8 deals on iPhone charging accessories to keep you powered up

You’ll find amazing prices on docking stations, battery banks, Lightning cables, and more
by: Alexander Quejado

Apple is undeniably one of the most popular phone vendors in the world, and with that comes a wealth of accessories. Today, we’ve lined up eight deals on affordable pairings that will help you keep your iPhone powered up and protected. 

Naztech 2-in-1 Charging Dock

On the surface, it’s just a wireless charging dock. If you take a closer look at the charging surface, you’ll find a removable battery that acts as a portable power bank. Simply place your iPhone on top of the power bank for wireless charging on the go, or prop it up on the charging base to create a powered phone stand.

Buy now: $49.99, 44% off the $89 MSRP

Piston Connect Braid 360: 5ft MFi Lightning Cable

No iPhone charging setup is complete without a Lightning cable. This 5-foot Piston Connect Braid by Logiix is braided in durable nylon for ultimate longevity and MFi-certified for fast, safe charging.

Buy now: $29.95, 14% off the $34 MSRP

Logiix Sync & Charge Anti-Stress MFi Lightning Cable

If braided cables aren’t your style, you can save a few bucks with a rubber-coated cable. Logiix also offers a 3.93-foot TPE-wrapped MFi Lightning cable with a flexible anti-stress housing to prevent fraying from extended use.

Buy now: $21.95, 12% off the $24 MSRP

Zone One 15,000mAh Dual-USB Power Bank

You won’t always have a power outlet nearby, which is why you should keep a reliable, high-capacity power bank on hand. The 15,000mAh Zone One is a great, no-frills option for weekend-long camping trips or any situation where your phone might need a boost. 

Buy now: $22.99, 77% off the $99 MSRP

4-in-1 Wireless Fast Charging Dock Station

If you’re an Apple fan, chances are your iPhone isn’t your only Apple device. When it comes to charging, you might have a mess of Lightning cables or only a single cable, stuck charging things one at a time. With this 4-in-1 fast-charging station, you can power up 3 Qi-enabled devices, like your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods, wirelessly and one additional device via USB. 

Buy now: $49.54, 57% off the $116 MSRP 

Vegan Leather 10W Wireless Fast Charger

A lot of charging bases work just fine but look, well, somewhere between boring to straight-up ugly. For those of you with more elegant taste, look no further than this vegan leather wireless charger. This 10-watt charger delivers fast charging on a sleek, non-slip vegan leather surface. You can choose between graphite gray, tan, or blue to suit your aesthetics.

Buy now: $34.95, 12% off the $39 MSRP

Docking Station

Speaking of aesthetics, what better way to compliment your alluring Apple accessories than with an elegant docking station to match? This walnut pad for your iPhone features wireless charging, and you can upgrade to larger models that support your Apple Watch and AirPods. 

Buy now: $88, 10% off the $98 MSRP

Ocushield Anti-Blue Light Screen Protector for iPhone

Top 9 Best PS5 Accessories

The PS5 launch is just around the corner and with the console purchase, you’re going to want some accessories to enhance your gameplay, so we’ve picked out the best ones to consider whether you need a headset or something to help charge your controllers.

Everyone plays games differently. So what makes a great gaming experience for one may not be the same for another. With that said, the PS5 accessories on this list are not just some of the best ones out there but they’re varied enough that everyone should be able to find something useful to them.

This is a list that will be updated monthly, so as more PS5 accessories come out, we’ll find the best ones and ad them to the list while swapping out others. Keep an eye out for new accessories to make their way in.

Top 9 Best PS5 Accessories Summary

Below you’ll find a summary table of everything we have picked for our list of must-have accessories. If you’re short on time or just want to grab what you want and go, the summary table below has all of our picks along with the price and buy links.


PS5 Accessory Cost Where To Buy
Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset $99.99 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
Sony DualSense Controller $69.99 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
Sony DualSense Charging Station $29.99 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
Sony HD Camera $59.99 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
Sony PS5 Media Remote $29.99 Amazon, B&H, Best Buy
SteelSeries Arctis 7P $149.99 Best Buy
Collective Minds DualSense Charging Station $19.99 Amazon
Anker Powerline+ III USB-C Cable $29.99 Amazon
KontrolFreek Galaxy White Thumbstick Grips $14.99 Amazon, Walmart

Top 9 Best PS5 Accessories List

In the list below you’ll find all of our picks for best PS5 accessories along with short descriptions about each item. You’ll also find buy links to each item in the event you decide to pick something up.

Sony Pulse 3D Wireless Headset

PS5 Pulse 3D HeadsetPS5 Pulse 3D Headset

There is without a doubt likely not going to be a better headset for the PS5 than the PULSE 3D wireless headset that comes straight from Sony. At least not right away. In time there may be, but for now this looks like a pretty comfortable headset, and it might be a much better design than Sony’s official PS4 wireless headsets.

You’ll also be assured that this will take advantage of all of the PS5’s 3D audio features to the fullest extent. It supports voice chat with friends and has a battery life of up to 12 hours. While the battery life leaves a little to be desired, it’s easy enough to charge it, and the design matches the console which is a big plus if you like your hardware to match.

You can also connect it up to the PSVR if you have one of those, meaning you don’t have to have a separate headset just for that.

While you may not always want to play with a headset on, there are sure to be times where

Save up to 30% on Anker accessories on Amazon

Remember when ABC Family didn’t have anything to put on TV, so they hosted a Harry Potter Weekend once a month? Picture that, but it is Amazon and they’re throwing us another Anker deal.

This deal isn’t “11-year-old finding out he’s a wizard” crazy, but it’s a great way to save money on some quality electronics. Right now, you can save up to 30% on select Anker accessories.

If you’re buying an iPhone 12, this sale is especially important to you. Apple decided to make us all fools and didn’t include a wall plug with any of the iPhone 12 models. You’re on your own there. Notably, the Anker 30W Compact USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery is included in this sale – it provides a much more powerful charge than the standard wall plug, meaning you won’t need to leave your phone charging overnight to get to 100%.

Anker 30W Compact USB-C Wall Charger with Power Delivery – amazon.com

18.99Shop Now

Anker 42W PowerDrive Speed+ Duo, 2 Port USB Car Charger

USB C Car Charger, Anker 42W PowerDrive Speed+ Duo – amazon.com

15.99Shop Now

Anker USB C Power Strip Surge Protector

Anker USB C Power Strip Surge Protector for Home Office – amazon.com

44.99Shop Now

Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000 PD

Anker Portable Charger, PowerCore Essential 20000 PD (18W) Power Bank – amazon.com

39.99Shop Now

Anker [3-Pack 6ft] Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A

USB Type C Cable, Anker [3-Pack 6ft] Powerline+ USB-C to USB-A – amazon.com

13.29Shop Now

This is an Epic Daily Deal from Amazon (AKA Deal of the Day or Gold Box), which means the prices are for today only and while supplies last.

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Anker’s Most Popular Smartphone Accessories Are Up To 30% Off Today

In Amazon’s Epic Daily Deals today, it is discounting a number of the most popular Anker smartphone accessories around. Allowing you to save big on chargers, USB hubs, battery packs and a lot more.

Keep in mind that this is part of Amazon’s Epic Daily Deals, and that this price is not going to be available for long. In fact, it expires tonight at Midnight PST. So you’d better grab them before they are gone.

As part of this deal, you can pick up the new Anker PowerPort Atom 30W USB-C charger for just $18.99. That is $9 off of its regular price, and a really great purchase if you just picked up an iPhone 12. It’s also likely that future Android smartphones will ditch the wall adapter too, so it’s good to grab one for Android users as well. This one does 30W over USB-C PD, which is more than a lot of smartphones can handle over USB-C PD. So that’s great to see.

Also as part of this deal, you can get the Anker PowerPort 10 for $27.99. This is a 10-port, 60W USB hub that you can pick up for your desk. So if you are running out of ports, this is a great buy.

The Anker 42W PowerDrive Speed+ Duo is on sale for $15.99, which includes a USB-C PD port as well as a USB-A port with PowerIQ Technology. The Anker PowerCore Essential 20000 PD (18W) is on sale for $39.99. As well as the Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 PD for $20.99. And rounding out the battery packs, you can find the Anker PowerCore III 5000mAh MFi Certified Portable Charger for $27.99.

You can find all of these Anker smartphone accessories on sale, and a whole lot more by clicking here. This sale is not going to last long, and expires at midnight PST tonight. So you’d better grab it before it is gone.

Anker Smartphone Accessories – Amazon

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“Charlie’s Matrix Auto Glass” Wins Arizona Statewide Contract for Vehicle Glass Replacement, Repair, Tinting, and Accessories

TUCSON, Ariz., Oct. 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Charlie’s Matrix Auto Glass, a local family-owned automotive glass and tint company in Tucson, was awarded the Statewide Contract for Vehicle Glass Replacement, Repair, Tinting, and Accessories by the State of Arizona, commencing in October 2020. Matrix Auto Glass has informally provided car glass and tinting services for city, state, county, and other government agencies since the small-business kicked off in 2002.  

Matrix Auto Glass (CTR051872, State Procurement Office Alert), is one of three Arizona contractors selected of hundreds of vendors to be evaluated and approved by the State Procurement Office. The scope of the statewide contract allows the services to go beyond light duty / commuter vehicles, and allows for services to be also provided for larger construction equipment and heavy equipment. Owner and founder, Luis “Charlie” Corral, said:

“We weren’t just newly selected for being local, since Safelite is a national company and also received the contract award. The real reason state procurement is shining the light on Matrix is for our exemplary service and competitive pricing. That’s our advantage and we’re thankful for Governor Ducey and Andy Tobin’s authorization.”

Matrix Auto Glass specializes in emergency auto glass replacement, install, and repair. Their technicians repair all types of auto glass, windshields, and rearview mirrors. Damage can range from just cracks (or chips) to requiring full replacement, repairing broken automotive trim, failing window motors, and damaged tint. Most of the repairs are covered by comprehensive auto insurance policies, with car glass claims filed due to auto collision, car accidents, auto theft, or car vandalism.

The State Procurement Office authorizes contracts through rigorous selection of vendors that meet their criteria for nearly 400 state-based agencies to buy from. The Arizona Cooperative Program boasts over 800 members who include organizations such as cities, towns, schools, educational institutions, healthcare institutions, charities, religious / faith based organizations, and other non-profit organizations. The membership is available to all non-profit organizations, as well as State governments, the US Federal Government and Tribal Nations, with over 900 contracts in the State Purchasing Initiative.

State agencies and co-op members are free to select from any of the currently awarded contractors and encouraged to review pricing and get quotes from those listed.

Read the full story here.

SOURCE Matrix Auto Glass

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Mobile Phone Accessories Market Size is Projected to Reach USD 37,071.56 Million by 2025

BANGALORE, India, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — According to the Latest Market Research Report “Mobile Phone Accessories Market by Product) Battery, Battery Cases, Chargers, Headphones, Memory Card, Portable Speaker, Power Bank, and Protective Case), by Distribution Mode (Online, Offline) and Region – Global Forecast to 2025 “, published on Valuates Reports.

The Global Mobile Phone Accessories Market size is expected to grow from USD 25,285.88 Million in 2019 to USD 37,071.56 Million by 2025 at a CAGR of 6.58%.

Major factors driving the growth of Mobile Phone Accessories Market size are the rise in smartphone use and seamless connectivity to the digital world.

The Mobile Phone Accessories Market report comprises an analytical depiction of the market size along with the current trends and future estimations to depict the imminent investment pockets.

Get Detailed Analysis of COVID-19 Impact on Mobile Phone Accessories Market: https://reports.valuates.com/request/sample/360I-Auto-0Z282/The_Global_Mobile_Phone_Accessories


The increase in demand for wireless accessories is supporting the growth of the Mobile Phone Accessories Market size. This rise in demand is attributed to the shift in user preferences for listening to music on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

The rise in disposable income and the popularity of social networking sites in urban areas also contribute to the Mobile Phone Accessories Market size growth.

Rapid technological developments, including the launch of noise-canceling technology, Bluetooth / NFC speakers, and integrated fan and light in selfie sticks, are expected to fuel the Mobile Phone Accessories Market size during the forecast period.

View Full Report: https://reports.valuates.com/market-reports/360I-Auto-0Z282/the-global-mobile-phone-accessories


Based on the Product, The Power Bank is projected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. The demand for power banks is expected to grow as modern-day mobile batteries are unable to withstand heavy use.

Based on Distribution Mode, the Online segment is projected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. The recent COVID-19 is expected to further propel the growth of this segment.

Based on Geography, the Asia-Pacific is projected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. This dominance is of Asia- pacific is due to the increased smartphone adoption in the region.

By Region

  • Americas,
  • Asia-Pacific,
  • Europe,
  • Middle East & Africa.

Inquire for Regional Data: https://reports.valuates.com/request/regional/360I-Auto-0Z282/The_Global_Mobile_Phone_Accessories 


By Product

By Distribution Mode


With regular product releases incorporating new features, the market is highly competitive. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of product options because of cell phone accessories’ compatibility and interchangeability.

The rising demand for cell phone accessories and high product profit margins has led many existing players to launch their own mobile phone industry accessories. Key players spend heavily on developing innovative accessories to gain mobile phone accessories market share.

Key Companies:

  • Panasonic Corporation,
  • Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG,
  • Sony Corporation,
  • Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.,
  • Apple Inc.,
  • Bose Corporation,
  • BYD Co Ltd.,
  • Plantronics, Inc.,
  • Energizer Holdings, Inc.,
  • JVC

Global Lab Accessories Industry

Global Lab Accessories Market to Reach $697. 3 Million by 2027. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Lab Accessories estimated at US$455. 5 Million in the year 2020, is projected to reach a revised size of US$697.

New York, Sept. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Reportlinker.com announces the release of the report “Global Lab Accessories Industry” – https://www.reportlinker.com/p05957203/?utm_source=GNW
3 Million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 6.3% over the analysis period 2020-2027. Label Printer, one of the segments analyzed in the report, is projected to record a 5.9% CAGR and reach US$67.3 Million by the end of the analysis period. After an early analysis of the business implications of the pandemic and its induced economic crisis, growth in the Pipette tips segment is readjusted to a revised 7.1% CAGR for the next 7-year period.

The U.S. Market is Estimated at $123.3 Million, While China is Forecast to Grow at 9.5% CAGR

The Lab Accessories market in the U.S. is estimated at US$123.3 Million in the year 2020. China, the world`s second largest economy, is forecast to reach a projected market size of US$148.7 Million by the year 2027 trailing a CAGR of 9.5% over the analysis period 2020 to 2027. Among the other noteworthy geographic markets are Japan and Canada, each forecast to grow at 3.5% and 5.6% respectively over the 2020-2027 period. Within Europe, Germany is forecast to grow at approximately 4% CAGR.

Pumps Segment to Record 6.4% CAGR

In the global Pumps segment, USA, Canada, Japan, China and Europe will drive the 5.9% CAGR estimated for this segment. These regional markets accounting for a combined market size of US$44.5 Million in the year 2020 will reach a projected size of US$66.7 Million by the close of the analysis period. China will remain among the fastest growing in this cluster of regional markets. Led by countries such as Australia, India, and South Korea, the market in Asia-Pacific is forecast to reach US$94.6 Million by the year 2027, while Latin America will expand at a 7.7% CAGR through the analysis period. We bring years of research experience to this 9th edition of our report. The 297-page report presents concise insights into how the pandemic has impacted production and the buy side for 2020 and 2021. A short-term phased recovery by key geography is also addressed.

Competitors identified in this market include, among others,

  • Analytik Jena AG

  • Becton, Dickinson and Company

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

  • Biotix, Inc.

  • Brooks Automation, Inc.

  • Charles Austen Pumps Ltd.

  • Corning, Inc.

  • Distek, Inc.

  • Gilson, Inc.

  • Greiner Bio One International GmbH

  • Hamilton Company

  • Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

  • Hnp Microsysteme GmbH

  • Idex Corporation

  • IMI Precision Engineering

  • Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH

  • Ismatec

  • Iwaki Co., Ltd.

  • J.Schwarzer GmbH & Co. Service KG

  • KNF Global Strategies AG

  • Masterflex SE

  • Pall Corporation

  • Parker Hannifin Corporation

  • Qiagen NV

  • Sapphire Engineering (NE) Ltd.

  • Scinomix, Inc.

  • SGE Analytical Science Pty., Ltd.

  • Tecan Group Ltd.

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.

  • Tricontinent Scientific, Inc.

  • Verderflex

  • Vertex Groups Pvt. Ltd.

  • VistaLab Technologies, Inc.

The Best Cold Weather Accessories to Keep You Warm All Winter

Winter is coming, and for frosty weather inhabitants, that means the season of scraping icy windows and multi-layer dressing. Those who live in cooler climates aren’t exactly exempt from experiencing the drop in temperatures, either. Even if you’re dealing with 50-degree “cold,” you’ll still want to ensure maximum comfort by bundling up in the best winter accessories.

Whether you’re handling everyday snow and ice, heading to a ski resort, or dealing with a busted heater, we’ve rounded up some great cold-weather gear for staying warm and toasty all season long. Check out our head-to-toe picks below, from tech-friendly earmuffs and gloves, to classic beanies and more.

1. Tilley Merino Wool Pocket Beanie

Tilley is a longstanding Canadian brand, so you know it’s familiar with cold weather gear. The company is known in particular for its cold weather-ready headwear, and that includes this merino wool beanie. On top of being breathable, warm, and soft, the brim has a handy hidden pocket for stowing away your keys and other small items. Multiple colors available.

Tilley Merino Wool Pocket Beanie, $58, available at Tilley

2. Head Sweats Pom Pom Beanie

If you dig the retro pom pom look, try this cozy beanie from Head Sweats on for size. It’s made of the brand’s durable Eventure acrylic knit fabric and comes in humorous designs such as this one inspired by creatures of folklore and another colorway starring Bigfoot and his close encounter of the third kind.

Head Sweats Pom Pom Beanie, $25, available at Head Sweats

3. Nobis Dawson Men’s Wool Fargo

For full dome coverage, Nobis’ wool fargo hat has a faux rabbit fur interior and quilted taffeta lining for keeping your topper toasty. It’s made of a wool barleycorn tweed outer that offers a goes-with-anything look, and the ear flaps can be conveniently tied on top for not-so-shivery days.

The Canadian brand is also teaming with nonprofit One Warm Coat starting November 1 on the No Cold Shoulder campaign, which will bring 10,000 coats to Americans in need. The outerwear company will donate $50 from every online coat or jacket purchase as well as all proceeds from sales of its No Cold Shoulder pins and beanies to the organization.


Nobis Dawson Men’s Wool Fargo, $100, available at Nobis

4. UGG Collection Genuine Shearling Bluetooth Earmuffs

Music lovers don’t have to sacrifice their tunes to keep their ears from the cold. These earmuff headphones by UGG combine the warm of shearling with Bluetooth so that audiophiles can plug in and play their favorite winter soundtrack.

UGG Collection Genuine Shearling Bluetooth Earmuffs, $115, available at Nordstrom

5. The North Face Commuter Gloves

Tech-obsessed warmth seekers will want to wear these touchscreen-friendly gloves by the North Face, which are made from soft, wind-resistant fleece. Available in sizes small to XLe, they feature the brand’s five-dimensional fit and a radiametric articulation which mimics the natural curve of your hand for the most comfortable fit. The gloves offer a more tactical typing experience, so you don’t have

These Elf Babies Are the Most Adorable Elf on the Shelf Accessories

From House Beautiful

From advent calendars to Hallmark Christmas movies, there are plenty of fun ways to count down to Christmas. As the holiday season approaches, we advise you turn your attention to another festive way of celebrating the days leading up to December 25: Elf on the Shelf, the toy (and tradition) that’s been inescapable for the last few years. Whether you love or hate Santa’s magical scout elf, you might be more convinced of the former once you hear about these accessories to go with him: adorable elf babies.

If you’re not familiar with this divisive ritual, here’s the gist: Elf on the Shelf is a Christmas tradition based on a children’s book about an elf that comes to your home to see if your children are being naughty or nice. Every night the elf magically goes back to the North Pole to tell Santa about whether or not your kids have been good enough to make it on the nice list. Since the elf comes back to your home every day, he has to be put in a different spot every morning leading up to Christmas. The only rule for children is that they can’t touch their elf or else the magic might disappear.

Elf babies aren’t an official toy from the Elf on the Shelf store, though many are dressed in the red outfits that match the signature elf. Aside from being cute, elf babies are a practical addition to the tradition—one of the main complaints from parents who don’t like Elf on the Shelf is that they run out of ideas of where to place him every morning. One family went so far as to “accidentally” brake their elf’s leg so they wouldn’t have to come up with any more ideas.

But with elf babies, you can mix up and create more scenarios. They can hide with their parent (or parents) or find their own spots throughout your home. You can even change the rules for elf babies and allow your children to touch them, which they’ll likely want to do. Did I mention that they’re cute? If you’d like expand your Elf on the Shelf family, you can choose from a variety of elf babies from sellers on Amazon and Etsy. From elf babies wearing colorful outfits to twin toddler elves in red and green, check out a few of our favorites below.

Follow House Beautiful on Instagram.

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iPhone 12 MagSafe accessories: How Apple’s snappy new magnet feature works

iPhone 12 Pro silicone coral Magsafe charger

MagSafe centers a compatible charger on new iPhones using an array of magnets.


This story is part of Apple Event, our full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

Apple’s four new iPhone 12 models — two of which, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, are available to buy now — come with 5G, better cameras and the return of a beloved Apple MacBook feature: the MagSafe charger. We’ve now reviewed the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro and can explain how the phones (which are excellent) use magnets to attach a wireless charger. 

There’s also a potentially limitless number of magnetic accessories that snap onto the back of the phone, such as cases, docks, mounts and even a wallet. In fact, the MagSafe accessories are one of the iPhone 12’s best features. 

By embracing a snap-on ethos that’s failed other phone-makers (more on that below), the iPhone 12, 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max represent a bold new direction for Apple and a new way for iPhone owners to use their phones. 

Here’s a look at what Apple says MagSafe does, how it works and how you might use it once you upgrade. And here’s why MagSafe is Apple’s sleeper feature that’s bigger than you think.

Read more: Best headphones and wireless earbuds for iPhone 12 

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Apple boosts iPhone 12 with MagSafe tech for better wireless…


How does MagSafe work on iPhone 12?

The new iPhone 12 devices are embedded with what Apple describes as “an array of magnets” (Apple says they’re recycled) around a centered charging coil that can pull up to 15 watts of power — twice as powerful as wireless charging on previous iPhones (but on par with phones from other brands). 

When you bring the charging end of the power cord close to the iPhone’s back, those magnets will pull it into place. The same goes for other MagSafe accessories and, depending what you’re clipping on, your iPhone will display a brief animation related to the accessory to confirm that it’s locked on.

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iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, Pro and Pro Max explained


Will iPhone 12 come with a MagSafe charging cable?

No, Apple will include only a USB-C-to-Lightning cable (and no power brick or earbuds) in the box with new iPhones. Apple’s two MagSafe charging cables — one standalone and another that also charges an Apple Watch — will be sold separately, but Apple confirmed that at least one other manufacturer, Belkin, will be selling MagSafe-compatible charging cables as well.

How much will Apple’s MagSafe accessories cost and when will they go on sale?

The standalone MagSafe iPhone charger is available for preorder for $39, with shipping listed as two to three weeks. Clear and silicone cases cost $49 with shipping in 7 to 10 business