Allbirds launches its first line of sustainable apparel

If you’ve ever wanted to wear a T-shirt made of discarded crab shells, now’s your chance.

a woman wearing glasses: Footwear company Allbirds has launched its first line of sustainable apparel.

© Courtesy Allbirds
Footwear company Allbirds has launched its first line of sustainable apparel.

Yes. Really.


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Allbirds — the footwear company known for making shoes from sustainable materials such as merino wool and sugarcane waste — is launching its first apparel line.

The collection, for men and women, includes a T-shirt made of a new material Allbirds calls “XO,” a fiber derived from the discarded shells of marine life, which the company says is the “second most abundant biopolymer on Earth.” It also includes sweaters made from “responsibly sourced” merino wool and a puffer jacket made from a blend of merino wool, recycled polyester and Tencel (a fiber harvested from natural materials rather than oil-based synthetics).

The move into this new category marks a big jump for Allbirds, which shot to success — becoming a billion-dollar unicorn in 2018 — thanks to a growing wave of awareness among consumers of the environmental impact of fast fashion. It has also garnered huge popularity within the Silicon Valley tech community.

The company, which is privately owned, is a certified B Corp, meaning it meets stringent standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency in all aspects of the production process. AllBirds has 22 stores in the United States, Europe, China and New Zealand but does much of its sales on line.

“From the start, we knew our vision of evolved environmentalism was broader than just shoes,” Allbirds said in a release Tuesday.

“As the chasm between disposable fast fashion and utilitarian basics has grown the fashion industry has clung to the same outdated methods that continue to drive excessive carbon emissions, soil depletion and synthetic waste … Allbirds apparel not only feels better, performs better and looks better, it’s also better for the planet.”

The environmental cost of the fashion industry is huge, generating around 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions globally, according to the United Nations.

While the most sustainable option might be to buy no new clothes at all, Allbirds offers consumers a more reasonable middle ground.

Its products are made with renewable, natural materials, and its website and marketing materials provide consumers with information they need to make more sustainable choices. The “XO” material in the new Allbirds T-shirts, for example, helps the clothing stay fresher longer, requiring less frequent washes, according to the company.

And while Allbirds offsets emissions to be carbon-neutral, each piece of clothing comes with a carbon emissions score so consumers can better understand the environmental footprint of their shopping habits.

Buying sustainably made products may mean paying a premium, though. Allbirds T-shirts cost $48, sweaters start at $135 and the puffer jacket is $250 — the prices are the same for both the men’s and women’s offerings.

a man standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: The collection includes a T-shirt made from a new material that includes the discarded shells of marine life.

© Courtesy Allbirds
The collection includes a T-shirt made from a new material that includes the discarded shells of marine life.

a person wearing a suit and tie: Footwear company Allbirds has launched its first line of sustainable apparel.

© Courtesy Allbirds
Footwear company

Windsor launches a pizza club to celebrate its regional style

Dad and daughter sit on window seat at home sharing a pizza
The Windsor Essex Tourism board is leveraging Windsor’s unique style of pizza with a new tourism initiative. (Getty)

Windsor’s unique take on pizza is being celebrated by the city with its own club, in an effort to attract business and cement the importance of the culinary staple in the region.

A Windsor-style pizza is known for its shredded pepperoni, locally made cheese and special crust that’s not too thick and not too thin. It also often features canned mushrooms, which add the right amount of moisture to the dish. This regional special inspired the tourism board to start the Windsor Pizza Club, as a way to boost sales amongst many of its family-owned businesses.

Gordon Orr, CEO of Tourism Windsor Essex explains that the program is part of a federal grant, which they applied for last year. They wanted to showcase something special about the city that was market-ready and easy to promote.

“When we came up with the concept of pizza, we looked no further,” he told Yahoo Canada. “We know we’ve got a delicious product and if we bundled it together, it would be something worth bragging about.”

Eight family-run pizzerias are part of the promotion, including Antonino’s, which has been around since 1959. The club is free to join and is open to locals and visitors. Members of the pizza club get a membership card, available at all participating locations, which can be stamped each time they order. Once the card is filled, it can be redeemed for a prize, the current option being a t-shirt, which has the pizza club logo and the slogan “In crust we trust”.

“It encourages people to shop local,” he says. “And these pizzas are local, they aren’t franchises. They’re local talent right here.”

So far, the response has been strong. The membership card has been downloaded 150 times since it was launched last week. Former Windsor residents, some as far as B.C., have even been reaching out to express their yearning for their beloved homestyle pizza.

Canada’s interpretation of the infamous dish, which originated in Naples Italy, goes beyond Windsor. Greece-born Sam Panopoulos, who moved to Ontario when he was 20, is credited with inventing Hawaiian-style pizza after adding canned pineapple pieces to his pies, along with ham. The contentious topping can now be found at pizzerias around the world.  

Earlier this year, Berlin-based “Canadian” pizzeria Ron Telesky closed up shop. The restaurant, which was decorated with wallpapers of the Rocky Mountains and a giant moose head, was inspired by co-owner Ole Schnack’s time as an exchange student in Peterborough. He was taken by the style of pizza he found there, which wasn’t thick and gooey like American style, or thin like what was commonly found in Europe. The restaurant’s variety of pizzas gave ode to Canadiana, with names like The Cronenberg Crash and The Flaming Quebec. 

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Model No. Launches Collection of Sustainable and Custom Home Products and Furnishings Made from Food Waste

OAKLAND, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct 21, 2020–

Model No., the on-demand custom furnishings company, today announced the launch of their sustainable home furnishings line after over a year of perfecting the supply chain and manufacturing process, ethically sourcing materials and partners, and deploying its proprietary design process to deliver the ultimate upcycled collection.

Innovation in the furniture business has remained stagnant while consumer and environmental needs have changed. Model No. caters to today’s consumer’s desires for quality and accessible products that are responsibly-made. The company’s cutting-edge approach to producing furniture serves as the first home products model to prioritize technology, customer experience, design and environmental integrity within the furniture industry.

“Buying furniture from mass-market brands’ ‘one-size fits all’ approach is painful and fails to take into consideration the environmental needs of eco-conscious consumers,” said Phillip Raub, CEO of Model No. “By modernizing the design and manufacturing process, we provide consumers with tools to easily customize furniture on-demand in a matter of weeks using materials that are 100% renewable.”

The Commitment to Sustainability

Model No. was created to solve for the furniture industry’s current cumbersome pain points of mass production with little original design or customization ability, long delivery wait times and unsustainable manufacturing. The launch of Model No.’s innovative digital showroom allows consumers to fully customize items to fit their needs, from shape and color to size and budget, with the expectation of delivery of a few weeks. Additionally, through the adoption of 3D-printing technology using agricultural waste from corn husks, sugar cane and sugar beet as materials, Model No. minimizes carbon emissions and toxic byproducts, making the company’s home collection the largest eco-friendly furnishing offering for today’s conscious consumer.

The Collection

In response to consumers’ dynamic needs presented by the shift in lifestyles, Model No.’s agility to market demands resulted in a comprehensive collection of products for every room of the home such as dining suites, coffee and side tables, chaise lounges, office suites and home accessories. Each unique piece contains an individual model number and is designed to order based on the customer’s preferred customization.

Products within the collection appeal to the versatility of modern life and provide consumers with artfully crafted pieces to fit their style, budget and home such as:

  • Chic and ergonomic lounging options for living, bedroom or patio spaces
    • Model No. 221 Chaise (Starting at $1999)
  • Sleek and customizable WFH products with features such as a monitor shelf, discreet cord storage and executive pad
    • Model No. 700 Home Office Desk (Starting at $1299)
    • Model No. 404 Organizer (Starting at $35)
  • Tech-centric products with features such as wireless charging and discreet storage
    • Model No. 116 Coffee Table (Starting at $1299)
    • Model No. 117 Side Table (Starting at $429)
    • Model No. 400 Bins (Starting at $199)
  • Sustainable tables for socially-distant dining and modern kitchen and dining accessories
    • Model No. 110 Dining Table (Starting at $499)
    • Model No. 403 Vase (Starting at $39)
    • Model No. 413 Champagne Cooler (Starting at $79)

Developed by industry leaders with backgrounds in

Whoa! Sam’s Club Launches Virtual Holiday Shopping Experience Inside National Lampoon’s -Inspired Home

Courtesy Sam’s Club

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, holiday shopping is looking very different this year. But the elves at Sam’s Club have been working overtime to bring a unique experience to life to infuse more fun into our online shopping.

The bulk discount retailer has launched a very special virtual holiday shopping experience, where shoppers can browse through the make-believe home of the famed Griswold family from the National Lampoon Vacation movies. Specifically, prepare to be dazzled by their imaginary National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation home complete with movie trivia, interactive elements (like a squirrel in the Christmas tree and Aunt Bethany’s cat tucked into a gift box), and fabulous lights. From Sam’s Club digital landing page, you can shop their top gifts, toys, food, and more for the holiday season, all while making Cousin Eddie, Clark, Ellen, Rusty, Audrey, and Aunt Edna oh-so-delighted. In addition to holiday must-haves, the reimagined Griswold family home also features some items that tip their hats to classic scenes from the movie. (For instance, as you may spy in the photo below, Sam’s Club included the Little Giant ladder as a gift from Ellen, as a tribute to when Clark is struggling with the ladder while he hangs the Christmas lights.)

So how’s it work? It’s pretty simple. While shoppers tour the exterior of the twinkly abode and inside the home, they can click on the red dots to get information on the items and directly buy, say, a Christmas tree or Dutch oven. And if you’re not ready to shop quite yet, it’s a great way to round up some ideas for your holiday wish list.

As Sam’s Club spokesperson Laura Ladd Poff puts it, “If this year has a silver lining, it’s that we’re all finding ways to stay connected in really creative ways—Sam’s Club included—by introducing new experiences that make shopping easy and fun.” Needless to say, as fans of this classic holiday movie, we’re pretty stoked to see all that’s inside this decked-out home.

Courtesy Sam’s Club

Christmas Vacation was actually released in December of 1989 (that’s 31 years ago for those trying to do the math). And, if were catching up with the Griswold family today, things may look a bit different. At least we hope some of the wallpaper came down and the plaid sofas had been recovered,” says Ladd Poff. “We think this movie resonates with all of us in that Clark’s goal throughout the movie was to create perfect holiday memories but everything was  greatly interrupted by things outside of his control and that’s basically the story of all of 2020. But we’re here to celebrate the fact that even though nothing has gone to plan this year, we can still, as Clark says, ‘have hap-hap-happiest Christmas since’… well you know the rest of the quote!”

WATCH: Tour Sam’s Club Virtual National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation-inspired Holiday Shopping Experience

Whoa! Sam’s Club Launches Virtual Holiday Shopping Experience Inside National Lampoon’s-Inspired Home

Whoa! Sam’s

C’est Moi Beauty Ambassador Liza Koshy Launches Capsule Collection, One of One by C’est Moi

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Clean beauty brand C’est Moi has announced the launch of Brand Ambassador Liza Koshy’s capsule collection, One of One by C’est Moi. Liza’s collection expands on the brand’s principles with thoughtfully formulated multipurpose and multidimensional products, all of which are EWG VERIFIED™ and made for anyone that has sensitive skin. One of One by C’est Moi is available for pre-order at and the collection will be available on November 16th. Furthering their commitment to sustainability, the collection is also partnered with TerraCycle, an innovative recycling company that ensures that all packaging is recycled.

Liza’s enthusiasm for clean beauty developed after struggling for years with finding the right solutions that address her specific skin concerns. She found her way to C’est Moi while in search of products that would work with her extremely sensitive skin and were also environmentally conscious. After experiencing their lineup of skin care and color cosmetics and how easily they could be used within her daily routine, she signed on to be their first-ever Brand Ambassador.

One of One by C’est Moi focuses on creating for the faces of the future – a new generation that embraces cleaner, healthier choices for themselves and our world. All products are made with clean ingredients, and are dermatologist tested, vegan, hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and EWG VERIFIED™.

“One of One by C’est Moi celebrates your individuality — you are uniquely you, which deserves the biggest party of all — the One you’re always invited to. We lovingly created this line to foster your inner creativity and versatility,” said Liza Koshy. “For myself, learning the ins and outs of clean beauty alongside the brilliant minds at C’est Moi has been an eye-opening and life-bettering experience. Whether it be your subtle glow, or full glam for show, we hope our collection brings you as many fun-filled moments as it has brought all of us to create it.”

Included in the capsule collection are the F(ace) Balm Cleansing Duo, Flash Please Cream Highlighter in three shades, Give ‘Em Lip & Cheek Tinted Balm in three shades, Think Twice Eyeliner Duo in three pencils and six colors total, Give ‘Em Face, a Face Mask Artistry Kit featuring four masks, Milk It Shimmering Hydrafluid, and three Treatment Mists.

“Collaborating to bring One of One by C’est Moi to life has been one of the most rewarding and exciting moments for the entire C’est Moi Beauty team,” said Jennifer Saul, Senior Vice President of C’est Moi. “Developing every detail with Liza and alongside our partners at the Environmental Working Group (EWG) was really what sets this collection apart. The intention, energy and thoughtfulness she brought to our experience developing together is one that I truly believe to be unique and special. We look forward to sharing this experience with you and cannot wait for you to see what comes from us next!”

About Liza Koshy                       
Liza Koshy is an actor and producer currently

Facebook launches new Shopping audiences, Instagram Product Tag ads, tests Shops discounts

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CoreLogic Launches New Automated Valuation Model

The new single model eliminates need for multiple AVMs and increases home valuation accuracy

CoreLogic® (NYSE: CLGX), a leading global property data and analytics-driven solutions provider, today announced the launch of Total Home ValueX™, a new automated valuation model (AVM) that eliminates the need for multiple AVMs. Building on the existing Total Home Value suite, the new, single model methodology dramatically increases home value accuracy and hit rate for all AVM applications.

“In 2020, the appraisal industry saw an immediate need to shift from traditional in-person appraisals to consistently precise and dependable digital valuation tools — a need that continues to grow and has no end in sight,” said Frank Martell, president and CEO, CoreLogic. “Record low mortgage rates and a home supply shortage has meant home sellers need immediate valuations to remain competitive. This has created an even higher demand for efficient, accurate and reliable valuation tools.”

Traditionally, AVMs were designed with broad applications in mind, requiring businesses to choose between various models. However, this choice creates an additional risk of leveraging the incorrect AVM, which can have long-lasting and negative impacts on business growth and hit rates. To address this industry-wide problem, Total Home ValueX utilizes a singular, uniform model methodology to render highly accurate valuations across all business use cases — without sacrificing hit rate — even on hard-to-value properties.

Total Home ValueX provides current market values for the U.S. residential housing stock. The model leverages CoreLogic’s industry-leading property records that capture 99.9%+ of U.S. properties and span 50+ years, as well as MLS data and newly added data sources not traditionally used in AVMs to support diverse use cases and markets spanning mortgage, real estate, ReTech, FinTech, PropTech, government, insurance and even consumers.

“The market continues to change, and it was time to re-imagine the traditional approach to building AVMs,” said Olumide Soroye, Managing Director, Property Intelligence & Risk Management Solutions, CoreLogic. “This ground-breaking AVM platform is powered by a rich data set that is refreshed daily, cloud computing, and machine learning techniques leading to superior AVM performance that can be validated with independent testing.”

About CoreLogic

CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX), the leading provider of property insights and solutions, promotes a healthy housing market and thriving communities. Through its enhanced property data solutions, services and technologies, CoreLogic enables real estate professionals, financial institutions, insurance carriers, government agencies and other housing market participants to help millions of people find, buy and protect their homes. For more information, please visit

CORELOGIC and the CoreLogic logo are trademarks of CoreLogic, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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Valerie Sheets

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HMG Strategy Launches its Inaugural Global Women in Technology Summit

This summit – designed by and for the top female technology leaders – provides an international platform for women in technology to explore the topics they believe are crucial for the continued advancement of women in tech

HMG Strategy’s 2020 HMG Live! Global Women in Technology Summit

Join the top female technology executives from around the world as they explore the topics that are crucial for the continued advancement of women in leadership roles.Join the top female technology executives from around the world as they explore the topics that are crucial for the continued advancement of women in leadership roles.
Join the top female technology executives from around the world as they explore the topics that are crucial for the continued advancement of women in leadership roles.
Join the top female technology executives from around the world as they explore the topics that are crucial for the continued advancement of women in leadership roles.

WESTPORT, Conn., Oct. 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — HMG Strategy, the world’s #1 digital platform for connecting technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world, is proud to announce the launch of its inaugural Global Women in Technology Summit on October 26.

The summit, designed by and for the top female technology leaders, is a unique platform that’s been created to recognize the accomplishments of global female technology executives. The event will be focused on topics aimed at driving the advancement of women in tech who are driving change in the C-suite while identifying opportunities to strengthen woman-to-woman mentorship across the full spectrum of a STEM career.

While there has been an increase in the number of women stepping into technology leadership roles in recent years, there’s still room for improvement on multiple levels,” says Hunter Muller, President and CEO of HMG Strategy. “As part of our commitment to powering career ascent opportunities for technology executives in our community, we are excited to be hosting our first-ever Global Women in Technology Summit to recognize the accomplishments of female technology leaders and to fuel the discussion that’s needed to drive cultural change in the C-suite.”

Chairwomen for HMG Strategy’s premiere Global Women in Technology Summit include:

  • Bhavani Amirthalingam, SVP, Chief Digital Information Officer, Ameren

  • Robin Brown, CIO, Protein Group, Cargill

  • Mamatha Chamarthi, CIO, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

  • Sujatha Chandrasekaran, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Information and Digital Officer, Dignity Health

  • Archana Deskus, SVP & CIO, Intel Corporation

  • Cindy Finkelman, CIO, FactSet Research Systems

  • Nancy Flores, Chief Information and Technology Officer, McKesson Corporation

  • Ursuline Foley, Board Member & Strategic Advisor, Provident Bank

  • Jennifer Hartsock, Vice President and CIO, Baker Hughes

  • Patty Hatter, SVP Global Customer Services, Palo Alto Networks

  • Sheila Jordan, Chief Digital Officer, Honeywell

  • Rashmi Kumar, SVP & CIO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

  • Susan Malisch, VP & CIO, Loyola University Chicago

  • Gerri Martin-Flickinger, EVP CTO, Starbucks

  • Wendy Pfeiffer, CIO, Nutanix

  • Bernadette Rotolo, SVP, Head of Global Systems, Warner Music Group

  • Janet Sherlock, CIO, Ralph Lauren Corporation

  • Cynthia Stoddard, SVP & CIO, Adobe

  • Jennifer Wesson Greenman, CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America Global

  • Gabrielle Wolfson, CIO & CDO, Quest Diagnostics

  • Angela Yochem, EVP Chief Digital and Technology Officer, Novant Health

  • Sigal Zarmi, Managing Director – Head of Launches New Jewelry Collection Named ‘Artisanal’

Press release content from Newswire. The AP news staff was not involved in its creation.

LOS ANGELES – October 20, 2020 – ( )

Angara is reinforcing its commitment to innovation in fine jewelry by introducing the Artisanal collection. It features luxurious designs embellished with Amethyst, Citrine, Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz and Garnet. But what sets this assortment apart are the exceptional gemstone cuts, which celebrate individuality and are a product of exemplary craftsmanship.

What’s in store for the consumer?

Artisanal has been branched out into three main categories, which include Geometry, Earthy Treasure and Panache. The overall collection aims to capture the unique aspects of life and one’s personality.

Fashioned after geometric shapes, these jewelry designs celebrate the fluidity and structure showcased by every curve and line. This category comprises of different geometric cuts which include round, oval, cushion, square, trillion, hexagon and heart. Fit into modern settings, each piece walks the tightrope between contemporary and classic.

This assortment comes packed with cuts inspired by the simple yet meaningful elements of nature. While the quatrefoil symbolizes positivity and faith, the floret design represents abundance and growth. Snowflake, the most unique cut in the lot, celebrates the exclusivity of each individual. The vibrancy of the jewels is brought to the forefront with the use of minimalist designs that highlight the freshness of every piece.

This category hosts designs that endeavor to complement the unique personality traits of every individual. It showcases gemstone cuts fashioned after kites, lozenges and barrels. Indicating imagination, connection and abundance, Panache fuses the aesthetic value and symbolism of each cut in equal measure.

The Artisanal collection includes rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. It will be available exclusively on


Founded by Ankur Daga, is a U.S.-based fine jewelry e-commerce retailer that specializes in customized diamond and gemstone jewelry. Ankur’s family has been in the fine gemstone business for generations and has deep roots in diamond and gemstone cutting, polishing and design. They have primarily catered to larger retailers around the world, specializing in sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, diamonds and other precious and semi-precious gemstones, but in 2005 Ankur decided to bring their family heritage and jewelry directly to the public with the launch of

Media Contact:
Angara Inc.

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Street Style Star @KatieIsMonster Launches a One-Size-Fits-All Label

a statue of a man and a woman standing on a sidewalk

© Photo: Courtesy of The Meaning Well Team

It’s truly delightful to see Katie Ruensumran aka @katieismonster in Vogue’s fashion week slideshows. The Thailand-born, London-based consultant is a burst of Comme des Garcons or Simone Rocha-outfitted joy on the London street style scene. This year, with few fashion week shows to attend, Ruensumran isn’t buying clothing or posing in front of a flock of cameras. Instead, she has launched her own label, The Meaning Well, which is a combination of comfort, tailoring, and Ruensumran’s signature oversized and tent-like silhouettes. 

a person standing posing for the camera

© Photo: Courtesy of Jacob Hodgkinson / @jacob_hodgkinson_

It’s a bold move to launch a label during a pandemic, but Ruensumran found it to be a way to save jobs and promote local industry in a fashion community that was slowly unraveling around her. “I’d rather take this money to pay for the pattern cutter and the graphic designer who lost their job,” she says. “It is about helping each other. The brand can support local business and designers.” Ruensumran started working on The Meaning Well the first day of London’s lockdown on March 15. She remembers that shortly before then, she had been traveling back from Paris Fashion Week back to London on the Euro Star just as cases started to spike. When she arrived back in London to her studio office that she shared with fellow creatives, she slowly saw the local industry deteriorate. As lockdown progressed, she lost some of her own clients from her consulting agency, and one-by-one, her neighboring studio-mates began to lose their jobs. “I met a graphic designer and he said that the company [he worked for] was closing,” says Ruensumran. “I was like, ‘I want to do something. I want to help them but I don’t have enough money to help everyone, so maybe I should do something that can be my career, as well.’” From there, The Meaning Well was born. Ruensumran currently works with a graduate fashion design student and a pattern cutter. 

a person standing in front of a building

© Photo: Courtesy of The Meaning Well Team

A smaller production means Ruensumran can source fabrics mindfully. “I want to make everything here,” she says. For fabrics, she tapped her connections to factories outside of London, including one which sells deadstock material intended for upholstery and curtains, all of which is 100 percent cotton. Ruensumran also makes the silhouettes oversize, a look that she personally buys, and notes that the pieces fit both the model and her. “I’m not skinny, I’m not slim, so I’d rather buy an oversize blazer or oversized dress,” she says. “I want to wear something that I can work from home and do a Zoom. I want to dress up, but in a more comfortable way. It doesn’t matter if you’re slim or bigger like me—it fits everyone.” 

a person wearing a costume

© Photo: Courtesy of Jacob Hodgkinson / @jacob_hodgkinson_

To further lessen the brand’s footprint, Ruensumran doesn’t plan on releasing seasonal collections, and instead will launch the same styles in different fabrics from time to