17 Top-Rated Jeans for Women That Are Actually Worth Buying


It’s safe to say that denim is a closet must-have. And with so many jeans on the market, it can be a little intimidating shopping for the perfect pair. You want them to look good and feel good and fit within your budget. But even with those parameters, the options are endless. 

That’s where we come in. To save you countless hours (and tons of cash), we’ve found the best jeans for women, according to shopper reviews. We’ve included a variety of styles, including skinny, cropped, straight, and boyfriend — so you can buy one, two or three of your favorite styles. 

Here are the best jeans for women in 2020, according to reviews: 

Best-Rated Jeans: Everlane The Cheeky Straight Jean

Although there aren’t many denim styles that are universally flattering on various body shapes and types, countless reviewers swear that Everlane reigns in the denim game. The brand’s Cheeky Straight Jean has over 4,600 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating, with many shoppers praising its comfortable fit, slight stretch, and vintage style. One reviewer writes, “These are truly the best jeans, ever…These jeans look and feel very high quality and fit like a dream. They have just a touch of stretch so that you get the perfect fit, but with the look and feel of traditional sturdy jeans — love!” Even better? You can choose from ankle, regular, and tall lengths to find your perfect cut. 

Shop now: $78; everlane.com

Best Comfortable Jeans: Wit & Wisdom Jeggings

When you can find a jean that is cute, well-fitting, and comfortable, you’ve hit a winner. These soft and stretchy jeggings look and feel like traditional denim, but it feels like you’re wearing leggings. “These jeans are super comfortable and lightweight,” says one Nordstrom reviewer. “The dark color is very flattering as well as the shape and fit. They also don’t lose their shape if you wear them all day as some jeans have the tendency to stretch out as you wear them.”

Shop now: $64; nordstrom.com

Best Affordable Jeans: AE Ne(x)t Level Curvy High-Waisted Jegging

They’re stretchy, they hold their shape, and they look good on nearly every body type. And since this jean is available in sizes 000 to 24 and short, regular, long, and extra-long length, there’s a jean for everyone. And for under $50, there’s so much to love about these pants. “I already have these jeans in a different wash and I loved them so much that I had to get another! They are super soft and stretchy so they are perfect for all day wear,” says one reviewer. 

Shop now: $49.95; ae.com

Best Splurge-Worthy Jeans: Mother The Hustler High Waist Ankle Fray Jeans

Okay, so spending upwards on $200 on one clothing item can seem like a big upfront investment. But if you love wearing jeans and want a pair that will stand the test of time, sometimes it’s worth the investment. These cropped flare jeans are perfect for fall and winter (and

PayPal adds cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping to its platform


PayPal will soon allow it’s 305 million active users to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Angela Lang/CNET

PayPal users looking for an alternative way to stash their cash will soon be able to convert so-called “fiat” money, like US dollars and British pounds, back and forth into blockchain-based cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Etheream, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. The company announced in a blog post on Wednesday that people will be able to buy, hold and sell cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal accounts. The new service will be rolling out to US users “in the coming weeks,” PayPal said, with plans to expand to the company’s Venmo service as well as international markets in early 2021.

PayPal also said it’s working on making crypto available as a funding source for purchases made at its 26 million merchants worldwide. The company expects this to be available on the platform beginning in early 2021. 

PayPal was one of the first companies facilitating payments between online retailers and their customers and has since burgeoned into an ecommerce behemoth, with more than 300 million active users and processing 12.4 billion payments in 2019.

Enthusiasm for cryptocurrency reached a fever pitch near the end of 2017, with Bitcoin soaring to over $19,000 per digital coin before falling below half that value in the early part of 2018. The technology that powers cryptocurrency — called blockchain — allows for secure transactions between parties without the need for centralized oversight by, for example, a bank or a government department. 

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PayPal to allow cryptocurrency buying, selling and shopping on its network

By Anna Irrera

a close up of a sign: The German headquarters of PayPal is pictured at Europarc Dreilinden business park south of Berlin in Kleinmachnow

The German headquarters of PayPal is pictured at Europarc Dreilinden business park south of Berlin in Kleinmachnow

LONDON (Reuters) – PayPal Holdings Inc joined the cryptocurrency market on Wednesday, allowing customers to buy, sell and hold bitcoin and other virtual coins using the U.S. digital payments company’s online wallets.


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PayPal customers will also be able to use cryptocurrencies to shop at the 26 million merchants on its network starting in early 2021, the company said in a statement.

PayPal hopes the service will encourage global use of virtual coins and prepare its network for new digital currencies that may be developed by central banks and corporations, President and Chief Executive Dan Schulman said in an interview.

“We are working with central banks and thinking of all forms of digital currencies and how PayPal can play a role,” he said.

U.S. account holders will be able to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies in their PayPal wallets over the coming weeks, the company said. It plans to expand to Venmo and some countries in the first half of 2021.

Other mainstream fintech companies, such as mobile payments provider Square Inc and stock trading app firm Robinhood Markets Inc, allow users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but PayPal’s launch is noteworthy given its vast reach.

The company, based in San Jose, California, has 346 million active accounts around the world and processed $222 billion in payments in the second quarter.

Cryptocurrencies tend to be volatile, making them attractive to speculators, but a lot less appealing to merchants and shoppers. Transactions have been slower and more costly than other mainstream payment systems.

Cryptocurrency payments on PayPal will be settled using fiat currencies, such as the U.S. dollar, meaning merchants will not receive payments in virtual coins, the company said.

Many central banks around the world have expressed their intention to develop digital versions of their currencies in the coming years, while Facebook Inc-led the creation of a cryptocurrency project called Libra in 2019. PayPal was a founding member but dropped out after a few months.

PayPal, which has secured the first conditional cryptocurrency license from the New York State Department of Financial Services, will initially allow purchases of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies called ethereum, bitcoin cash and litecoin, it said. It partners with Paxos Trust Company to offer the service.

(Reporting by Anna Irrera; Editing by Richard Chang)

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They’re buying more jewelry during Covid

Here’s the latest sign of economic divide between the haves and have-nots in the pandemic: Rich people are buying more high-end jewelry like diamond rings and gold necklaces.

a close up of a person

© De Beers Diamond Jewellers Limited

According to Edahn Golan, founder of Edahn Golan Diamond Research & Data, purchases of fine jewelry in the US recovered from the early months of the pandemic and started to gain momentum heading into the summer. Fine jewelry sales were up nearly 10% to $5.25 billion in August from the same month last year, according to the latest data available.

a necklace on a table: De Beers jewelry brand Forevermark has seen year-over-year double-digit growth each month since July,

© De Beers Diamond Jewellers Limited
De Beers jewelry brand Forevermark has seen year-over-year double-digit growth each month since July,

Signet Jewelers, which owns and operates the retailers Kay Jewelers and Zales, said the company’s preliminary August sales for all jewelry are up 10.9% compared to a year ago.

a desk with a laptop on a table: De Beers' Forevermark diamond jewelry brand.

© Van Cott Jewelers
De Beers’ Forevermark diamond jewelry brand.

Meanwhile, Tiffany, a chain that was hit hard by the drop in tourist visits to stores, said last week that US sales in August and September declined by a low double-digit percentage, an improvement since May.

The company, which is currently embroiled in a high-profile court battle with French luxury brands conglomerate LVMH over a merger agreement, also called out strong performance of its T1 line, its newest gold and gold with diamonds jewelry collection.

Improving fortunes for the jewelry industry come as the US economic recovery runs out of steam after a rapid rebound witnessed in the summer.

Some economists have argued the economic recovery appears to be a K-shaped one, where the wealthiest Americans are quickly rebounding while the middle- and lower-income households are not.

Daniel Bachman, US economic forecaster with Deloitte, said the pandemic has hit the labor market unevenly.

“The lower end was hit hard, and frankly they are not buying jewelry,” he said. “The higher end is sitting on unspent income and the savings rate is very high right now.”

Buying diamonds instead of traveling

Jewelry sellers have a theory on why they’re seeing sales come back.

“In every market in the world, the number one competition to our industry is travel,” said Stephen Lussier, executive vice president with De Beers, the world’s largest diamond mining firm. “If you have a wedding, a 10th or 25th wedding anniversary, a significant birthday, the romantic thing to do is travel.”

a room with a large mirror: Van Cott Jewelers in Vestal, New York.

© Van Cott Jewelers
Van Cott Jewelers in Vestal, New York.

But now, with travel in a slump, diamond jewelry has been capturing some of the unspent travel budget, he said.

In the US, De Beers’ diamond jewelry brand Forevermark has seen year-over-year double-digit growth each month since July, he said.

Macy’s CEO Jeffrey Gennette highlighted a similar sentiment at a Goldman Sachs retail conference in September, noted noting how sales of luxury items were “outpacing expectations.”

“There’s a lot of theories for that. I think one of them is that you’ve got customers that are not traveling. So those budgets that used to

Trump?s trying to woo suburban women. Suburban women aren?t buying it.

Women of the ’burbs — like those enclaves they inhabit — are not who Trump thinks they are.

He needs them in his bid for reelection. But by clinging to the notion that suburban women are White housewives who need to be saved from scary threats such as (gasp!) low-income neighbors and protesters for social justice, his wooing isn’t working.

Across America, the suburbs are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse and dynamic. They’re not the little boxes and fenced yards of Levittown, but a mix of homeowners and renters, apartments and condos, cottages and McMansions.

The suburbs are where city folks go for Korean groceries, Indian buffet and salsa night.

Since 2000, more than half the immigrants coming to America settled in the suburbs, according to the Brookings Institution.

White people became the minority in the D.C. suburb of Montgomery County in 2011, according to Census Bureau figures showing the breakdown of groups in this Maryland locale.

Houston and its suburbs are so diverse, the man running for the 22nd Congressional District there — former Foreign Service officer Sri Preston Kulkarni — has campaign literature in 21 different languages.

The suburbs are where more than half of Americans say they live — and they’re not all existing in Trump’s aprons-and-cocktails Queens childhood of the 1950s he keeps pining for.

After my social media query to the suburban women I know, I went in search of some in the wild.

I headed to the prime habitat of the suburban woman: Michael’s. Surely I could find them in the emporium of scrapbooking and silk flowers in Rockville, Montgomery County’s seat.

So, after spending way too much money on aspirational craft items (hey, urban women craft, too!) I began chatting with the women I found there.

“I am making calls, calls every night, doing anything I can to get him out,” Till Cartwright, 68, a child of the Atlanta suburbs, said of Trump.

“I don’t think he’s doing anything to help us,” she continued. “Montgomery County, we’re one of the most diverse counties in America, and everything he’s doing is hurting the people here — from denying science, the immigration nonsense, the image of the presidency.”

Cartwright meant to simply hop into Michael’s to pick up some art supplies for her nephew, but within minutes, another suburban woman from Chevy Chase joined our discussion.

“It scares me,” the newcomer said. “If you look at the polls, I think it’s closer than everyone thinks. And I just don’t understand these women who want to support him. They’re not from the suburbs I know.”

I redirected to another of the most suburban areas I could think of, the place where we did our Target shopping before any Targets came to D.C.: Northern Virginia.

There, I talked to a woman who seemed to embody the suburban aesthetic that Trump is after. She’s a wife and mother, a Realtor, and an active and chatty member of several women’s social groups. Her hair always looks salon-fresh, her

Buying a Ford Model T

Developed by Henry Ford the Model T entered production in 1908 and 2008 marks the 100th anniversary of the first mass-produced car to be made on a production line. Ford aimed to develop a car affordable to the masses and through this goal the Model T changed the world and turned America into an industrial economy and mobile society. Buying a Ford Model T in 1908 cost half the price of its rivals and would help drive the change from horse to automobile. The Model T was produced until 1927 by which time more than 15 million models had been sold.

The Car

Early Ford Model T’s had no doors, the windscreen was braced with leather straps and the styling was typically formal and upright as is usual with cars of this era. There were changes made, the 1915 model for example has a single passenger side door but the driver’s side was covered by the spare wheel where the door would be. Also the back seat is set over the rear axle, allowing for plenty of leg room but no allowance made for carrying luggage.

What will your Money buy you

With a some sixteen million made there are plenty to choose from when Buying a Ford Model T. Prices today depend on the condition of the car and you can expect to pay around $5000 for a project car and over $10,000 for a car in good running order. Specialist companies can supply most if not all parts that maybe required for any restoration or small service that maybe required. In 1910 a Model T cost £220 and by 1919 the price had reduced to £170.

It’s important to remember that you’re buying a car with very little in the way of accessories with four wheels, a steering wheel, an engine, basic electrics and weather protection. Hard to believe however that leather seats and wood trim came as standard. In 1915 if you were lucky enough to have a car the basic equipment the Ford Model T came with was a luxury!

Driving Experience

If you’re planning on buying a Ford Model T then forget everything you’ve learned about driving. The controls look standard with three pedals, a handbrake and the steering column has two stalks. Despite the apparently normal set up, about the only thing that is vaguely normal is the brake pedal on the right. The other two pedals control the two-speed and reverse transmission. The middle pedal selects reverse gear while the left pedal – in conjunction with the handbrake-like lever – selects neutral, low or high gear. The left hand stalk on the steering column is the throttle with no return spring and the right-hand control manages the ignition timing. The hand lever has three positions: fully back the transmission is in neutral and the rear wheel brakes are on. In the middle position the brakes are off and the transmission is in neutral. The forward position gives a choice of low or high …

Guide To Buying Gemstone Jewelry

Gemstone jewelry not only accessorizes your fashion choice, it also allows you to show off to your friends as the gemstone ring, earring or any other piece of gemstone you will be wearing is of high quality. For you to buy the right unit you need to consider a number of factors such as:

Color of gemstone

According to professionals, the color of the jewelry you choose determines 50-70% of the unit’s value. Gemstone jewelry comes in different colors and it’s up to you to choose the one that is ideal for you. For you to choose the right color jewelry you need to consider three main factors: Hue, tone and saturation.

Hue: It’s the basic color of the gemstone. When making the purchase, go for units that exhibit a pure color. If the jewelry has to have other colors, they should be minimal.

Tone: The tone represents the depth of a gemstone color. It can be light or dark. Professionals put the tone in different categories that include: light, medium light, medium, medium dark and dark.

There are some unscrupulous sellers that might try to sell you other items posing them as gemstone. If you are keen you can tell a real gemstone by simply looking at it. A real gemstone shouldn’t be too dark or too light. The unit should have a bright, rich look. To tell the real color of the jewelry you should look at it at different lights.

Clarity of the jewelry

Clarity describes the presence or absence of flaws inside or outside the gemstone. While it’s rare to get a flawless gemstone, you shouldn’t settle for one that is of poor clarity. While jewelry with a poor clarity is cheap, it’s not of much value to you as it will give you a poor, cheap look.

To tell the clarity of the unit that you are buying you should examine it from the top. If there isn’t a flaw, the flaw won’t show up in the face up position; therefore, it won’t affect the value and beauty of your unit. If you aren’t experienced at picking flaws, take the jewelry to a professional who will examine it under a microscope.

Cut of gemstone

A properly cut gemstone jewelry is beautiful to look at as it reflects light across its surface when you hold it up. If the unit has a cut that is too deep and narrow the surface area will be dark. If the cut is too shallow and wide, the jewelry will have parts of it washed out and lifeless. When making the purchase go for a unit with an ideal cut and desired shape. The jewelry that you go for should be symmetrical in all dimensions so that it appears balanced.


These are the few factors that you should consider when buying gemstone jewelry. To buy a real, high quality unit buy it from a reputable gemstone store.

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Tips For Buying a Model Steam Engine Kit

Model Steam Engine kits are on the list of toys and collectables. In these toys, water is heated up in the boiler for producing steam to move the engine. In the market, you can buy different types of model steam engine kits, such as model trains as well as the stationary ones. Let's know more about these systems.

Stationary Engines

Some collectors are into stationary engines that comprise small engines. Mostly, they are used for educational purposes. Moreover, they are available in various materials like steel or wood. However, brass is the most commonly used for making the boiler. The reason is that brass is cost-effective and can work well in lower temperature and pressure of the little stationary engines.

For bigger models, steel is another popular choice. Some stationary engines have LED lights that show the production of the steam power. Other models are called low temperature models and offer added safety.

Pre-Milled Kits

When buying a stationary model steam engine kit, you should first find out if it is machined or pre-milled kit. In a pre-milled kit, the parts are already threaded, drilled, milled and turned. This means that the user can complete the kits with different tools, such as files, spanners and screwdrivers. These kits are popular and don't require you to be at a workshop to complete the kit.


As far as the popular goes, scale model locomotives are on top of the list. These models look quite similar to the original steam powered trains. Moreover, they are available in a lot of sizes, such as small models or large garden railways. Users can ride on these locomotives.


The sale of a locomotive defines the main features of a model steam engine kit. Therefore, it's important to consider its scale since the available space will determine the right size for the track and the engine. Given below are some of the most commonly used options:


It's also known as O gauge, which is the smallest scale as far as locomotives powered by steam are concerned. They emphasize fine details. Therefore, collectors and hobbyists like them a lot.

However, O scale is not commonly available unlike other scales. Since this scale is not popular for operation and running of the engine, it's not so popular.

OO scale:

In the UK, OO scale is also very popular. These model steam engine kits are cost-effective and durable. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for those wanting to use their locomotives on a regular basis. Moreover, this scale does not focus on realistic appearance and scales.

G scale:

Lastly, G scale is another great choice as far as model train scales are concerned. Since these are big and durable, people use them outside, especially in garden railways. Since they are produced on a large scale, you can find tons of G scale engines on the market in the here and now.

In short, if you have been looking for a model steam engine kit, we suggest that …

The Pros and Cons of Buying Fire Resistant Clothing For Employees

As a safety precaution, most companies particularly those dealing with flame and heat needs to provide fire resistant clothing to their employees. Hence, finding the right brand of that is both inexpensive and with quality is their main goal. Nowadays, providing safety precautions is hard especially that many businesses are experiencing economic crisis. An option of a company to save money is either to buy or rent clothing for their staffs. Both have pros and cons, but this article will point out details about the advantages and disadvantages of buying safety clothing for employees.

Majority of companies prefer to purchase rather that rent clothing. They believe that this is the most practical option. Although this might be true, there are still pros and cons when purchasing protective gears for workers.

An advantage of purchasing is that the company is given more varieties to choose from. A wide selection of clothing in regards with fabric, style and brand allows the company to be meticulous.

Regardless of where you purchase the clothing, you are absolutely in control of what you will be receiving. Seller will have no excuse about damages because guarantees are given upon purchase.

However, there are also disadvantages of buying fire resistant clothing. One is higher chance of improper clothing care. Because the clothing is handed to workers, they are now the one responsible for it. Workers might not know the correct way to take care of the clothing and that compromises the lasting life of the gear.

Price fluctuation should also be considered when buying. The price of the garment can change depending on turn-over and replacements.

Purchasing fire resistant clothing is difficult and should be well-thought before deciding.

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Is Buying Eco Friendly Clothing Worth It?

Shopping for eco friendly clothing is something I enjoy doing. I like the quality I find and the easy to wear, fashionable styles. Unfortunately, it is not something I do often. Buying organic or sustainable clothing can be expensive.

I have to admit that in the past my clothing choices were made most often by price and quantity, cheap clothes cluttering up my closet made from fabrics that could hardly be called environmentally friendly. Perhaps, one of the better things I have done for myself is to buy less. Through the years I have begun to appreciate owning less stuff and when I do make a purchase I buy the best quality I can afford. Surprisingly, my son is partly responsible for changing my ways.

As he was growing up I talked to him about buying cheap stuff like toys that usually ended up as trash shortly after we bought them. I encouraged him to think about his purchases. A few bad experiences didn’t hurt. You never think your kids are listening but I guess he took more to heart than I thought.

He has chosen his own clothes for several years now. I used to go with him and help now I just give him the money and let him go. I discovered very early on that he liked quality. He would rather own two good shirts than ten cheap ones. He shops carefully and doesn’t bug me too much when what I give him does not go as far as he might like.

For me, it was always dollars and cents. I just didn’t spend money on myself so I tended to buy cheaper. It took me a while to see I was teaching him a great lesson that I was not following myself. I began to think about the clothes in my closet and how so many of them were just stuff to put on.

Eco Friendly Clothing – A Great Choice For Fashion

Today, most clothing from the discount store to the department store is made with a surprising number of nasty chemicals. From the pesticides and herbicides used during growing to the chemicals used to process the fibers on to the dyes to color and other chemicals used to treat the fabrics. Natural materials that can be grown without pesticides and processed with a minimum of chemicals is the better environmental choice.

The new eco friendly clothing we are seeing is being made from a variety of sustainable fabrics. Natural fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, soy or peace silk along with some man made materials like tencel or fleece are finding their way more and more into our fashions. They provide us with choices that are better for the environment and ultimately better for us too.

When I shop now I look for quality both in the clothing and with the companies I shop from so it just made sense to choose organic or other sustainable fabrics. It seems that many companies that care …