Ivanka Trump’s Cutout Top & Pleated Skirt Offer Casual-Chic Style on the Campaign Trail

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Ivanka Trump went for a more relaxed yet still elevated take on her campaign trail style this week as the tour brought her to Raleigh, N.C.

Speaking at an event with former White House director of strategic communications, Mercedes Schlapp,  Ivanka opted for a cutout black long-sleeve top with a peek-a-boo panel across the neckline. The advisor to the president then tucked her shirt into a black and white spotted knee-length skirt with a pleated finish.

On her feet, Ivanka opted for her go-to suede pumps in a coordinating black colorway, resembling styles that she has previously sported from Gianvito Rossi and Jimmy Choo.

Earlier this week, the first daughter’s campaign events took her to Milwaukee to once more speak with Schlapp in front of local constituents. Her outfit on Monday included a tan twist on her beloved suede pumps teamed with a midi-length blue peplum dress.

Throughout her time on the campaign trail for her father, President Donald Trump, Ivanka has continued to debut more and more designer pieces and designer footwear. When it comes to shoes, the former footwear head herself oftentimes prefers pumps from brands like Gianvito Rossi of course along with Jimmy Choo and Burberry; she teams the heels to designs from the likes of Brandon Maxwell and Altuzarra.

She also has stepped out in more affordable picks from Rothy’s flats and Gola for J.Crew sneakers.  When it comes to fashion and apparel, Ivanka typically favors major labels like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta. She includes a few more wallet-friend picks in her rotation such as Kenneth Cole and Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya, too.

Check out the gallery to find more of Ivanka Trump’s top footwear moments over the years.

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Can You Trust Your Beauty Therapist? Industry Experts Launch Campaign To Make Beauty Safe

Beauty industry leaders have launched a campaign to ‘Make Beauty Safe’ in the UK today, in bid to make the unregulated industry safer for consumers.

Currently, lack of legislation means someone with little or no training can establish themselves as a beauty therapist, and BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy & Cosmetology) have joined forces with industry experts to launch a petition and call for change at government level.

“In the past year and a half we’ve done a lot of work in terms of raising the reputation of the beauty industry, but what has become apparent is that without appropriate regulation, this reputation is in jeopardy,” says Millie Kendall MBE, CEO of the British Beauty Council and ally of the #MakeBeautySafe campaign.

“It’s astounding that you can go on a one-day course and become accredited to perform treatments that break skin or use chemicals without sufficient training. The British Beauty Council is an advocacy group but we support trade bodies in pushing regulation in order to future proof our industry.”

There are an estimated 50,000 beauty salons with 300,000 employees currently in the UK and, pre-COVID, the British beauty industry was worth £28.4 billion ($37 billion) to the UK GDP—more than that of many ‘traditional’ industries.

“We need accountability, we need regulation. Now more so than ever,” says Lesley Blair, Chair at BABTAC. “With confusion around COVID safety measures, a clear code of conduct needs to be established to ensure safety of all those encountering the beauty industry—be it professionally or personally.”

From two-day courses selling themselves as reputable qualifications to unqualified practitioners administering injectables, without the means to deal with any complications, she believe there are many issues to contend with. “We need a government regulated standard across all areas of beauty. Without this standardisation, we will never be taken seriously as an industry and will continue to compromise consumer safety.”

If performed incorrectly, beauty treatments can cause serious harm to an individual’s health—and this is not just limited to advanced treatments like laser, micropigmentation and skin needling.

The rising trend of injectables (lip fillers, botox, et al) can result in devastating complications and popular—arguably routine—treatments like waxing and lash extensions can have severe consequences if administered incorrectly.

“There are so many dire repercussions due to the lack of regulations in our industry, beginning with reputable fit for purpose qualifications having to compete with cheaper unverified substandard training,” says Caroline Hirons, industry expert, aesthetician and skincare specialist.

“Or, worse still, no training at all, resulting in underqualified therapists who are able to provide rapidly advancing treatments without any verification or insurance. Safety and professionalism should be at the heart of everything we do.”

According to BABTAC, the ultimate goal of the campaign is full regulation, either by the government or independent industry bodies, with a mandatory register that can verify all therapists are competently qualified, have a fit-for-purpose qualification, and adequate insurance

#MyNameIs Meme an Inadvertent Gift From GOP Senator to Biden/Harris Campaign

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris are posing for a picture: Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden (L) and running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), have benefitted from recent remarks from a U.S. Senator from Georgia.

© Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden (L) and running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), have benefitted from recent remarks from a U.S. Senator from Georgia.

A Republican senator from Georgia openly mocked the name of Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris over the weekend, and it has come back to favor Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Harris and other Democrats running for office.

Celebrities and many Democrats have posted their own versions of #MyNameIs, and it became a viral thread this weekend.

First, here’s what happened in Georgia to spark this movement. GOP Sen. David Perdue at a recent rally in his state mocked Harris’ first name. The mockery happened Friday in Macon, Georgia, during President Donald Trump’s rally in the state to charge voters to go and vote red—for both him and Perdue.

What Is A Swing Voter? Facts Ahead Of Trump, Biden 2020 Presidential Election



Here’s what Perdue said: “Kamala? Kamala? Kamala-mala-mala? I don’t know. Whatever.”

Perdue’s Democratic opponent, Jon Ossoff, posted the video of Perdue doing this.

“My opponent, GOP Sen. David Perdue of anti-Semitic attack ad infamy, just mocked Sen. Harris’ name as ‘Kamala-mala-mala-whatever’ at a Trump rally,” Ossoff tweeted. “We are so much better than this.”

This came the same day Ossoff also tweeted that he was leading Perdue in recent polls.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Perdue’s mockery led to an additional $2 million in fundraising for Ossoff.

However, the tweet set off a firestorm of retweets from folks of all backgrounds, particularly stating what their name means.

Daniel Dae Kim, who has more than a quarter of a million followers on Twitter, said his name means “respect,” and that he intends to vote for Joe Biden for president now.”

Actress Lea Thompson (of “Back to the Future” fame) said her name is spelled Hawaiian because her father was stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Former Olympic ice skater Michelle Kwan chimed

Blackpink’s Lisa Just Landed The Beauty Campaign She Deserves

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PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 23: Singer Lisa attends the Celine Spring Summer 2020 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on June 23, 2019 in Paris, France. (Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)

MAC Cosmetics just announced its newest Global Brand Ambassador as none other than Lalisa Manoban, otherwise known as Lisa. You know the Thai rapper and dancer as 1/4 of the record-breaking K-pop group BLACKPINK, and her new beauty gig is not only exciting for Blinks, but it’s also the first time a female K-pop star will front an international MAC campaign.

If you’re new to K-pop or BLACKPINK — first, check out the group’s Netflix documentary — you should know that Lisa is more than just a musical sensation and dancing queen; she’s also a fashion trendsetter who loves to experiment with makeup.

When it comes to her personal beauty philosophy, the performing artist says she’s always loved MAC makeup, and she aligns with the brand’s focus on self-expression. “To me, beauty is confidence,” Lisa told Refinery29 exclusively. “I think beauty comes from one’s confident inner self and one’s attitude — makeup and styling are the cherries on top.”

a woman wearing a purple shirt

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Whether she’s performing at Coachella, dancing in a Selena Gomez music video, or sitting front row at Fashion Week, Lisa always serves up a different look. However, in her real life, she favors low-key glam. “I usually enjoy natural makeup,” she tells us, adding that she has a delicate prescription for leveling up her look. “I like to start with a simple base and finish with a slightly bolder lip color to add some vibrance. Especially for lip makeup, I like to make an ombré lip that naturally gradates by tapping from the center of my lips.”

For obvious reasons, MAC is thrilled about Lisa joining the legacy cosmetics brand as its Global Ambassador. Describing her as an “unparalleled talent” with “bold, fashion-forward style,” the company couldn’t imagine a more perfect match. “Always confident and never one to shy away from risks, she embodies our commitment to celebrating individuality and self-expression above all else,” explained Senior Vice President and Global Creative Director, Drew Elliot. “We can’t wait for her fans to see what she has in store for them through our collaboration.”

As for what we can expect, Lisa says that the partnership will pay homage to her fellow BLACKPINK members as well as the millions of Blinks who have supported the group over the years. “My BLACKPINK members and [our] fans are my driving forces,” she explains of her humble motivation to keep growing as an artist, both on and offstage. “Thank you for always being there for me through all the happiest and the saddest moments. I am truly grateful.”

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New Hampshire Wendy’s raises $34,000 for Home at Last campaign through coupon book sales


New Hampshire Wendy’s raises $34,000 for Home at Last campaign through coupon book sales

Wendy’s has sponsored Home at Last since 2015

On Tuesday, New Hampshire Wendy’s Franchise owners in collaboration with New Hampshire Chronicle’s Home at Last series met with the association to present them with a check for $34,000.>> Download the free WMUR appThe money was raised from the sale of Wendy’s coupon books this spring. They hope it will help kids find the perfect home.Wendy’s has been a proud sponsor of Home at Last since 2015.

On Tuesday, New Hampshire Wendy’s Franchise owners in collaboration with New Hampshire Chronicle’s Home at Last series met with the association to present them with a check for $34,000.

>> Download the free WMUR app

The money was raised from the sale of Wendy’s coupon books this spring. They hope it will help kids find the perfect home.

Wendy’s has been a proud sponsor of Home at Last since 2015.

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9 Downsell Campaign Offers to Get Abandoned Shopping Cart Contacts to Buy From You

Shopping cart abandonment is a huge problem that leads to lost ecommerce sales.

Shopping cart abandonment is when a prospective customer who starts the process of buying a product or service online, but then drops out before buying.

Shopping cart abandonment can be as high as 80 percent. In one study by Barilliance, shopping cart abandonment rates were 77.24% in 2016 and 78.65% in 2017. That’s over three-quarters of consumers that land in the shopping cart. The rate is over 80 percent among mobile users.

There are many reasons why consumers abandon shopping carts. Unexpected shipping fees, long and confusing process, too many clicks and pages, plus website errors and crashes.

Yet all is not lost if you have a downsell campaign. In fact, a downsell campaign with good sales offers can help you recover these lost revenues and get the consumer back to buy.

A downsell campaign occurs after a prospective customer abandons a shopping cart or order page. It involves a series of emails each with a link to a distinct landing page with a new offer. This new offer fulfills the customer’s needs and wants while lowering their perceived risk. In some cases, it reduces the price of a product or service.

While you can have downsell offers for all types of contacts, they are best to use to convert a lead into a new customer than an established customer. That’s because some customers will take advantage of your strategy, causing you to lose profits.

Here are 9 downsell campaign sales offers you can present to consumers who abandon their shopping cart.

Downsell Campaign Strategy #1: Free Trial Offer

A free trial sales offer lowers perceived risk of buying. It enables the customer to experience the benefits of the product or service. Then when the trial period is over you charge their credit card if they did not previously cancel. The two drawbacks are NOT getting paid in advance and potential loss of sale if the customer cancels. At least you’ve got them back to try it.

Downsell Campaign Strategy #2: Offer Same Product at Same Price Plus Add a Bonus

Adding a bonus to your offer increases the value of the deal. The customer can feel they are getting more from you, so their perceived value is higher. The thing is you can be creative with the types of bonuses you offer. It can involve a complimentary product or service, a consultation, educational product or event.

Downsell Campaign Strategy #3: Offer the Same Product or Service at a Lower Quantity

By offering the same product at a lower quantity, such as size, the customer wins by getting what they want for less cost. You win by earning a customer and lowering the quantity you give for a lower price, so you can earn a profit. This strategy enables you to develop a loyal customer rather than losing them entirely.

Downsell Campaign Strategy #4: Coupon For Next Offer

Offer a coupon for their NEXT purchase if they …