‘Bad Hair’ movie explores Black women and hairstyle messages

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Several scenes in the film “Bad Hair” were so horrifying that some cast members initially second-guessed their own use of hair weave or extensions.

The dark comedy horror is “only a film,” they say, but the story’s underlying messages of harmful hair weave and false beauty standards for Black women had a lasting effect.

The film, a period piece set in 1989, follows an ambitious young woman who —- after being criticized for her hairstyle — gets a lengthy weave in order to succeed at her music television network. Ultimately, she discovers that her newly installed hair is possessed, taking over her body and causing harm to others.

“Bad Hair,” which releases Friday on Hulu, certainly left an impression on the Emmy-nominated actor Laverne Cox who thought twice while wearing her 28-inch long, lace-front wig after watching an early screener of the film.

“I was just horrified by this hair on my head,” said Cox, who plays Virgie, a mysterious hairstylist. “There is something kind of bizarre when you think about it.”

Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued or sewn into natural hair. A weave is a popular method where hair wefts are sewn onto braided hair and styled in any manner. Lace-front wigs can be applied with tape or glue. The hair can be synthetic or human.

“Like, I’m wearing someone else’s hair,” Cox continued. “Like, literally someone grew this. When you break it down and think about it, someone probably harvested, shipped and processed it. After watching this movie, it’s hard not to be confronted with that.”

Elle Lorraine, who stars in the lead role as Anna, said she struggled to watch the gruesome scene of her character getting hair sewed into her head while under obvious pain and discomfort.

“That was the hardest scene for me to watch, because I feel the trauma that the character is going through,” she said. “It’s literally sewing someone’s hair into your head. Of course, it’s a film. … But the trauma I experienced from watching it every time, just reminds me of something about what I take myself through, and how I want to move forward in what I put in my body.”

Lena Waithe, who plays Brook-Lynne, said the film touches on the issue of conformity in the workplace through the main character and her new boss.

“If you work in an office where everybody is mean, you tend to be mean as well to be a part of the in crowd,” Waithe said. “It’s really about energy and how a person can come in and transform the whole office based on what they want and what they want to be surrounded by. … It’s more about what kind of environment do you want to create in a workspace. The person who is at the top, that’s what the rest of the company looks like.”

Filmmaker Justin Simien said the idea of “Bad Hair” came to him after watching a few Asian horror films about

Trolls Strike Again! Pune Woman Receives 40,000 Abusive Messages After She Shares Pictures of Her Interfaith Wedding to Support Tanishq

Pune: While online trolling and bullying led Tanishq to withdraw its ad, there was also a section of social media users who stood in solidarity with the jewellery brand and shared beautiful stories of inter-religion marriage, emphasising how love triumphs in the end. Also Read – Enough With The Hatred: Amid Tanishq Ad Row, People Share Beautiful Stories of Inter-Religion Marriages | Read

One of them was Zara Parwal, a Pune resident who shared pictures from her marriage to a Hindu man, to voice support for the Tanishq advertisement. However, what followed was trolls and abuses and an outpouring of hate.

On October 14, Zara wrote on Twitter, ”This is for @TanishqJewelry and #bigots who called for #BoycottTanishq and have questioned “what if” religions were changed. So here goes, my maiden name is Zara Farooqui and I am married to Nikhil Parwal@NikZar05 since 2016. And these are our wedding pics.”

Soon after, Zara was hurled with abuses and criticisms for posting her wedding pictures. She told India Today that she received 40,000 messages mocking her, with some of them are even trying to contact her family and threaten them. Not just that, the trolls have also tried to leak her address and phone number.

After a constant barrage of abuses, the couple has now filed an FIR with Pune Police over online harassment. In her application to the cyber cell in Pune, she has given IDs of all of the Twitter accounts and Facebook accounts that are threatening her.

Zara was quoted as saying, “This also shows that there is a serious unemployment problem in the country.”

The 43-second commercial, which led to the hashtag #BoycottTanishq trending on Twitter, showed a pregnant Hindu daughter-in-law in a Muslim household, as the family makes elaborate arrangements for her baby shower.

However, some users were not happy with the ad and started alleging that the advertisement promotes ‘love jihad’ and was anti-Hindu in sentiment.

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Messages, Poems And Quotes For Wedding Cards

Planning a standard wedding may seem to be simple at the first sight, as you merely need to do what is frequent, tried and tasted and use much less effort on creativity. The Irish culture has an enormous quantity of fun and interesting wedding traditions from the previous that may be simply translated into at the moment’s weddings, making them distinctive and fun for households and mates. You will know when you’ve gotten the best dress for this memorable day as a result of it’ll feel excellent.

One of the issues that was truly appalling about the Liza Minnelli-David Guest wedding was that they registered for nearly 400 objects at Tiffany’s! After the couple is tied within the pure bond of nikah, the groom goes to the corridor and meets all the guests, greets them and welcomes them to the wedding. I would not mind being a visitor at a wedding the place the bride wore one among these, however not my wife. Even our kin who have been farming the western prairies, took outing for a wedding photograph or two. Recently my cousin brother acquired married and there this cake smashing happens to happen.

Almost all the great wedding planers have reserving properly prematurely of two years so just remember to finalize the dates of the wedding based on the provision of the wedding planner. He pretended to bend down to gather a piece of sea glass and as an alternative pulled out a stunning vintage ring. Junior bridesmaids and junior groomsmen are maybe the obvious roles for children in your wedding.

A green maxi of the Nikah and a white maxi of the wedding stays a must as a cultural shade codes of the bride’s costume but the particular Afghani dress stays equally essential within the bride’s checklist of attire to be worn on her special occasion.

Eventually at 10:30am we danced to the last tune of the night time and threw the bouquet from proper on the top of the steps we had made our entrance from. First things first, analysis had to be finished to discover some Irish wedding traditions which could be integrated into the ceremony and reception. Since there are other components concerned (example glass gobos), it is best to contact the lighting company to request quotes on customized image projection. For a summer season brunch wedding, a knee length dress or skirt in a floral design can be fairly. Great details about wedding poems.I love seeing at those photos from completely different cultures.…