Amazon’s Offers “Spoiler Free” Ways For Holiday Gift Deliveries

(RTTNews) – Amazon is offering new “Spoiler Free” ways to keep gifts a surprise, as well as to track, receive and pick up orders this holiday season.

According to the company, the new features would help customers to face the challenge of keeping those special gifts under wraps as many families are opting to stay home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the U.S., Amazon’s Map Tracking, Share Tracking, Photo-On-Delivery, and Estimated Delivery Window features are available for packages delivered by Amazon.

Alexa will hide the names of items that might be gifts – even if a customer asks, “Where’s my stuff?” or checks their delivery update notifications. This would prevent a friend, family member or loved one from spoiling their surprise.

Amazon Map Tracking lets customers view the progress of their delivery on a map in real-time when the driver is close. With the feature, customers can see
the remaining number of stops a driver has before their delivery arrives.

With Share Tracking, customers have the option to send tracking information to friends or family, so they know when to expect their package and bring their delivery indoors.

Amazon Photo-On-Delivery provides visual delivery confirmation, showing customers that their package was delivered and where it was placed by the driver.

Further, Estimated Delivery Window provides customers with a 2-4 hour estimated delivery window, with which they can plan their day and, if desired, ensure they will be home to receive their delivery.

With Amazon Day, a free and convenient delivery option available to Prime members in the U.S., customers can choose to receive all of their orders on
one day of the week, often in fewer boxes.

Key In-Garage Delivery option lets eligible Prime members with a myQ smart garage door opener receive packages securely inside their garage.

John Felton, Vice President of Amazon Global Delivery Services, said, “We’re helping customers keep their orders a surprise this year and have a number of ways we’re providing them more flexibility, control and convenience over their deliveries-whether that’s ordering to an alternative pickup location, tracking their package en route to their home, or consolidating their deliveries to a single day so they can plan ahead.”

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