Zurich Opera House Cancels Performances of SLEEPING BEAUTY After Ballet Company Member Tests Positive For COVID-19

All dancers are to quarantine for 10 days, and hope to return to performances on Tuesday, October 27.

Zurich Opera House recently announced the cancellation of performances of Sleeping Beauty on October 17 and 18 after a member of the ballet company tested positive for COVID-19.

According to a statement on the Opera House’s website, all dancers will go into quarantine for 10 days. All participants were aware that a positive test result of one member of the ensemble would mean quarantine for the whole group.

“We hope that the Zurich Ballet will soon be able to return to the stage and that further performances can take place as planned from Tuesday, October 27,” the statement reads.

If you have booked, reserved or subscribed for the performance on Saturday, 17 Octobre 2020, your seats will be automatically rebooked for the performance on Saturday, 13 March 2021 at 7 pm.

If you have booked, reserved or subscribed for the performance on Sunday, 18 Octobre 2020, your seats will be automatically rebooked for the performance on Friday, 12 March 2021 at 7 pm.

If you are unable to attend on this date, please contact the ticket office at tickets@opernhaus.ch or +41 44 268 66 66 to rebook for your preferred date. If you wish to cancel your tickets and request a refund, please use this form.

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Gang member attacked transgender women in MacArthur Park, prosecutors say

A newly renovated entrance to MacArthur Park at the corner of 7th and Alvarado streets.
MacArthur Park in 2016. (Patrick T. Fallon / For The Times )

A 25-year-old whom law enforcement officials say has gang ties was charged with multiple counts of attempted murder Friday in connection with the stabbings of two transgender women in MacArthur Park in recent months, authorities said.

Donoban Fonseca was charged with three counts of attempted murder in connection with attacks spanning from late August to early October, the latter of which sparked widespread outrage in the LGBTQ community.

Fonseca will also face hate crime and gang enhancements, according to a news release issued by the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office. Fonseca is a member of MS-13, according to a law enforcement official with knowledge of the case, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak candidly about the ongoing investigation.

On Oct. 4, a 42-year-old woman was seated on a park bench around 9:30 p.m. when she was surrounded by four of five men who said “something to the effect of, ‘We don’t want gays in the park,’” according to LAPD officials. The victim, identified by local activists as Daniela Hernandez, suffered a stab wound to the throat, police said.

Though gender identity and sexual orientation are completely different, LGBTQ rights activists say people who show hatred for one or the other often conflate the two.

Fonseca was also charged with participating in the stabbing of a transgender woman in the park on Aug. 21, prosecutors said. Authorities say he also took part in an attack on the same victim on Sept. 1.

Fonseca was scheduled to appear in a downtown courtroom Friday afternoon. It was not immediately clear whether he had an attorney.

Police arrested Fonseca late Wednesday night, and he was held in lieu of $1-million bail, jail records show.

Fonseca had also been arrested for carrying a “dirk or dagger” in early July, records show, but he was released after prosecutors had to decline a case against him because of an “inadmissible search,” according to Greg Risling, a spokesman for the district attorney’s office.

Los Angeles police officials declined to respond to questions about Fonseca’s prior arrest.

It was not clear whether other suspects are being sought in any of the attacks.

Hernandez, who is expected to survive, immigrated to the U.S. from El Salvador three years ago, according to Bamby Salcedo, president and CEO of the TransLatina Coalition advocacy group. She had been working as a housekeeper and volunteered with the advocacy group to serve hot meals out of their Wilshire Boulevard offices in recent months, friends said.

“She came to this country running away from the violence she was experiencing in El Salvador, only to come to the United States to almost get killed,” Salcedo said.

The attack came just weeks after the violent robbery of three transgender women in Hollywood in what police also called a hate-driven assault.

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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What to Do When a Member of the Wedding Party Gets Sick

Weddings are planned months and even years in advance. When an event has such a long lead time, it is inevitable that some things may change along the way. One of the most upsetting situations that may crop up is when a close friend or family member becomes ill before the wedding. This is what to do when a member of the wedding party gets sick.

As with anything, there are degrees of illness. If a bridesmaid catches a cold the week of the wedding, she needs to take some cold medicine, stuff some tissues into her tiny little handbag, and show up at the appointed time in her dress and bridesmaid jewelry, ready to go. Pay your sick bridesmaid a little special attention by having some orange juice or a nice warm bowl of chicken soup waiting for her when she shows up to get her hair and makeup done. Of course, she would be forgiven for leaving the reception right after the cake cutting to go home and sleep.

Something like the flu, on the other hand, has the potential to knock a groomsman or bridesmaid right out of the wedding party. You don’t want someone standing at the altar who is likely to vomit right when the minister asks if anyone objects to the marriage! For that matter, your guests will not remember your wedding fondly if they all caught the flu from a highly contagious groomsman. If the fluish one happens to be one of the parents of the bride or groom, obviously they would do their best to make it to the wedding, but they should definitely skip the receiving line!

When the illness is more serious, flexibility is the key. Let’s say that one of your bridesmaids came down with a fairly serious disease three months before your wedding. Perhaps one that has caused her to miss a lot of work, or that may require surgery. In that situation, it is vitally important that the bride throw her support 100% behind her sick friend. Let her know that you absolutely want her in your wedding if she feels up to it, or as a guest if that is all she can manage. Also be sure that your bridesmaid knows that if she feels too sick to come at all that you will completely understand. This is no time to worry about whether the groomsmen and bridesmaid numbers will end up uneven at the last minute.

If a member of the bridal party does have to bow out due to a serious illness, it would be very gracious of the bride to pay for her bridesmaid dress and bridesmaid jewelry and give it to her as a gift. Undoubtedly, your friend will feel terrible for letting you down, and this is a good way to show her that you have no hard feelings. If you are having a wedding program, by all means list her as an honorary bridesmaid. It would be very, very sweet …