Tackling The Holiday Shopping Season Mid-Pandemic? You’ve Got This

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has rocked us business owners’ worlds. From temporary shutdowns to mandatory regulations, we’ve had to adjust to many different changes over the past few months. With the coronavirus still in full swing and the holiday season quickly approaching, one thing’s for sure: this shopping season will be unlike any other we’ve seen before. 

With so many changes in this coronavirus age, brace yourself for the holiday season by making your business as Covid-friendly as possible.

Getting Ready For The Holiday Shopping Season During Covid

It should make for an interesting holiday shopping season. And ready or not (but hopefully you’re ready), here it comes. To prepare for the holiday season in this coronavirus climate, take advantage of these six tips. 

1. Put Health And Safety First

First and foremost, your customers’ and employees’ safety should be at the forefront of your mind this holiday shopping season.

In previous years, you never had to worry about things like sanitizing stations, social distancing, and masks. But, this year is obviously a whole new ball game. 

You might be worrying a smidgen and wondering, Where do I even begin? Instead of panicking about this Covid curveball, start prepping. And I mean, ASAP. The sooner you start preparing, the better off you’ll be come Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc.

Think about what kinds of precautions you need to take to keep everyone at your business safe. You can:

  • Set up sanitizing stations
  • Put up social distancing signs for customers
  • Set a maximum capacity for your store (e.g., no more than 100 customers allowed inside at a time)
  • Offer curbside pickup or delivery options
  • Have workers sanitize their stations after every transaction

Depending on your state, you may be required to ask all customers to wear masks while shopping at your store. If your state or locality does not have a mask mandate, consider asking customers to wear one anyway. If your business requires a mask, post signs at the entrance to let customers know about your policy.

2. Keep Customers In-The-Know

There’s nothing worse than being left out of the loop, especially when you’re a loyal customer. Before the Covid holiday shopping season kicks off, communicate with your customers to give them a heads up about your policies, deals, and hours.

Let your customers know about things like:

  • Covid-19 shopping rules for your store (e.g., wearing a mask, maximum capacity, etc.)
  • Regular store hours
  • Extended or reduced holiday hours
  • Days your store will be closed (e.g., Thanksgiving Day)
  • Upcoming deals (e.g., Black Friday sales)
  • Other precautions you’re taking as a business (e.g., having sanitizing stations)

You can keep your customers informed about holiday hours, promotions, and rules by updating your business website and social pages and reaching out to customers via email. To ensure shoppers can easily view your location,