. Use credit card rewards

Check your credit card statements or online accounts for unused credit card points. Often, you can turn these into cash or gift cards. You can use that cash (or those gift cards) to buy your items — or give it as a gift itself.

Using a rewards credit card to make your holiday purchases can help you rack up even more rewards, which you can put toward future purchases. Just make sure you don’t charge more to your card than you can afford to pay back at the end of the month or you’ll end up with costly debt.

5. Use layaway

Some popular retailers allow you to put items on layaway. To do this, you go to the store, fill your cart with all the things you want to buy, and then take it to the layaway department. Rather than paying for it all at once, you pay in regular installments. Once you’ve paid for the full amount, you return to the layaway department and pick

Between Covid, climate change and the budget, no wonder many women are rethinking having babies

In July in a speech to the National Press Club, treasurer Josh Frydenberg urged Australian women to have more babies. He was lighthearted about it (well, he can be, of course, it isn’t his body or financial future that will bear the brunt or the baby). “I won’t go as far as to say, like Peter Costello, one for the mother, one for the father and one for the country. But I can say people should feel encouraged about the future, and the more children we have across the country, together with migration, we will build our population growth and that will be good for the economy.”

a hand holding a baby: Photograph: Gajus/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

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Photograph: Gajus/Alamy Stock Photo/Alamy Stock Photo

A new baby boom may well be good for the economy, but the question increasingly being asked by women of child-bearing age is whether it will be good for either them or for the children they may give birth to. Dr Ginni Mansberg, a GP in the Sydney suburb of Sans Souci, has noticed an interesting trend at her practice this year. “I’ve had patients who had stopped taking the pill to get pregnant coming back in for another script telling me ‘now’s not the right time.’” And the statistics back her observation to the hilt.

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Australia’s current birthrate is 12.561 births per 1,000 people, that’s down by 1.25% from last year. The year before, the birth rate declined by 1.23%. For the decade between 2008 and 2019, birth rates also declined but at a much slower rate. 2008 was the last time birth rates declined by above 1% and that was the year of the GFC, of course. It appears women also vote with their fertility, and when times get tough they decide – quite understandably as Mansberg’s patients put it – that it’s not a good idea to reproduce.

Frankly, who can blame them? All of us agree that 2020 has been the year from hell and 2019 was not much better, certainly not for Australia. After a horrific drought that made even rainforests vulnerable to fire, we spent much of the last summer choking on bushfire smoke even if we lived in the inner city. And in January, the Australian Medical Association included pregnant women in the list of people vulnerable to adverse health effects from that smoke. All but the most fervent climate change denialists know that despite this year’s rain, we will face mega blazes again and soon. Not to mention floods, droughts, dust storms, cyclones and all the other “big weather” that global warming is bringing our way. And younger people tend to both accept the science of climate change and understand that they are the ones whose future will be blighted by it. Why would they want to bring another generation into the world as long as the generation currently in power, including Frydenberg, stubbornly refuses to

The best 2020 iPhone models for every user and budget

This week, Apple finally announced its long-awaited iPhone 12 — and there were plenty of surprises in store for Apple fans. For starters, the iPhone 12 isn’t one phone but several, with four unique models available to pre-order in the coming weeks.

Want to see all of the new features and upgrades found in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro? Tap or click here to see everything Apple announced during its iPhone 12 event.

Now that you know your options, are you ready to settle on a new iPhone? If not, don’t worry — we’re breaking down each iPhone 12 model to find the best device for every budget. Believe it or not, you don’t need to break the bank to get a phone you’ll love.

Apple’s latest and greatest: The iPhone 12 series

At Apple’s iPhone event, the company announced four separate iPhone 12 models for users to pick from. Each one has different benefits and drawbacks in terms of speed, size and power — so make sure to choose a phone that fits your needs and lifestyle.

A word of advice: Apple revealed it would no longer include EarPods and charging adapters with new iPhone models. This means you need to factor in the cost of headphones and a USB-C adapter when you go to purchase your phone. If you already have either of these, you won’t need to buy another unless you want to.

A stacked view of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in the blue aluminum finish. A stacked view of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini in the blue aluminum finish.
Source: Apple Newsroom

iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is the standard-bearer of the new product line and features an all-new aluminum-edged design in five colors (blue, green, red, white and black). The OLED screen comes in at 6.1-inches, and the rear glass is protected by a durable ceramic coating. It also includes the new A14 Bionic chip, 5G capabilities, a dual-lens 12-megapixel camera and 17-hour battery life.

The iPhone 12 starts at $799 for the 64GB model and costs $100 more for upgraded storage.

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini features a smaller screen than the basic iPhone 12, but it’s not skimping on any tech. It has the same exact guts — including the OLED screen, camera, chip, 5G antenna and ceramic coating — but in a smaller package at just 5.4-inches. And because the phone is smaller, the battery life is slightly less at 15 hours.

The iPhone 12 Mini starts at $699 for the 64GB model and costs $100 more for upgraded storage.

iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.
Source: Apple Newsroom

iPhone 12 Pro

The iPhone 12 Pro is the second most expensive phone in the lineup and includes a better camera than the basic iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. The camera includes LiDAR, which is a special laser technology that scans your surroundings for depth and distance. The result is clearer, better-defined photos in low light. The stainless steel body comes in four colors (blue, grey, gold and white).

The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999 for the 128GB model and costs $100 more for upgraded storage.

iPhone 12 Pro

Budget Stretcher – Unusual Strategies For Grocery Shopping on a Budget

Many people bust their butts in the gym but when it comes to making the right food choices or getting enough of the good stuff, they simply fail.

FACT: The average grocery bill has risen 5.7% in just 2 years since 2007.

I’m going to give you some budget stretcher tips and tricks so you can shop like a pro when you are bodybuilding on a budget. You’ll save money and get more food for your dollar. This is even more important for you skinny guys and gals that need to eat and just can’t seem to keep the cupboards stocked with enough food.

Sit tight and take notes.

Budget Stretcher Foods to Buy:



Bulk frozen individual packs, or just get them with the skin and bone. Skin them yourself. It doesn’t take too much time and you save quite a bit on the whole package. A whole chicken is a good option as you can BBQ it and carve it up for the rest of the week. Grilling all your chicken in advance is a super simple way to to have 1-2 chicken breasts a day without adding to your cooking time.


In water.


Turkey burger or lean ground turkey. Adds well to pasta dishes.

Lean Red Cuts of Meat:

Get to know your local butcher if you can. Sometimes they can package a smaller cut if you’d like or run the cheaper, tougher cuts through a tenderizer at your request. Some stores do markdowns to get rid of meats that are closer to expiration. It might be possible to ask them when they time is so you can schedule your shopping at the markdown times. You can check the “sell by date” and if it’s today, ask if they will mark it down for you.


Eggs (Omega 3 if possible)






100% Whole Wheat bread

Oatmeal (not the quick oats)

Cream of Wheat

Brown Rice

Whole Grain Pasta (watch out for mixed sources, you want the whole grain version)








Sweet Potato

Salad Fixings (lettuce, peppers, cucumbers, hickima, etc)







Before You Go On The Budget Stretcher Trip:

* Take a list. Don’t start your grocery shopping trip off without a clear cut idea of what it is you want to purchase. Far too many times I’ve gone to the store and loaded up on chicken only to discover I had plenty of frozen breasts and I was completely out of brown rice and oats. Developing a list of foods you need to replenish weekly will aid in saving money on excess foods and keep you from buying impulse items you didn’t need.

I’m going to say this is probably the MOST IMPORTANT tip on this list. Going to the gym with a plan is the surefire way to make progress. It is the same with grocery shopping. Knowing what you need for the week will save you …

How to Start a Gift Basket Business From Home on a Shoestring Budget

Opening a gift basket business in your home can be one of the easiest ways to enjoy doing something you love, while making a nice profit for yourself. According to a recent government study, the home gift basket business is growing by leaps and bounds. If you have a creative mind, and like the idea of selecting unique items for gift baskets that make people happy, then this is a great business idea for you.

Learning how to start a gift basket business begins with coming up with cool ideas for creating gift baskets at home. To make this task easier for you, remember that most gift baskets have a theme like:


*Baby Shower




*Get Well

*Mother’s Day


*Thank You

*Valentines Day


When you start out with a theme, this makes it very easy for you to begin finding items that can go inside the basket. Keep in mind that you can buy the same items for each basket that shares the same theme. You can add little touches to make it more personalized for a particular recipient when required.

If you have trouble coming up with ideas for making gift baskets, you can go online and visit various sites that feature them. Use these as guides to making your own unique creations. Once your imagination has been sparked, you should have no trouble coming up with ideas.

Okay, now since you are going to be making this a profitable business venture, you need to switch hats for a moment and think like a small business person. You will need to find customers for your baskets, which means you need to set up a marketing system that works well.

If you already have a large network of family and friends, this is a great way to market yourself without having to spend much money. You can create some attractive brochures using your home computer, make up some sample baskets and take pictures of them, and include the photos in your brochure. Be sure to give your business a catchy name.

Hand out your brochures and let everyone know that you can make any type of basket for their special occasions. You may begin to get inquiries and orders right away.

If you don’t have the advantage of a large personal network, you can still get your business going relatively easy. Go ahead and name your business and make up the brochures. You should also set up a simple website to display samples of your baskets. Be sure to put the website address on the brochures.

Go out and visit small gift shops, beauty salons, doctors offices and other small businesses in your area. Ask if you can leave a few brochures with them. When people are waiting around at the counter, or for their appointment, they’ll see your brochures and take one home. This can get the ball rolling for you fast.

There are a few other things you need to know in order …

Use HostGator Coupon If You Are Starting Up Online Marketing On A Tight Budget

When you are first beginning with internet marketing, it is essential that you decide on the suitable website hosting company that is both trustworthy and will also help you to save some money on your very first web hosting. A HostGator coupon can save you a few bucks if you choose to sign up for their plans – but they follow-up their wonderful deal with an even better bargain – long lasting savings, perfect hosting service and customer support staff who are not simply willing to assist you but keen to do so too.

This sturdy company is always running a special to help you begin with your website hosting requirements. Integrating customer service, excellent plans for every want and also vouchers is among the various reasons this web hosting company swiftly became a forerunner on the net in provider services.

Before getting your monthly or yearly plan, you could lookup the web for discount codes that offer you discounts for the plan that you are aiming to sign up for. If you are truly stretched in your budget, you can look at buying HostGator’s Baby Plan which enables you to get going with web hosting service for only a penny for your initial thirty days!Just ensure that you apply the discount code, hcx1centcode.

That’s a wonderful way for first time enterprises to get started with a fantastic hosting company at a price that can’t be beaten. Then again, one point you will need to keep in mind is that a few of these discount coupons made available from the company will be seasonal based and are therefore aimed at certain months of the year.

Even with all of the great money off savings you’ll be given to get going with the company, they’ll still offer you totally free transfers from your existing web hosting provider – they’ll get all those files and data relocated and you’ll be set up very quickly.

When you are getting started with HostGator (or add extra services if you’re already a customer), the best coupon code for you will show up the moment you complete your billing. There’s even a promo code which provides 20% off when you sign up for your reseller account. Just utilize the discount code, hcxresellercode, to benefit from the awesome savings!

If you use the promo code for the Baby Plan, hcx1centcode, you’ll just pay a dime. To show their clients that they truly believe in their hosting service, the company is more than willing to offer you a 100% money-back assurance for a six week period, yes, even for your one penny!

Remember that if you happen to be a marketer online and send your referrals to HostGator, they get terrific hosting and you have the chance to make money off of your recommendations! That means you will be able to make money while saving cash! So what are you still waiting around for? Grab your HostGator coupons and begin your online business now!

In order to grab …

Expedia Discount Coupon Guide – What You Need to Know About the Top Budget Travel Site

Whether you're planning the perfect getaway or just want to save money on a business-related trip, all you need for saving money is an Expedia discount coupon. The site offers the best rates on airfare, hotels and resorts of all types, cruises, and more. It's the biggest among on online-based travel websites and provides user-friendly navigation and search tools to help users find and plan the perfect trip. If you already have specific travel dates and a destination in mind, enter the information into the search boxes. If not, you can either experiment with the search boxes or check out the section covering affordable vacation package.

There is also a section of the site that focuses on coupons and promo codes. It's very easy to redeem an Expedia discount coupon. You just need to be signed into your account and click on the "Enter a promotion code / coupon" feature on the payment page. Double check that you entered the information accurately and then click "Apply".

There are different types of discount offers, including web coupons and mobile coupons. The Expedia App is worth installing on your mobile device because it keeps you up-to-date with the latest offers no matter where you're at. You don't have to be in front of a PC in order to save money with Expedia. There is a newsletter you might want to sign up for as well.

Keep in mind that the prices quoted on the site are intended for one adult and include fees and taxes. The airfare is typically listed for economy / coach class travel unless you specify otherwise. If you want to fly Business class, there is an "advanced options" dropdown menu you can select when searching for rates.

Use an Expedia Discount Coupon for Hotel Stays

If you come across an Expedia discount coupon for hotels and aren't familiar with the city, just look over a map to see where each hotel is located. Read reviews from other guests as well. Expedia is good at providing details and photos of hotels, inns, apartment rentals, hostels, resorts, and accommodations of any kind. Decide whether or not it will be cheaper to book the room and the traveler together or each individually. Will you need a rental car? You can book that at the same time as well.

Since cruising is so popular, you might find an Expedia discount coupon that can be used to book a Caribbean, Alaskan, or Hawaiian cruise, depending on the time of year. You'll be amazed at how affordable a cruise can be!

It's time to start planning your trip. Get an Expedia discount coupon right now while it's available. If you're only planning for the future, or at least considering a vacation at some point, then keep an eye out for more deals with Expedia.

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Weekly Shopping On A Budget

Or perhaps you went to a website that wanted to cost you for the privilege of using their website to contact thriller shopping firms. They aren’t the only retailer here in Ottawa that has a web site that you can do your grocery shopping from, but it has probably the most selection and the perfect prices. I agree that online grocery shopping will never change actual shopping, but for folks with disabilities, health problems, no cars (like us) it is a blessing! As you mentioned there are many issues to do with a partner to take pleasure in time collectively, in case your spouse does not get pleasure from it don’t drive him to accompany you to your shopping journeys.

Just like ebay this additionally brings various sellers at one place for convenient and low-cost shopping. For instance, it’s possible you’ll want an merchandise proper now, which is true of grocery shopping. Shopping in pakistan affords their Cash on delivery service for most areas of Pakistan. In addition, not like native shops, you’ll be able to avail discount coupons and get a thing at a decrease price when shopping on-line. Turun je depan lodge butik LV, Jalan lima nam langkah sket shopping mall besar-besar tersergam depan mata yang menempatkan ZARA, Nike, Coach, and many others dan segala macam kedai berjenama dan tak berjenama. A special day of sale is one of the things that appeal to folks to flock to a shopping heart.

Places to shop embrace countless spick-and-span shopping complexes, responsibility-free outlets, department stores, hypermarkets and handicraft centres to make-shift stalls and open-air evening markets. As we live within the era of good phones and Google, we access to internet almost everywhere shopping for clothes online is such an entertainment. Eg. most males like to figure out for themselves how one can get the item the are shopping for. Me and my older sister do thriller shopping so I will tell her to visit this web page as properly. I tried internet shopping from the grocery store, however found it took too lengthy to make my order and likewise you aren’t getting to see which things look nice or are on offer, so have gone back to traditional food shopping. Aku beli beras dan telur dlm mall ni supermarket dlm ni..lepas shopping sket-sket dlm ni..mohhhh kita balik. In nearly every city, there are thriller shopping companies right down the road from you that wish to hire new staff.

I simply acquired a $4300.00 verify and correspondence from a supposed company known as Mintel Intelligence in time for investigative shopping I have but to finish. Tenancy mix turns into essential in retail premises of multiple tenants; that will be shopping centres of all sizes and kinds. In some locations, there are all types of locations and things to see which can be built round shopping centers.

The second query is that in the gross sales, all of the outlets and the shopping malls are full of people and it’s essential …

Weekly Shopping On A Budget (2)

One of the primary questions I actually have been asked about my Slimming World plan is whether it’s affordable. May it be for a home mortgage, shopping for automobile or ordering your weekly groceries, the net has ceaselessly changed our outlook on shopping. Depending on the size of town or city that you simply stay in, there may be mystery shopping corporations in your local Yellow Pages. People who go for e-shopping do it only for saving time and having flexibility in shopping hours.

On the opposite the online was created as a instrument for speaking, which in time let to the convenience of shopping virtually. Sensible signage policy and architectural management of that signage between tenancies will consolidate the client expertise and visual enchantment of the shopping centre. If you want to sell your personal merchandise then that is also potential and changing into a seller may be very straightforward in comparison with some other online shopping web site.

When you purchase from on-line retailer you might have the comfort to take your time whereas checking for the things of your alternative, this will lead you to a easy and fast option to carry out value comparison not like the dissatisfied and hurried shopping you do in the native stores.

If you might have learn my 7D6N Osaka – Kyoto – Nara – Kobe Trip Itinerary + Overview submit, you’ll know that we now have spent a total of 35,362 Yen, or RM 1,425.eighty (100 Yen = RM four.03) on shopping in Japan, mainly on magnificence products, snacks and confectioneries.

Thong Lo – It’s not precisely a shopping center but a district in Bangkok recognized for it’s trendy outlets and hipster Thais. Mens shopping is straight to the purpose, get in get out and get again house to try out their new toys. Almost all shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur open for enterprise from 10am until 10pm daily, public holidays included. In conclusion, shopping is my favorite thing to do, but I do not like TV commercials and advertisements. In the final ten years or so there has been an inflow of online shopping web sites from small to massive ones. I really enjoyed reading about online shopping and thanks for the checklist of prime Indian sites, will go take a look! Dari shopping Mall besar sampailah ke gerai -gerai y menjual pakaian, street food dan kedai kecil.…