Fashion tips that can maximize your style quotient this winter

Fashion tips that can maximize your style quotient this winterFashion tips that can maximize your style quotient this winter

Fashion tips that can maximize your style quotient this winter

22 Oct 2020: Fashion tips that can maximize your style quotient this winter

If you are a person who is keenly interested in fashion, you must have seen the new fall/winter looks that several international fashion brands have showcased in the past two months.

Taking inspiration from these trends, and the evergreen winter fashion sensibility, we present to you some essential fashion tips that you should definitely incorporate in your 2020 winter looks.

Let’s dive deep.

Layering: Layering up keeps you warm and makes you look chic

Low temperatures during winter won’t let you sport casuals (tank tops, ripped jeans, etc.), and it does demand multiple layer of clothes.

Layering up is a common winter trend that can make you look super chic.

For example, a turtleneck under a jacket or coat is always classy.

Pairing your top with pants can look great too, with the correct color combination.

Boots: Bring your boots out of storage this season

Wearing boots can make your feet stuffy. But in winter, you need to protect your feet from the harsh weather.

So if you have them, it is time to use those.

Not only do boots warm your feet, they also change the look.

Ankle-length boots look great with jeans. Thigh-high boots also allow you to wear dresses without letting your legs feel the cold.

Puff sleeves: The dramatic puff sleeves are now bigger than ever

Puff sleeves are increasingly becoming popular in fashion shows.

However, these dramatically big sleeved blouses, dresses, jackets and more are not just for runaways.

In this cold season, wear these extraordinary sleeves to protect your arms in a stylish way.

If these outfits make you look like a giant bubble, wear a belt with the dresses, and tuck the blouses in high-waist jeans.

Coats: Coats with neutral tones for a sophisticated look

Neutral tones have been fashion industry’s here-to-stay trend this entire decade. This has passed onto winter coats collections too.

Pairing up your lighter toned outfits with trench coats, over coats, maxi coats of neutral colors can make you look uber-stylish and sophisticated.

Varying neutral shades like sand, camel also look nice with darker outfits, so investing in them is not a bad idea.

Beanies: Beanies are the classic combination of street and chic style

In winter, you have to cover your ears.

Wearing a beanie lets you do so while making you look stylish.

There are many ways to style with a beanie. You can pair a black one with leather jacket for a street hip look, or go the other way with a knitted neutral toned beanie.

You can also color coordinate your beanie and coat.

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The Snap Jewelry Concept – Idea That Can Help Maximize Profits

When I started my jewelry designing career, I did not know where it would take me. I did not even know if I would be able to sell my first set of creations. Times were difficult for me, but I knew I had to start from somewhere. The first few pieces of jewelry that I created didn't really make me much profit. But, at least it gave me an idea that if I have better designs, I will be able to taste success someday.

I would search the internet for unique designs that would appeal to most buyers. I had to keep in mind that not everyone can afford expensive jewelry and therefore it is not worthwhile spending in jewelry supplies and beads that are too costly. I had to keep my expenses really low to be able to maximize my profit. I joined some groups on social networking sites so I could learn more about this business. We shared all sorts of ideas related to jewelry making and as time went by, I found out about the snap jewelry concept.

At first, the idea did appeal to me, but since it was becoming popular by the day, I decided to give it a try. The snap jewelry concept is really simple, but fascinating. It is basically an interchangeable jewelry concept where you can mix and match from a range of fashion snaps to create a unique look. The fashion snaps are button like charms that you can snap in and out of jewelry such as rings, bracelets and necklaces. They are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, styles and patterns.

So if you have one bracelet, you can create more than a hundred different looks with it just by changing the snap buttons. This means you can change the snaps to match your outfit.

Considering the kind of benefits this kind of interchangeable jewelry concept has, I took a risk and ordered wholesale snap buttons. I decided to make my own bracelets, rings and necklaces and instead of selling them as individual jewelry pieces, I decided to include sets of snap buttons in the package as well. So if I created one bracelet that had 3 snap buttons, I included 12 more snap buttons and sold them as a pack. The idea was to enable buyers to mix and match the buttons conveniently. My buyers did not have to look around for matching sized buttons as everything they need to create the look was included in the pack.

The first few packs I sold online went really well so I decided to continue with this idea. For every bracelet, ring or necklace I sold, I included batches of snap buttons. Women and girls loved what I offered to them and this is how I was able to maximize my profits with the snap jewelry concept.

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