The clothing collection designed with modern explorers in mind

Performance-wear brand Musto and Land Rover might seem like an unlikely pairing, but, when it comes to their core values, the two brands have much more in common than you might think.

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The British brands both embrace cutting-edge technology, strive to continuously innovate and are constantly on the look-out for ways to help their customers push the boundaries of exploration.

Which is exactly why they have joined forces to create a clothing collection designed to take make you feel like you can take on anything.

Launching for autumn/winter 2020, the collection is an extension of last year’s 24-piece Above and Beyond range, and features a host of innovations inspired by Land Rover’s new Defender, which launched earlier this year.

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Land Rover & Musto

From graphic T-shirts to waterproof parka coats, each piece combines cutting-edge features and fabric technologies, with a stylish and distinctive aesthetic.

The collection has been manufactured with durability at its core and tested in real-world conditions, meaning that every product has been built to last and withstand even the harshest conditions.

Innovations include the Land Rover Gore-Tex Parka, which is made with three-layers of Gore-Tex fabric to help keep you warm, dry and protected. While the Welded-Thermo Jacket features revolutionary insulation technologies, including PrimaLoft Silver insulation, which provides the warmth of natural down without the added bulk and weight. 

Whether you’re planning to journey across land and sea, go on a weekend-long hike with friends or simply want to start spending more time outdoors, every piece in this range promises to perform so you can too.

See our top picks from the new collection below:

Land Rover x Musto Gore-Tex Parka, £350

a man wearing a suit and tie: Land Rover x Musto Gore-Tex ParkaLand Rover & Musto

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Land Rover x Musto Gore-Tex ParkaLand Rover & Musto

The Gore-Tex Parka has been designed to deliver extreme protection for wet-weather adventures and is packed with cutting edge technology that promises to keep you warm and dry.

The GORE-TEX fabric membrane is waterproof to external moisture, but remains highly breathable so moisture from your skin can evaporate easily. The result: you stay warmer when it’s cold and drier when active.

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Land Rover x Musto Tech Hoodie, £130

a person wearing a suit and tie: Land Rover x Musto Tech HoodieLand Rover & Musto

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Land Rover x Musto Tech HoodieLand Rover & Musto

More than just your everyday hoodie, this one comes with a durable water repellent finish and front handwarmer pockets to ensure you stay protected during physical, outdoor activity.

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The four-way stretch spacer fabrication enhances flexibility and breathability, while the Land Rover orange cordlocks and raised silicone ‘Hex’ print mean you can still look good while on the go.

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Land Rover x Musto PT Glove, £30

a person wearing a suit and tie: Land Rover x Musto PT GloveLand Rover & Musto

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Land Rover x Musto PT GloveLand Rover & Musto

A must-have for any adventurer who wants to capture memories of their escapades, these gloves are not only stylish but feature conductive

Sienna Miller says ‘army of women’ would ‘fight’ a director like Alfred Hitchcock in modern Hollywood

Sienna Miller reflected on the difference between Old Hollywood and Hollywood today, particularly when it comes to abuse on the set.

Miller, 38, once portrayed Tippi Hedren in the 2012 movie “The Girl,” which was based on the making of the 1963 film “The Birds,” directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Hedren, 90, claimed she experienced abuse at the hands of Hitchcock under their seven-year contract.

During the Montclair Film Festival, Miller touched on her portrayal of Hedren and abuse in Hollywood.


Sienna Miller said that an 'army of women' would come for Alfred Hitchcock today.

Sienna Miller said that an ‘army of women’ would come for Alfred Hitchcock today.
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“With certain directors, there’s an element of control. I tend to respond really positively to nurturing warmth and support, but there are directors who have gotten performances out of me by doing the opposite,” Miller said during a Q&A per IndieWire. 

She added: “Nothing on the level of Hitchcock and Tippi.” 

“That was a really, really traumatizing, appalling experience for her,” the “21 Bridges” actress said. “And not only how he treated her in the making of those films but in the aftermath. He kept her under contract. He wouldn’t release her to work with Godard and Truffaut, etc. who we were all trying to hire her, but just kept her for 10 years under this contract and watched her grow old, without making anything. It was very sadistic.”


Tippi Hedren poses with Buddy, the Raven, between scenes of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds."

Tippi Hedren poses with Buddy, the Raven, between scenes of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

Miller added: “Thankfully I think the world has changed enough where, if anybody even attempted that kind of abuse, there is an army of women that would come out and fight it.” 

Hedren told Fox News in 2017, “He kept me under contract and wouldn’t let me work. It was just one of those Hollywood nightmares … It was just so unnecessary. That’s what was so awful about this. It was just … just a sad situation. Just sad.”

During the recent Q&A, Miller stated that she feels “very fortunate” to be making movies today, versus when actors “really belonged to the studio that you were assigned to and, essentially, to the director.”

Sienna Miller is greatful to be an actress in modern Hollywood

Sienna Miller is greatful to be an actress in modern Hollywood


The “American Sniper” star then opened up about her experience with power hungry directors, stating that while she never experienced sexual abuse, “There was inappropriate behavior.”

“I do remember when I was younger going for auditions. You’d do the tape, and they’d seem disinterested, but then they’d make you turn around and film your whole body, and zoom in… people are a lot more careful,” Miller concluded.

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Mid-century modern style sees resurgence

In fashion, art and architecture, all that is old eventually becomes new again. Now appears to be the age when Mid-Century modern style – though it never really was out of vogue – is seeing renewed popularity. The buyer base for Mid-Century architecture may be broadening, and the demand for authentic period furnishings fetches top-dollar at auction and vintage specialty shops.

Greenwich Realtor Barbara Wells has her finger on the pulse of buying trends, including how contemporary and Mid-Century style appeals to today’s buyers.

“This style was first designed in the post-World War II housing boom, when for the first time on a large scale, homes were built on larger suburban lots, where architects had room to design one-floor and split-level homes, un-constricted by small urban lots,” the Houlihan Lawrence Realtor said.

“These homes were expansive, often had exterior glass walls to allow the natural surroundings to be a part of the open-concept living, and where the formal rooms were undivided,” Wells continued. “Today, many buyers leaving their urban homes and more traditional suburban homes appreciate the open feel and nature’s impact on the home’s interiors. Some buyers really love the nostalgic feeling of these older homes, which have been popularized by TV shows like Mad Men and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

Wells is currently representing the seller of 261 Cognewaugh Road, a three-bedroom Mid-Century modern home built in 1960.

“This home is a classic example of Mid-Century modern, with expansive vaulted ceilings in the formal rooms – where the living and dining areas are illuminated by the natural light coming through a huge glass wall that embraces the property’s woodsy setting,” Wells said. “Form and function coalesce in this home’s design. The brick color on the fireplace, the patina of the blue and pink bathrooms, the original hanging light fixtures, the natural wood and simplistic kitchen cabinets, and the great rec room on the lower level are all signature elements of this architectural genre.” The 1.01-acre Cos Cob property is listed

Scriptio Continua: Ancient Latin Writing Style to Modern Computer Language

Archeologists and historians claim that the early Sumerians in ancient Mesopotamia invented some of the earliest form of writing using wedged shaped characters into small clay tablets known as “cuneiform” as a form of communicating circa 3200 BCE. What they can’t completely prove is if cuneiform influenced a written style of communication one hundred years later among the Egyptian hieroglyphs and Chinese who used pictographs two thousand years later. While Sumerians were developing their written language, the Phoenicians created the first alphabet made up of 22 distinct characters that influenced the way most other ancient civilizations wrote, even though other cultures used forms of drawing pictures to communicate ideas. Roman civilization borrowed a form of alphabet that flourished and even today it has become known as our alphabet in most Western countries.

Numerous cultures in the distant past employed a quirky method of writing called “scriptio continua”, or “scriptura continua”. Both terms are Latin for “continuous script”, or writing without spaces between letters and words in capital letters. Ancient Greeks employed this same script as did the ancient Romans who wrote in all capital letters on parchment or stone monuments. The style also lacked punctuation, accent marks and small letters – none of which had yet been developed. However, the farther back in time we go, the oldest Latin and Greek inscriptions used word dividers, which appeared to be dots called “interpuncta” to separate words in sentences; however, pure scriptio continua without interpuncta thrived primarily in Classical Greek (400 to 500 BCE) and Classical Latin (100 BCE-300 AD) when both empires were at the height of power.

The Romans adopted this writing style from the Etruscans – the previous tribe that inhabited Italy, who lived long before Rome became a dominant world power. In fact, many ancient people communicated in more primitive ways such as pictures. Since the Etruscan alphabet was limited, they used fewer letters which were only capitalized when written. Later, the Romans modified their alphabet with small letters, punctuation and breaks between words, which the Western world recognizes today.

An example In English, written using scriptio continua resembled this: THEHISTORYOFTHEUNITEDSTATESGOESBACKMORETHANFOURCENTURIES which reads, “The history of the United States goes back more than four centuries.” Obviously, this sentence looks cumbersome and somewhat hard to read, but writing in scriptio continua had several advantages. Roman scribes saved expensive ink and papyrus, as well as the stone on which they engraved their language. Also it saved space for more words and extending ideas. The greatest requirement for Roman scribes was to be thoroughly acquainted with their alphabet in capital letters, simplifying the writing process for them.

Eventually, scribes in Europe who copied ancient Latin manuscripts began spacing between words while using small or “minuscule” letters emerged in Ireland in the 7th to 8th centuries A.D. Carolingian period of France in the 9th century A.D. At the same time, German scribes began writing in the same manner. Of course, today, writing in Western civilization followed the same pattern which is a …

6 Modern Movies Inspired By Beauty And The Beast (2)

Most of us know the story of Sleeping Beauty from Disney’s adaptation of Grimms’ fairy tale a few girl who is cursed to sleep for a hundred years earlier than prince charming wakes her with a kiss. Conformity and becoming in, which I’ve written about, is one, if not the primary motive individuals all just about agree on what is beauty. Why as a result of the better the character inside a person the extra that person has to contribute to self and society.Inner beauty touches folks on ranges that outer beauty cannot. Depending on a person’s choice, a religion or a form of faith helps a lot in creating a excessive self-esteem and aids to maintain the inside beauty wholesome. Our beauty standards ought to be from within and never worrying about what someone else thinks or has. The notion of beauty can change and studies have found that ladies may want softer features of men throughout particular times and extra masculine options at other occasions depending on the stage of their reproductive cycle.

I love the beauty blogging community, and I assume this stuff could be nice for others, however in my own little corner of the web I wish to stick to writing in regards to the issues I care about – getting again to my roots (also actually, I’ve ditched the blonde in my hair!) even when meaning less frequent posts.

Yet, her love for you and toothless smile lets you already know you’re cherished and this love will follow you all you life, for those who let it. Inner beauty is more important cause typically it helps to shape outer beauty. The Beauty Blunder Blog would like to welcome guest blogger, Lee Ann for sharing her hair transformation story and product suggestions! I actually have all the time stated and believed that one can tell one’s true beauty by one’s heart.

This film teaches many lessons in regards to the outward look as well as the inside beauty. But with hubs like yours we can make a distinction in the lives of younger girls and elder alike so that the mirror and society shouldn’t be their reference and customary for beauty. Woman, you cannot substitute character for something, let it glow from your inside and bring out your beauty for all to see, as a result of it brings joy to the individuals around you, particularly your household. Outward beauty is something that adjustments and inward beauty shines through the great occasions and the dangerous.

IDK, however what I know for positive is that most foreigners residing here in the Philippines, significantly the males, are married to Filipinas who do not seem to reach the typical normal for Pinay beauty here (no offense). On the one hand, women who are insecure about their bodies are more likely to buy beauty merchandise, new garments, and slimming capsules or different weight loss plan supplies. No one may have the same idea of what beauty is, but if …