Opinion | No, sirs, I refuse to be reassured by any model until two months after the election

Come in, come in! Your presence gladdens me. Sit down! You look confident. That is good.

Reassured, you say? You are reassured, Gentlemen, by these models of the election outcome? That will be a cheering sight to see, and I sorely need a cheering sight. I need not tell you that these past four years have been taxing. But I have done as the doctors said; I have voted; I have tried to catch a few winks of sleep; I wear my mask; I try to keep myself from shocks. So it will do me good to see these numbers, such numbers as you say have reassured you about the outcome of the election, numbers that have enabled you to make such statements as, “After Trump is gone,” and, “This might be the last debate with Trump in it,” and, “When Joe Biden is in Office — ” Optimistic statements, indeed, good Sirs! I would never dare to venture such remarks unless I could feel confidence.

I have felt no confidence since that horrible incident of four years ago. I knew their prognostications could not give me certainty, but it was one thing to know it in an intellectual way and another to see that ghastly cast of Red fall like a pall over the entirety of the map —

Nay, I grow agitated. The anniversary of that fatal night is nearly upon us.

Show me this reassuring picture that you see! I wish to be reassured! I refuse to indulge in any confident statements about the future save to go so far as to say that the election will occur, is, indeed, occurring, and all the ballots shall, I hope, be counted — and already “hope” has entered into it! The nervous, fluttering thing at the bottom of Pandora’s box. Gentlemen, continue. Show me these polls, and models, that reassure you so. Not merely the reassurance engendered by such polls as say, “I intend to vote for so and so,” and “Were the election held today, I would — ” for Man intends many things he does not undertake, and for many the election is Not held today.

Five Thirty Eight, you say! Yes, I shall look. Hold it nearer to the candle — I am feebler than I was.

You say you find these numbers reassuring? DO YOU NOT SEE IT, GENTLEMEN? THE RED MAP!

Surely you cannot see it, then! It is only I who sees it: that red map, lurking, in Twelve of One-Hundred possible scenarios! THE SELF-SAME MAP! THAT DREADED RED MAP, GENTLEMEN! The very map that beset us four years ago, and cast this curse of Trump upon us! It mocks at us! How can you take comfort when it lurks behind just slightly more than 1-of-10 possible doors? You would not dare a labyrinth with such odds! And yet you bid me cheer myself at such a picture?

They have updated the model to account for the ways it was wrong before? Cold

Princess Beatrice breaks silence THREE months after secret wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi

October 16, 2020 – 14:20 BST

Sharnaz Shahid

Princess Beatrice has thanked royal well-wishers for their heartwarming messages, three months after she secretly tied the knot to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi.

Taking to her Twitter page on Friday, the royal shared two official photos from her big day and said: “Thank you to everyone who has sent in and tweeted their best wishes for our special day in July. Edo and I are so excited to embark on this new chapter together [heart emoji].

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She also made reference to her vintage wedding gown, which was loaned to Beatrice by her grandmother, the Queen, who first wore the gown for a State dinner in Rome in 1961. Her Majesty also wore the dress again to the London premiere of the film Lawrence of Arabia in 1962 and the State Opening of Parliament in 1966.

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WATCH: The stunning photos from Princess Beatrice and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi’s wedding

It was an honour to wear my grandmother’s beautiful dress on my wedding day, I hope many of you are able to visit the exhibition which is still open at Windsor Castle,” she added.

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Over the summer, Beatrice and her husband, property developer Edoardo, surprised the world after they revealed they had secretly got married during the pandemic. While the couple were due to marry at the Chapel Royal at St James’s Palace, followed by a reception at Buckingham Palace, they actually ended up marrying in Windsor.

Their ceremony was attended only by the couple’s parents, siblings, Edoardo’s son Wolfie, and the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.


One of the official wedding photos the royal shared on her Twitter page (picture credit Benjamin Wheeler)

Meanwhile, with coronavirus restrictions limiting the number of guests at their reception, they celebrated afterwards with 14 close friends in the grounds of Princess Beatrice’s family home, Royal Lodge Windsor.

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Beatrice, 32, and Edoardo, 37, were believed to have originally invited over 100 family and friends, but were forced to reduce their numbers amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a new interview with the Financial Times, Edo gave royal fans a rare insight into their married life together. “My favourite room in my house is the kitchen,” he said. “I’ve fallen in love with cooking again.

“It’s been the epicentre of our family life and we come together for every meal. We are lucky enough to have a small vegetable garden and we cook seasonally. Even my son has got involved.” He also admitted that the only “object I would never part with is my wedding ring”.

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