French Jewelry Designer Marie Lichtenberg Creates From Here Heart And Soul

Did you ever see a jewelry designer’s work and connect to it on every level—emotionally, artistically, feeling that you shared a common link? As a jewelry journalist and author, I can appreciate a diverse range of modern designers and antique dealers on different levels. And then there are jewels and their makers whom I connect with on a level that somehow speaks to my soul. When a friend and designer Susan Cohen of Circa 1700 introduced me to French designer Marie Lichtenberg via DM on Instagram , this happened almost instantaneously. There is something about the joy in what she is creating, the nod to vintage and antique jewels without being redundant and the uncompromising focus of her collection that hit an emotional cord.

Marie Lichtenberg’s English and Fresh sayings on three dimensional clasps inspired by antique jewelry

Only when I began to interview her did I find we had some similarities in our backgrounds (albeit on different sides of the Atlantic) which could account for some the pull I felt to this collection. Marie was born, raised and has always lived in Paris and I, in New York or the New York area. Marie and I both started our careers as fashion stylists for print magazines. She had a mom in the antiques/vintage jewelry business and I had a mentor whom I worked for in the business and mom and dad in fashion and textiles respectively. We were both brought up around color, texture and lively talk about style vs. fashion. We both wore plastic heart pendants and star stickers as earrings as young girls. I loved when she told me this. It made me feel like I had that French je nais se quois at seven years-old. We both turned to designing jewelry after we realized that fashion had become somewhat of a machine rather than a creative endeavor and we both started with an idea rather than a business plan.

Luckily I was also a writer who never gave that part of myself up and continued to write when the jewelry business started to change in the late 1990s. But enough about my career. Marie Lichtenberg has designed a collection of artfully detailed, joyful and lyrical clasps that all began with one necklace her mother owned. She then turned it into a collection of her ‘favorite things’—sayings, color combinations and motifs—that all seem to fit together as a collection that relies on imagination and a gut instinct to which international women have and will continue to relate.

Marie Lichtenberg’s Amour clasps worn on necklaces around her wrist. who carries her collection in the states sold out quicker than most women who found her on Instagram could order it. Don’t fret, they will be receiving a