Midwest Magnolia: My fiance tested positive for COVID-19 the day before our rescheduled wedding | Weddings

I texted guests and called my maid of honor in an attempt to get in touch with everyone, especially since our bridal party was suppose to meet at the Orpheum at 10:30 that same morning.

The window of opportunity was small and closing fast. Guests from far and wide were either currently in route to Omaha or already here. The nightmare was real and unbearable.

To top it off, Alex had two more tests done at different sites that day, and both came back negative Friday evening.

So we had truly canceled our wedding over a false positive test. 

Saturday came. What should have been, wasn’t. 

We spent the day putting away anything that had a connection to our wedding, which felt like everything in the house.

We threw away an endless pile of beautiful things that had been made with love for our special day: dated gift bags, RSVPs, menus, programs, thank-you cards, itinerary cards, door hangers, wedding signs, the seating chart, a vintage-style poster, place cards, personalized favors — all garbage now.

We moved the glorious assortments of gifts out of sight and out of mind, including the handcrafted, gorgeously wrapped bunch from my parents that had adorned our living room for our would-have-been wedding week. The pain was deep and unceasing.

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