Lisbon Hosts Fashion Conference To Discuss Ways To Build A Greener Future

In the wake of receiving the European Green Capital 2020 title, Lisbon will be hosting the first of many events tomorrow in its continued role as a facilitator of a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. The event, Sustainable Fashion Business, is a one-day conference taking place at the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, featuring a line-up of speakers from across the globe, tackling topics and discussions on how the industry can positively move forward.

Being the first Southern European capital to receive this distinction, it recognises the developments which have taken place within the city over the last decade. Friday’s event will be hosted by Lisbon’s Environment Councilman, José Sà Fernandes, who will be presenting to both physical, and digital, audiences, the benefits of making in Portugal and how the country is taking an increased responsibility for its manufacturing capacity. With the climate crisis becoming ever more present on a daily basis, it is imperative that we work across borders, industries and sectors in tackling this fight together. By openly addressing the global market, the Portuguese capital is looking to rally both leaders and visionaries in creating the circular and sustainable future we urgently need.

The event will be focusing on a variety of sectors within the industry such as clothing, jewellery, footwear and accessories, alluding to the heritage of craft and artisanal talent on which the country’s infrastructure has been grounded. The Minister for the Environment and Energy transition, João Pedro Matos Fernandes, will also be taking part to highlight the business opportunities which lie ahead in transitioning to a greener and more accountable industry.

The schedule, which runs from 9.30am to 5.30pm CET, is made up of panel discussions, conversations, interviews and talks from a variety of industry players. It will cover topics such as education, and its role in sustainability, as well as green financing schemes, textile waste and the importance of technology. Emerging into a post-pandemic world, these topics have never been more prevalent. Organisations such as The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, PANGAIA and Farfetch are just some of the few speaking at the event with input from designers such as Priya Ahluwalia, Mats Rombaut and Alan Crocetti. Alongside the schedule of talks, there will be the opportunity for visitors to network with investors and industry leaders throughout the day. An exhibition space has also been installed to showcase recent Portuguese initiatives and help visitors to better understand the scope of the possibilities available through collaborations and partnerships.

Looking over the country’s textile heritage, the Portuguese Secretary of State for the Environment, Inês Costa, remains hopeful in what the future holds. “Disruption must become the cornerstone of this industry’s

Washington just gave the Giants a gift. Can they build on their 1st victory?

The Giants need this victory, just their 13th in their last 54 games, and they needed it so badly that you could almost squint away what nearly happened at MetLife Stadium.


But, well, let’s face it: They were thisclose to dropped a home heartbreaker to a one-win Washington Football team with a woeful Kyle Allen at quarterback. They were thisclose to dropping to 0-6 on the season and, sizing up the schedule, legitimate discussion about when — or even if — they would take that bagel off their record.

They were thisclose to another week focused on a killer Daniel Jones turnover, another game when the offense looked downright Jet-esque, another collapse from a retooled defense that still can’t hold onto leads.

How close?

Washington scored with less than a minute left with a touchdown could/should have tied the game, but Ron Rivera — Riverboat Ron, as he’s called for a reason — decided to go for two. Allen rolled to his left, passed up a chance at running for the conversion, and threw meekly to the turf as the Giants swarmed him.

I get why Rivera would go for it there, given that his offense stinks. But the play call and execution was terrible. This was a gift from Washington. There’s a reason why the team without a nickname is 1-5 after this one.

So are the Giants, but it’s hard to feel much better about them than you did before this 20-19 victory began. Yes, Joe Judge has his first career victory, and that will take the edge off another rough start to the season for this franchise.

But to win, they needed a 43-yard Tae Crowder fumble recovery for a touchdown in the fourth quarter, and they needed Rivera’s charity after the defense failed to keep Allen and this Washington offense from answer that mistake with a late touchdown.

So now what? The NFC East is so lousy that the Giants are still in contention for the division title. They need to build on this one now that they enter their easiest stretch of the schedule and prove that it wasn’t a fluke. Because they were thisclose to something ugly.

Here are five observations from the Giants’ game against Washington:


Daniel Jones, leading rusher, are not four words the Giants wanted to see in the same sentence this season. But with Saquon Barkley’s injury and the struggle to replace the team’s offense star with a productive running back, that was the statistical reality heading into the their sixth game. Jones had a team-high 130 yards.

But that doesn’t mean that Jones’ feet aren’t a weapon that offensive coordinator Jason Garrett needs to use more often, and a perfectly executed 49-yard run in the second quarter is more proof. The play fake to Devonta Freeman was so good that it even fooled Fox’s cameras for several seconds — by the time they caught up, Jones had split three Washington defenders and was off

Build A Better Academic Writing Style For a Problem Solving Essay

An Academic Writing Style research essay has a lot of information in the document. In this case, for researching essay topics in depth and with a lot of support towards the facts makes a high-quality paper. This paper will often make a big difference when it comes to the grade that the writer might be making the paper for. Problem solving and being able to solve issues that are constantly being introduced, can always come from the person who created them. Being able to create a strong paper on problem solving and increasing the academic writing style has a few things to it.

Focusing on the solution

Creating the time

Focusing on the facts

Solutions, Solutions, Solutions

Focusing on the solutions will often make a lot of chance. This will begin the entire issue and no matter to the problem, the solution will override it and regain that energy in the argument. This will become somewhat of a strong paper is, the solution is consistently being stated with conviction. Conviction can become the academic writing style that won’t fade away.

Providing thoughts that will make the solutions and then supporting those thoughts can often times bring about a lasting change and while there are some challenges in reason to build such things, they can often be revealed with reason by maintaining the focus on the solution.

Creating A Time

Creating a time for the manifest to occur. This will often change the actual timeframe of the entire document and then introduce something else to it. The time it takes to incorporate information that is solution based and the resulting effects in that specify timeline that is never a known time.

Staying With The Facts

Focusing on the facts of the situation and the problem that is being caused and what the facts have become as a result of the issue and the timeline that the problem has embarked on. This makes a strong paper because the facts aren’t arguable, but they do demonstrate something and as that something, they reveal a lot of information.

These systems are contributions that can provide information and insight into building a strong thesis and to increase the depth of your academic writing style. These statements can be included into any research paper and will always provide somewhat of a strong thesis. They are the dynamic of strength and will often lean on building quality instead of building just quantity.

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