Marketing Exec Watchen Nyanue Shares Why Climbing The Corporate Ladder Is A Daily Choice For Black Women In The Workplace

It’s been nearly seven months since those who are fortunate enough to still have jobs have been working remotely. Yet, many people are still finding their rhythm and footing on the corporate ladder.

While recent reports have shown that 1 in 4 women have chosen to step away from corporate due to the global pandemic, there is still an opportunity for others to show up and take the next step up the ladder with the right support and resources.

Watchen Nyanue, Senior Vice President of Marketing Partnerships for the WNBA Chicago Sky and Founder and CEO of I Choose The Ladder, a career development company, has made it a priority to help women understand what comes with the territory of deciding to work in Corporate America – and how they can strategize to be successful – especially during the pandemic.

“Although it does not seem like it, working in Corporate America is a choice. It’s a choice that we make every single day. And if you’re going to make that choice, you want to make sure that you’re putting yourself in the best position to win,” said Nyanue.

After recognizing the privilege of having high-powered mentors from all nationalities throughout her career – and being called out on it by friends who didn’t have the same experience – Nyanue decided to create “I Choose the Ladder” to help others. “As someone who has been standing on shoulders to get me to any rung on the ladder that I want, I thought it was my responsibility to make sure that once I was where I wanted to be, that I was sending the elevator back down for other women who look like me,” said Nyanue.

Nyanue and her team host an annual event with leaders from various industries who candidly share their experiences and expertise to help Black women better position themselves as they show up at work. For Nyanue, being specific and intentional about focusing on Black women in the workplace is imperative given the lack of support many receive.

“I personally do not believe that we should tell other people’s stories. I’ve never been a woman of color in the workplace. I’ve always been a Black woman in the workplace. So, the problems that I know and the problems that I can solve for are the ones that Black women face. I’m not arrogant enough to think that I can solve problems that don’t really apply to me,” said Nyanue.

Weathering In The Workplace

One of the many problems that she is solving for is weathering in the workplace. For some Black women, there a number of pandemics that they have experienced personally and professionally. So for some, working remotely or going into the office during this time adds another layer of complexity – and stress.

To that point, Nyanue said, “The level of weathering that you’re going

Flipping The Corporate Classroom Training Model For Maximum Remote Readiness

Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, driving the path to global enterprise leadership for MindTickle, the Sales Readiness platform.

It took a pandemic to highlight something we’ve probably known for some time: The art and science of training salespeople — the pedagogy — is broken. A recent Sales Management Association and MindTickle research study from March of this year, “Benchmarking Sales Readiness and Sales Enablement,” found that 44% of firms say their sales force is not effective, 57% of firms have not been able to move that needle significantly in the past 12 months and 82% of firms do not have a completely effective salesforce development program. And while there is a place for professional learning environments for the transfer of knowledge via in-person, live instruction, the novel coronavirus era and its aftermath have brought this approach into question for me for the long-term. Even with the advent of virtual instructor-led training and digital and analog micro-formats, a teach-to-test approach focusing on participatory and completion dynamics and content consumption should no longer be the defining feature of skills development. In a marketplace defined by digital outreach, digital engagement and digital self-service, sales pedagogy should accelerate its transformation to the “flipped classroom” model, which places more emphasis on the digital experience. It must accomplish this without losing hard-won field experience, experiential skills programs or peer-to-peer collaboration. By far, the biggest advantage this digital transformation could drive is bringing personalization that bridges an understanding of function-specific skill gaps with the dynamic delivery of digital environments personalized to learner styles, preferences and motivation.

The Origins Of The Flipped Classroom

The flipped-classroom concept was made famous by Eric Mazur, a Harvard physics professor who realized a two-step process in education: information transfer and learning. Mazur realized that his lectures during class time were essentially the information-transfer step. The valuable “aha” moments came after his lectures and outside of the classroom when students could take time to ruminate over what they’d just heard. 

In order to optimize his time with his students, he switched this model so that students completed the information-transfer step before entering the classroom. The sense-making or learning step could then occur during class time. With this flipped model, Mazur was helping his students better understand the material.

Enabling The Professional Learner

The professional learner’s mission is similar to the student’s in that they must understand concepts before they can apply them to real-world situations. Specifically, the professional learner in sales must learn the message and see it reinforced so they stay on message and present the customer-facing behaviors that consistently drive better business outcomes. 

Traditionally, the focus of training has been on learning methodology, program design and development, curriculum, instructional design and logistics. Its go-to mandate has manifested in the wide distribution of standardized content (i.e., information transfer). There are some immediate challenges to this approach. First, it assumes that learners are self-motivated and are proactively consuming and internalizing assigned content or exercises. It assumes that all learners learn in

Introduce Your Business to New Clients With a Corporate Gift Basket

Giving corporate gift baskets to potential clients is a good way to make a long-lasting positive impression. This gesture shows that your business is invested in its clients and wants to go that extra mile to make sure they’re happy.

The gift baskets you give do not have to be super expensive or large. In fact, a corporate gift basket like that could make the recipient feel awkward, and we don’t want that. gifts containing alcoholic items are also probably best left alone; if your recipient doesn’t imbibe, this renders the basket useless. The same goes for baskets obviously aimed towards a certain gender, such as a basket filled with frilly pink spa items. The best way to go is to opt for small to medium sized corporate gift baskets filled with goodies anyone could use, such as candies, desk supplies, or baked goods.

A great way to draw a client to your business even more is to include some items with your company’s logo on them. Don’t go overboard with huge logos that obscure the entire object; a modestly-sized one will do the trick wonderfully, whereas an oversized logo can look tacky and desperate. Some good items to put your logo on include pens, laptop bags, water bottles, and travel mugs. These are all items that a person can really use on an everyday basis, and they’ll think of your company every time they use it.

There is one final thing to consider. Giving a gift to a potential client is a great idea. However, keep in mind that it is inappropriate and often against company policy to give gifts to any client you are currently in negotiations with. This can be interpreted as a bribe, even if that’s not how you intended it. Even if your company policy says nothing about this, the client may feel uncomfortably pressured by your gesture. To avoid any sticky situations, opt to give corporate gift baskets to people who have not yet gotten involved with your business, but who are thinking about doing so. This is not to say that you shouldn’t give gifts to potential clients at all – just use your better judgment to avoid any mishaps or embarrassing situations.

Corporate gift baskets are a perfect way to show potential clients that your company wants to do business with them. It gives your business the image of being genuine, thoughtful, and involved. Why not try it next time?

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Corporate Baby Gifts – How to Choose the Perfect Gift for an Employee or Customer

At some point, almost every business will need to purchase a baby gift to send to a new parent. Perhaps it’s a loyal customer that you want to show your appreciation to, perhaps a new customer that you are building rapport with, or perhaps an employee who you’d like to celebrate with. Whatever the reason, finding the perfect baby gift can build great relationships and form a lasting impression.

When my son was born, my husband was the vice president of a small construction company. One of their major vendors brought us a gift card for a local baby store. We were very appreciative that they thought of us, and now even 7 years later I can still remember receiving it. Now that’s staying power.

I generally do not recommend gift cards as baby gifts from businesses. There are several reasons why. The main one, is that a gift card does not show that much effort at all was put into the gift. It doesn’t even show that the company has taken the time to find out if the baby is a boy or girl. Another important factor is price. In general, you can find a very nice gift for much less than most people will end up spending on a gift card. A gift card has no “wow” factor, and the recipient will know exactly how much you spent on the gift.

So, how much should you spend on a baby gift for a customer or employee? There are no hard set rules or general etiquette rules for appropriate amounts. We, however generally recommend a 10% rule, with a minimum of $30. If the person you are purchasing for is an employee, take a look at their weekly salary. Whatever that salary is, plan to spend about 10% of that on their baby gift. That means if they make $400 a week, you would plan to spend about $40. If they make $1000 a week, plan for about $100. If they make $300 or less, plan to spend about $30 as you will find it hard to find a nice gift for less than $20-30. If you are purchasing for a customer, follow a similar rule, but look at approximately how much money their company spends with you on a typical week (if they don’t purchase weekly, average out what they do spend to get a weekly rate). You can then use 10% of the typical purchase amount.

Once you have your budget figured out, you are ready to start considering gift ideas. Try to find out as much about the new baby as you can. Is it a boy or a girl? Has the baby be named? What is his/her name? What was the birth date? Having this information will allow you to find a gift that will be extra special for the family.

When choosing a corporate baby gift, you’ll want to look for a few things. First of all, it should be something the family can …

Custom Playing Cards Are a Great Corporate or Personal Gift

Everyone loves to enjoy a quick game of cards. For centuries now, the classic deck of cards has been a staple game in very household, and this is true today too. There are so many different games to play with just one pack of cards, it must be one of the most universally popular and innovative games in our history.

Increasing numbers of businesses and individuals are choosing custom printed playing cards as a way of creating branded corporate gifts and personalized gifts. Printing the back of each card with your chosen design, image or logo is the perfect way to get a message across and give people a welcome gift. There are many reasons to choose custom cards, here are just a few.

Corporate events – Many companies need high quality gifts that will strengthen their brand and allow them to give new contacts, guests and visitors a valued gift. At most corporate vents the standard practice is to create a 'goodie bag' of items that are all branded with the company logo and livery. These items can include note pads, pens, pencils, memory sticks, leaflets, t-shirts and more. And lately this bag of goodies has included a customer set of playing cards.

Private functions – Parties, weddings, bachelor parties, celebrations, kids parties, again the list is endless. These are all the perfect time to give your guests a memorable and fun gift by having cards printed with your chosen design or a suitable photograph and message. Wedding couples have used them as favors. They have also been used widely for children's parties with a colorful image and simple message on the back of each card. They are the perfect gift that makes guests smile! And of course, they are playing cards so are always useful and there is no doubt they will be used.

Team building events, club events, clubs and organisations – All over the country there are literally millions of groups, clubs and organizations that value having customer cards printed. They use them as gifts to give members and as merchandise that can be sold to raise much needed funds for charitable causes. They have also been used by groups to be handed out to teams in team events.

The ways in which your event or group could benefit from this innovative use of an ancient and much loved card game are too many to mention. And of course, the real fun comes when you are deciding upon your own design. You can choose a logo or branded design with your group or business colors or you could have art work done. Many people choose images as their design. For cards printed for private individuals, often the photo chosen is a family image or group photo.

They make the perfect memorable gift, memento, and keep-sake. You can use your imagination how to use your customer cards and on how to design and decorate them. There is no doubt they will be well received and used too. …

How to Sell Gift Baskets to Corporate Clients

Some of the most successful gift basket businesses have done so well due to their ability to attract clients from the corporate world and service them on a regular basis. In this article we look at why this market sector can be a great one to target and some ways that you can market your gift baskets to this group.

Companies often have to give gifts for a variety of reasons such as showing appreciation to employees, clients or suppliers. Gifts can help to build stronger relationships and can help to ease tension if difficulties emerge between the company and another party. A gift basket is the ideal gift as it solves the problem of ‘what to buy?’ and the ordering, payment and delivery process is usually made simple.

The great thing about corporate clients is that they will typically buy from you all year round for a variety of occasions. The consumer market, on the other hand is mostly made up of occasional buyers who will buy from you every now and then. So one good customer in the business world may give you ten or twenty times more business than a regular customer.

If you advertise well then you may find that corporate clients will come to you but the more likely scenario is that you will have to go out and get them. Getting leads can be difficult and if you aren’t able to utilize a personal connection with someone at the company then you are left with either telemarketing or other kinds of direct marketing to get in the door. One way is to just drop off a free basket ‘with compliments’ and hope that they like it and will use your services in the future.

Once you have prospects interested you then need to put your sales process into action. Refine a sales process over time and make adjustments until you have a winning system for turning prospects into accounts. Remember to treat each case differently, listen to each clients specific needs and try to offer a solution that is exactly what they are looking for.

Other common sales tips are to seek out decision makers, try to read body language and to know how to close a deal when the time is right.

Most companies will only choose one gift basket provider and they will work with them for many years if the service level and quality remains strong. A contract is usually not necessary but you should always remain true to your word and your brands promise.

Once you have secured an account you can start to build a long term relationship with a client. It is important that you keep up high standards when dealing with the customer such as answering or returning their calls or emails promptly and by making sure that you get every one of their orders right and delivered on time. Keep a file on each client and note down their specific preferences so that there can be …

Corporate Gift Items – How to Choose Gifts For Those With Discernible Tastes?

Corporate gift giving can be a tricky situation. You need to find a gift that is proper for your intended recipients, but also speaks of your generosity and appreciation. At the same time, you also want to offer a gift that is beneficial to people.

By purchasing corporate gift items like spa gift baskets, you're able to do just that, and can also offer a little bit of relaxation and luxury to those who are most in need. These gift ideas will allow your clients, employees, and / or colleagues know how much they are truly appreciated, while giving them the convenience of spa-quality treatments that they can use in the comfort of their homes.

To leave a lasting impression on people, these corporate gift items are a great choice. It doesn't matter whether you're purchasing gifts for employee appreciation or corporate events; There is something for everyone in these gift baskets. In the corporate world, it seems that everything is moving 100 miles an hour.

What better way to pamper those you care about than with a generous gift basket full of spa-quality items? By purchasing these gift baskets, you're sure to stand out in the minds of your recipients for many years to come.

Designed especially for those who have truly discernible tastes, these gift baskets are great corporate gift items. They are much more useful than other gifts, and are a great alternative to other unnecessary, unwelcome, or otherwise less appreciated gifts that you might find. Telling your employees and / or clients that you appreciate them through the generosity of these gift bags is a way to offer the very best in relaxation, and promote a stress-free environment to all who receive this gift.

These corporate gift items are only for those who expect excellence and opulence. If you want to stand out and prove that you demand the best, the spa gift is a great way to do that. Although there isn't room to list all of the amenities, some items you will find included in most first-class corporate spa gifts are: a plush bathrobe worthy of five-star hotels, a lavender aromatherapy eye mask, a deluxe bath pillow, custom water by a bottler who has taken the exquisite step of providing museum quality glazed bottles adorned with Swarovski crystals, and many more bath and body spa specialty items made for the truly elite. This is the very pinnacle of generosity!

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Corporate Gift Ideas – How Not to Look 100% Lame

Ok, it's that time of the year when you have to start thinking about corporate gift ideas. You don't want to appear lame and give another box of apples like last year, or a box of steaks like the year before that. So, you put your thinking cap on and start to put yourself in your clients' position.

When you think about the year you have had along with the rest of the world it makes you want to take a big sigh. You feel stressed out thinking about how tough it is to survive. A big light bulb goes on and you determine you are going to give your best customers something useful and beneficial.

What might that be?

It is a spa-quality gift basket. It offers a little bit of luxury and relaxation to those who need it most. By sending this type of gift, you're able to let your clients, employees, and / or colleagues know how much they are appreciated while giving them a spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home.

By purchasing a luxurious aromatherapy gift basket for your corporate clients, you're sure to stand out in the mind of your recipients for years to come.

With the fast-paced nature of the corporate world, everyone needs a little relaxation now and then, and for those who can't afford the time for a spa getaway, these gift baskets are a great alternative.

If you're looking for only the best, these gifts have what you need. Much more useful than other gifts, these corporate gift ideas are also a great alternative to other unwelcome or unnecessary gifts that you might find. After all, there is really nothing better than telling your employees and / or clients that you appreciate them enough to only give the very best in relaxation and rejuvenation. When they fall into bed and have the best rest of the year, you better believe you will be top of mind.

You might be wondering how is that possible?

Well get a load of what your gift recipients normally receive in high-end aromatherapy spa gifts: relaxation music CD, plush make-you-feel-good-all-over robe, lavender aromatherapy mask, a deluxe bath pillow, bath and body spa products that will make you feel like a million bucks.

I told you this gift is a true statement of your generosity and appreciation. So, go ahead and give the gift that shows you have taste and style.

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The Pros and Cons of a Corporate Clothing Allowance

When it comes to the corporate clothing your employees wear, do you prefer to provide it yourself or give them a clothing allowance so you don't have to worry about choosing their attire? While each has their benefits, here are some pros and cons to giving your employees a clothing allowance.

Advantages of a Corporate Clothing Allowance

You may not have the time to delegate each item of clothing your employees wear, especially if you run a large corporation. By providing your employees with a clothing allowance, both you and the employee can benefit in the following ways:

  • You will not have to take the time to choose the best clothing for each of your employees
  • Your employees will have a little bit of freedom when it comes to deciding what they wear to work.
  • A certain color or fabric may look better on their frame than another, and if everyone is wearing different types of corporate clothing, they don't have to wear something that isn't flattering.
  • Employees don't have to worry about the cost of their clothing. A clothing allowance allows them to choose the type of clothing they need, whether it is pantyhose, socks, shoes, suits, or dress shirts.

Disadvantages of a Clothing Allowance

While there are several advantages to providing your employees with a corporate clothing allowance, there are quite a few disadvantages as well.

  • Employees may fail to provides receipts as proof they used the allowance for clothing
  • Clothing items that are not needed for use in the work place may be purchased and worn other places.
  • Employees may not reserve certain items, like belts, shoes, and shirts for just the workplace. As a result, these clothing items may become worn from excess use.
  • They may provide proof of a clothing purchase, but may sell the item and keep the extra cash for themselves.
  • Certain employees may choose inappropriate clothing items, which may not reflect the professional attitude of your company.
  • Employees may spend all of their allowance on one expensive item of clothing and may not be able to afford the rest of the clothing they need to work with your company.

The Bottom Line on Clothing Allowances

While clothing allowances can give your employees the freedom to choose the clothes they want to wear, you may not be happy with the results. Some workers may even take advantage of your kindness, especially if they already own professional attire.

Consider the advantages of using a clothes allowance and see if you can provide your employees with the same advantages when you supply corporate clothes. Many times, corporate wear can be altered and tailored to fit and hang well on many different types of body frames. You may want to provide other needed items besides the basic clothing, such as shirts and socks.

All in all, you may find it is better to provide your workers with the corporate clothing you wish for them to wear in order to avoid problems.

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