Windsor launches a pizza club to celebrate its regional style

Dad and daughter sit on window seat at home sharing a pizza
The Windsor Essex Tourism board is leveraging Windsor’s unique style of pizza with a new tourism initiative. (Getty)

Windsor’s unique take on pizza is being celebrated by the city with its own club, in an effort to attract business and cement the importance of the culinary staple in the region.

A Windsor-style pizza is known for its shredded pepperoni, locally made cheese and special crust that’s not too thick and not too thin. It also often features canned mushrooms, which add the right amount of moisture to the dish. This regional special inspired the tourism board to start the Windsor Pizza Club, as a way to boost sales amongst many of its family-owned businesses.

Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex explains that the program is part of a federal grant, which they applied for last year. They wanted to showcase something special about the city that was market-ready and easy to promote.

“When we came up with the concept of pizza, we looked no further,” he told Yahoo Canada. “We know we’ve got a delicious product and if we bundled it together, it would be something worth bragging about.”

Eight family-run pizzerias are part of the promotion, including Antonino’s, which has been around since 1959. The club is free to join and is open to locals and visitors. Members of the pizza club get a membership card, available at all participating locations, which can be stamped each time they order. Once the card is filled, it can be redeemed for a prize, the current option being a t-shirt, which has the pizza club logo and the slogan “In crust we trust”.

“It encourages people to shop local,” he says. “And these pizzas are local, they aren’t franchises. They’re local talent right here.”

So far, the response has been strong. The membership card has been downloaded 150 times since it was launched last week. Former Windsor residents, some as far as B.C., have even been reaching out to express their yearning for their beloved homestyle pizza.

Canada’s interpretation of the infamous dish, which originated in Naples Italy, goes beyond Windsor. Greece-born Sam Panopoulos, who moved to Ontario when he was 20, is credited with inventing Hawaiian-style pizza after adding canned pineapple pieces to his pies, along with ham. The contentious topping can now be found at pizzerias around the world.  

Earlier this year, Berlin-based “Canadian” pizzeria Ron Telesky closed up shop. The restaurant, which was decorated with wallpapers of the Rocky Mountains and a giant moose head, was inspired by co-owner Ole Schnack’s time as an exchange student in Peterborough. He was taken by the style of pizza he found there, which wasn’t thick and gooey like American style, or thin like what was commonly found in Europe. The restaurant’s variety of pizzas gave ode to Canadiana, with names like The Cronenberg Crash and The Flaming Quebec. 

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Whoa! Sam’s Club Launches Virtual Holiday Shopping Experience Inside National Lampoon’s -Inspired Home

Courtesy Sam’s Club

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, holiday shopping is looking very different this year. But the elves at Sam’s Club have been working overtime to bring a unique experience to life to infuse more fun into our online shopping.

The bulk discount retailer has launched a very special virtual holiday shopping experience, where shoppers can browse through the make-believe home of the famed Griswold family from the National Lampoon Vacation movies. Specifically, prepare to be dazzled by their imaginary National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation home complete with movie trivia, interactive elements (like a squirrel in the Christmas tree and Aunt Bethany’s cat tucked into a gift box), and fabulous lights. From Sam’s Club digital landing page, you can shop their top gifts, toys, food, and more for the holiday season, all while making Cousin Eddie, Clark, Ellen, Rusty, Audrey, and Aunt Edna oh-so-delighted. In addition to holiday must-haves, the reimagined Griswold family home also features some items that tip their hats to classic scenes from the movie. (For instance, as you may spy in the photo below, Sam’s Club included the Little Giant ladder as a gift from Ellen, as a tribute to when Clark is struggling with the ladder while he hangs the Christmas lights.)

So how’s it work? It’s pretty simple. While shoppers tour the exterior of the twinkly abode and inside the home, they can click on the red dots to get information on the items and directly buy, say, a Christmas tree or Dutch oven. And if you’re not ready to shop quite yet, it’s a great way to round up some ideas for your holiday wish list.

As Sam’s Club spokesperson Laura Ladd Poff puts it, “If this year has a silver lining, it’s that we’re all finding ways to stay connected in really creative ways—Sam’s Club included—by introducing new experiences that make shopping easy and fun.” Needless to say, as fans of this classic holiday movie, we’re pretty stoked to see all that’s inside this decked-out home.

Courtesy Sam’s Club

Christmas Vacation was actually released in December of 1989 (that’s 31 years ago for those trying to do the math). And, if were catching up with the Griswold family today, things may look a bit different. At least we hope some of the wallpaper came down and the plaid sofas had been recovered,” says Ladd Poff. “We think this movie resonates with all of us in that Clark’s goal throughout the movie was to create perfect holiday memories but everything was  greatly interrupted by things outside of his control and that’s basically the story of all of 2020. But we’re here to celebrate the fact that even though nothing has gone to plan this year, we can still, as Clark says, ‘have hap-hap-happiest Christmas since’… well you know the rest of the quote!”

WATCH: Tour Sam’s Club Virtual National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation-inspired Holiday Shopping Experience

Whoa! Sam’s Club Launches Virtual Holiday Shopping Experience Inside National Lampoon’s-Inspired Home

Whoa! Sam’s

Ideas For Fashion Club Activities

Although many schools sponsor organizations for students interested in art, fashion design and merchandising, some students prefer to form informal fashion clubs. Students join these clubs because they are interested in a career in fashion, or simply want to share their love of fashion with others. Fashion clubs attract members by planning a variety of activities.

A fashion club has numerous options to choose from to complete community service. Project ideas include coat drives, collecting used clothing for disaster relief, raising money for a scholarship fund or supporting a famous fashion charity. Of course, service projects do not have to be related to the fashion industry. Recycling, health walks and food drives are also possibilities.

Club members can engage the student body by supporting school events. This may entail attending school athletic events, concerts and plays. See if the club can sell clothing designed by club members at these events to raise money for future club activities. Other students may be more willing to support and join a fashion club if they sense the club is supportive of other student organizations.

After the club has raised some funds, field trips can be discussed. Field trips can range from as close as in the school itself to hundreds of miles away. Set aside one meeting for club members to go to the school library to check out biographies of famous fashion designers. At the next meeting, hold a discussion on the designers. If the club has the necessary funds and the support and permission of the school administration, excursions off campus may be possible. Trip ideas includes jaunts to department stores, movies, restaurants and local fashion shows.

A major activity a fashion club can undertake is providing its members and others with information about the fashion industry. Many fashion clubs even make guest speakers the cornerstone of each meeting by extending speaking invitations to businesses and organizations associated with the fashion world. After listening to the guest, open up the floor for questions.

Another way to give out information is to organize a career fair. In a large room, arrange tables for representatives from various local baronesses and organizations. High on the list for invitations should be colleges that offer programs fashion programs, area fashion academies, design houses and clothing stores. Other possibilities include modeling schools and agencies, art institutes, beauty schools, wholesale clothing suppliers, and stores that traditionally hire students. Open the career fair to the general student body to encourage more businesses to participate.

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